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10 Trending UI/UX Design Trends for Mobile Apps


There is no denying that mobile technologies are evolving at an unprecedented rate. Along with the improvement in mobile apps from a technical perspective, a disruptive transformation is also happening in UI/UX design. In 2022 and 2023, mobile users will experience new design techniques and approaches in the user experience and user interface designs. Curious to know more about UI/UX design trends? Check them out below:

10 Top UI/UX Design Trends for 20222

  1. Dark mode or themes
  2. Password-less login
  3. Improved personalization
  4. Smooth and convenient voice-interactions
  5. Abstract data visualization
  6. Improved digital illustrations
  7. Advanced animation
  8. Liquid swipe and buttonless design
  9. UX writing
  10. Use of augmented reality and virtual reality

Let’s read about them in detail:

Dark Mode or Themes

UI/UX Design Trends

Dark mode is one of the hottest design trends of 2022 because of the following reasons:

  • It permits highlighting other design elements
  • Looks ultra-modern
  • Helps in saving the device’s battery
  • Works best in low-light conditions
  • Reduces eye strain

Most of the applications come up with the option of activating dark mode. In some devices, you can even set times to change the appearance automatically.

Password-Less Login

Get ready for the passwordless future, where you will no longer need to enter a password to log in to an application. The latest UX design is inclining towards password-less authentication at the sign-in page. Most of the applications will use:

  • Biometrical recognition
  • Pattern detection
  • Fingerprint scanning
  • Log-in links
  • Facial recognition

In fact, top mobile phone manufacturers, such as Apple, Samsung, Google, and more, have already integrated these features into their hardware. This indicates the popularity of this trend in the future. In 2022 and the upcoming years, logging in through Face ID recognition through the front camera may gain popularity.

Improved Personalization

In the years 2022 and 2023, mobile app personalization is expected to pick up momentum. Leveraging the top technologies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, the designers will be able to deliver tailor-made or customized designs that speak volumes.

Smooth and Convenient Voice-Interactions

Voice-controlled technologies (such as Alexa, Siri, and others) that are powered by artificial intelligence will be used more to improve user experience. These technologies are the future of UI/UX design, hence, are expected to gain immense popularity in this and the upcoming year.

Abstract Data Visualization

Traditional data visualization methods, such as tables, graphs, lists, and more, are becoming obsolete. The year 2023 will see abstract data visualization for websites and apps that are tech-oriented. Designers will be able to display a product moving in all directions, which will further help in attracting users and increasing the conversion rate. 

Improved Digital Illustrations

You will get to see more extravagant digital illustrations with skeuomorphic designs, soft gradients 3D effects, and more. The use of advanced digital illustrations will improve the mobile app designs and give designers the freedom to try new UI designs. You might also get to see new art styles and techniques.

Advanced Animation

Animation effects bring life to a mobile app design. The moves and motions it brings to the design to deliver lots of information and add rhythm to interactions. With mobile devices getting stronger, mobile app designers can create highly impressive designs loaded with advanced animation effects.

Liquid Swipe and Buttonless Design

Liquid swipe and buttonless design

Many mobile companies are gradually removing the physical buttons from mobile phones. This can allow product designers to display more information or data to the users. Instead of using digital buttons, the focus will be on adding gestures to show the content. Another new technology, known as liquid swipe, will also be used most commonly to improve the gestures’ effects.

Special UX and UI Designs for Differently-Challenged People

2023 will focus on bringing human-centric designs that would not only render convenience but would also deliver different digital experiences to disabled people. The advanced UX design will pay attention to making the technology accessible to everyone. With vibration-based responses, text-scoring apps, in-app voice navigation tools, and other technologies, the new designs in 2022 will help disabled people, who can’t hear or see, to use the technology.

Use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

By implementing AR and VR into mobile app designs, designers will be able to add fictional digital components to the images. The technology can benefit various industries, such as Travel, Media, Science, Education, Real Estate, eCommerce, and more.

Wrapping Up

UI/UX trends in 2022 are bound to amaze mobile app designers and developers with completely new approaches. But, with all these trends ready to take the industry by storm, one must not forget the ultimate aim of a designer is to leverage the latest technology to improve users’ experience and make their lives better. So, which of the aforementioned trends you are excited about? Do share the same in the comments section below.