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Hire Virtual Reality Developers

Hire Virtual Reality Developers for inculcating that reality experience!

The smart phones and apps have managed to plunge in the many number of benefits to all the industries worldwide. A feather in the cap to the apps is the inculcation of virtual reality tool. Awesomeness guaranteed should be the tag line of Virtual Reality apps.

We at Quytech provide with the finest Virtual Reality developer for that impressive and synchronized look.

Technology which paves the way

We utilize the latest in technology and innovation to assure that this novel yet establishing genre makes your product and service impactful.
The following technologies are employed by our developers:-

  • Unity
  • Steam VR
  • Daydream
  • Cardboard
  • Gear VR
  • oculus
  • OZO Nokia
  • Gear 360
  • WEB VR
  • Frame
  • MozillaVR

That virtual reality app which alters the perception for better viewing and experience is right here for you, when you hire the VR developers. Comprehending the need of nothing less than the best, we make sure to provide the same to you.

Quytech expertise bespeaks for itself

We at Quytech have figures, apps and details to back up the attributes portrayed by us. A list of some of the many products fabricated by us:-

  • Maze runner virtual reality game- Quytech has developed the virtual reality game, Maze runner. It has good compatibility with Google Cardboard apps. It relies on the gaze of the player. For the players it is feasible to move around in the maze by gazing in the direction they intend to.
  • Delhi monuments virtual reality app- Quytech has also developed the 360 view application Delhi monument virtual reality app. This app is compatible with Google Cardboard. It portrays some of the ancient monuments in Delhi, which is definitely enriching.
  • Virtual reality shopping app- Quytech has developed the virtual reality shopping app. This app enables the buyer to move around the store with your cart. The “Add to Cart” button ensures the adding of the products to the cart by simply gazing at them. It is compatible with Google Cardboard as well.

Industries in which VR is being employed

For all those of you, who have till now associated VR with just games or entertainment industry, are in here for a surprise:-

  • Real estate- imagine the impact, the impression and the feasibility that is received when VR apps, the leading technological innovation blends with the ever-booming Real estate industry. Undoubtedly, profits are bound to accelerate!
  • Training- be it the pilot training, the car driving or an industry which can utilize simulation, there is nothing like VR apps. Hence, it is not a surprise that many such industries are already utilizing the VR for better trainings.
  • Ecommerce- Virtual reality apps have ensured that the happiness and contentment associated with online shopping is enhanced manifolds.
  • Sales- another industry which has benefitted with the VR apps and is continuing to pursue the same is the Sales industry.
  • Entertainment-There is nothing like witnessing the experience close and upfront thus the inculcation in Entertainment industry.
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