RADaR (Road Accident Data Recorder) is used to gather and record information related to accident at the actual accident location. Information such as GPS, Photographs, Injured/Killed Passenger details, Location, Accident cause, Voice and Video recording etc can be gathered by using this application. The information recorded can be used by Govt and Insurance companies for further analysis and to take the preventive measures for future accidents at that particular location. This application was developed for Android Tablets. Hindustan Times featured an article on the application:- HT Radar Application. For further details about RADaR, please visit RADaR by International Road Federation (IRF) or India IRF


If you are associated with a Government or Insurance company, this app is just for you. Accidents happen on roads. Gathering information on all the facets of the accidents is a tedious task. You need the location of the accident, the cause of the accident, details of the passengers, any voice message and the list goes on.

You may need it to file compliant or to ensure the same doesn’t repeat. The RADAR MOBILE FIR app aids in the above with ease. Get the app developed from Quytech with customized features.

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