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We offer mobile application development, augmented & virtual reality app development and enterprise mobility solutions for b2b and b2c customers worldwide.


Developing applications that offer the same level of functionality and utility across different platforms is a task that requires specialized technical knowledge. At Quytech, we understand the need for some businesses to offer similar user experiences across different devices.

When it comes to cross platform mobile app development services in India, many companies prefer to provide solutions that are rather insipid in nature; cross platform functionality exists but the application itself is unattractive. The converse is often true as well in the case of firms that get the design part of the process right but end up compromising on functional performance.

We have a team of developers who have experience in finding the right balance when it comes to the two and who are capable of giving your business the cross platform application it needs to succeed.

Why choose our cross platform app development services?

At Quytech, we have a proven track record of developing cross platform applications for a variety of clients. Our experience in the field combined with the technical expertise of our development team gives you ample reason to choose us over the rest of the pack, here are some of the grounds on which we make this claim:

  • After evaluating the needs of your business and the objectives that it needs to achieve to be successful, we map out a plan to design a cross platform application that suits you best. A lot of thought and effort goes into getting it just right.
  • At Quytech, our team of developers build apps from scratch using CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript. We have made the conscious decision to use open-source software and technologies as much as possible while creating applications as this ensures that the process becomes cost effective and as an added advantage, the client gets to own both the solution as well as the code.
  • Our services don't end at just creating the app. we help clients with access to digital distribution platforms such as Google Play and Apple's App Store.
  • We offer quality services at prices that are considered to be among the best in the industry.

Our cross platform mobile app development services

Depending on the requirements of the client, we come up with solutions that make the most sense for what they want to achieve with their applications. We offer mobile website development services where an adaptive layout is used to enable seamless access of an otherwise regular website on devices with smaller screen sizes. We also offer mobile web app development services and hybrid mobile app development services. In the former, the app looks and functions like a normal application with the only difference being that it uses web-based technology. In hybrid mobile apps, the coding is done in such a way that the app can be used across a variety of device platforms.

To know more about how you can avail of one of the fastest growing cross platform application development service providers in India, connect with us on the phone, over an email or via a visit to our head office.

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