Why Laravel Framework is an Ideal Choice for Web Development

Laravel Framework

When it comes to web development, choosing the right platform is necessary to make your app scalable, feature-rich, and fully functional. Nowadays, most of the developers are going gaga over the Laravel framework of PHP programming language. Curious to know why? Well, give this article a read to know the top ten reasons why Laravel is the first-choice for web application development.

(Definition- Laravel is an open-source PHP framework used for developing web apps. It relies on an MVC (model view controller) architecture pattern Model indicates the database entity models, View denotes frontend pages, and the Controller acts as a logic adapter and is responsible for connecting Views with the Model.)

10 Reasons to Choose Laravel for Web Development

  1. Security
  2. Outstanding documentation
  3. Integrated project environment
  4. Unit testing
  5. MVC architecture support
  6. Object-oriented libraries
  7. Blade templating engine
  8. Routing middleware
  9. Ready-to-use packages
  10. Artisan CLI

Let’s read them in detail:

Outstanding documentation

Laravel framework has excellent documentation to make various processes simpler, understandable, and manageable. Anyone with the basic knowledge of programming can work on Laravel’s as all its syntaxes and commands are easy to understand.

Integrated project environment

Laravel offers a built-in project environment for developers to simplify complex programming tasks. It offers a more structured and easy way of writing codes when building different types of web applications. Easy and speedy development results in the reduction of app development costs.

Unit testing

With the Laravel framework, it is easier to perform different testing, including unit testing, to make sure that the changes made by developers don’t go wrong. This ensures flawless and smooth development of the application.

MVC architecture support

Laravel follows an MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, which improves the overall performance, provides excellent documentation, and facilitates various functionalities for the web application. This feature makes Laravel an ideal choice for web development.

Object-oriented libraries

A plethora of libraries included in this framework help developers develop full-fledged web applications for businesses from different segments. Developers can also access class libraries and pre-written codes to build applications in a short time.

Blade templating engine

It is one of the exceptional features of this PHP framework. Laravel’s engine is intuitive and compatible with PHP/HTML code. Besides this, creating new layouts is also a child’s play due to the lightweight nature of the templates. Using various CSS widgets, developers can give an aesthetic appeal to the app. These widgets can also help lower down the loading time, which delivers an excellent user experience and make the app search engine friendly.

Routing middleware

The PHP framework supports HTTP middleware, which further attaches an additional layer to the HTTP route. With this feature, you can finish several routes in the app. Moreover, it also permits you to test and remove separate queries and delete all normal layers. Routing middleware makes it simplifies the interaction between the application and the server. The best part is that you don’t even need to use any third-party tool for the same.

Ready-to-use packages

Laravel comes up with Cashier, Dusk, Envoy, Passport, Socialite, Scout, Telescope, Horizon, Sanctum, and many other packages that help in managing billing services, defining tasks on remote servers, authenticating with different OAuth providers, and perform various other tasks. These packages also simplify the entire development process.


As compared to other frameworks, the Laravel framework offers high-level security with features like password protection and user authentication. Besides this, the framework also provides CSRF tokens to protect the app from cyberattacks.

Artisan CLI

Laravel’s command-line interface, commonly known as Artisan, can incorporate various components from the Symfony framework, which means developers can use many additional features. Some of the uses of Artisan include publishing package assets, creating boilerplate code for the controllers, handling database migration and seeding, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Laravel for developing an enterprise application?

Enterprise applications usually require complex features, and Laravel can efficiently deal with such a level of complexity. Hence, it is indeed an ideal choice for building an enterprise app.

Can I choose Laravel for building an e-commerce app?

Features like scalability, flexibility, easy-to-customize, and stability make Laravel framework apt for developing an e-commerce app.

Is Laravel front-end or back-end?

Being a model view controller (MVP) framework, Laravel can efficiently develop both front-end and the back-end of a web application.

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Bottom Line

Considering the reasons given in this article, it is evident that Laravel is suitable for developing high-performing web applications. If you are looking out to build a web application leveraging this framework, then connect a reliable and experienced app development company or hire dedicated developer India. Before approaching such a company, it is advised to write down your particular app requirements. However, if you are new to this domain, then just share your web app idea with the company or developer.

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