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Consumers are now turning to Food ordering apps like Food Panda, Hungry House, Grubhub, Swiggy etc to order food from their favourite restaurants. Although this is initially good for generating traffic, but it also exposes a restaurant to competition. To ensure that their loyal customer base should stick to their services, restaurants should come up with their own mobile app for ordering food. Some of the benefits of own mobile food ordering app are:-

  • No margin to be paid to aggregator apps like Food Panda, Hungry House.
  • Increases customer loyalty.
  • With their own apps, restaurants can allow table reservations as well.
  • The customer is now owned by retaurants. It becomes easy to identify loyal customers.
  • Restaurants can send offers to their customer base directly as Push Notifications.



Do you own a restaurant? Do you want to make a mark with the service of your restaurants in the city? Do you intend to make your brand image? Do you aspire to provide with food delivery of delicacies made in your restaurant? If your answers are in affirmative the food ordering app for restaurants is just the right app for you. We, at Quytech have made a number of apps for ordering food from the restaurants. And, it is not simply ordering food; many other features dictate these apps.

You, as the restaurant owner, should be aware of the features offered. The apps have the attributes of food ordering, which enables the customer to taste the scrumptious meals ordered from the comfort of their home. Then, there are features which enable them to book reservations. It also lets them give feedback, comments or recommendation for the same. Again, with the app you will be able to know about your loyal customers which you can further allure with special offers. Marketing for a particular event or party also becomes feasible.


When you own a restaurant, there are many aspects you need to take care of. You have the restaurant staff and the chefs. You have to take care of the security of the place. Again, you cannot obliterate to maintain the ambience of the restaurant. And above all you are required to keep a tab on your competition. So, when you think of adding the feature of home delivery of your restaurant cooked food, it should be an asset. With the mobile app for ordering food from your restaurant it will be so.

It is because the mentality of the customers is altering. People really do not like leaving the comfort of their home and travelling long distances to reach their favorite restaurant. And, when they reach the place they find the table booked or waiting time. But, with the app they are sorted. All they need to do is book their favorite food and relax. It attracts customers. You too do not have to give hefty money from your bill to the food ordering apps, once you have your own personalized restaurant app.

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