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11 Advantages of Hiring Remote Programmers for Your Company

hiring a remote programmer

Whether you are launching a new business or taking the already-established one to the e-world, it is necessary to find someone who can develop a website that represents your business effectively. This purpose can be served by two ways: either you handover your project to a company (which may be a little bit expensive) or you hire dedicated developers.

Looking at the current scenario where “remote work” culture is trending, hiring remote programmers is definitely a good choice. Go through the below-given advantages to know why:

Pros of Hiring a Remote Programmer

  1. High productivity
  2. Can continue working during situations such as COVID-19
  3. Access to the bigger talent pool
  4. Saves time
  5. Low employment expenditure
  6. Easy to track work or project progress
  7. No resources/infrastructure cost
  8. Higher retention rate
  9. Creative ideas for the project 
  10. No need to sponsor a visa
  11. Clear and concise communication

Let’s Dig Deeper Into These Advantages:

High Productivity

A study conducted by Harvard Business Review unveiled that many companies found remote programmers more productive than the ones working in the offices. The general management magazine released this review after observing the workforce of Ctrip (a Chinese travel company).

The workers of the organization were divided into two groups with the first group working in the conventional office setup and the second from their home. After a certain period, they observed that those working remotely worked more and didn’t ask for sick and casual leaves than the ones working in the office.

Can Continue Working During Any Crisis Such as COVID-19

hiring a remote programmer

Coronavirus Outbreak has disrupted the normal lifestyle by causing malls, offices, schools, colleges, and other places to shut down. The only option left for the organizations to ask their workforce to work from home. However, projects that require complete confidentiality or devices with special configuration can go on a halt. Hiring a remote programmer is probably the most viable solution in such a situation. The remote programmer would already have the computer system required for your kind of project.

Access to the Bigger Talent Pool

When you hire dedicated developers remotely, you can search the talent in any nook and corner of the world. In other words, you are not bounded by any geographic location or have to rely only on the locally available resources. Choosing a remote developer gives you complete freedom to connect with the skilled and intelligent minds that are the right fit for your work.

Saves Time

Remote workers can work for more hours than those working in a conventional office environment. Wondering how? Well, the remote developers don’t have to travel to the office and the saved travel time could be utilized in the development. It is also believed that the developers working remotely are more motivated.

No or Less Employment Costs

When you hire developers or other programmers remotely, it is not necessary to provide them the other benefits (that you give to a full-time programmer) such as unemployment insurance, medical insurance, life insurance, bonuses, overtime, etc. Generally, most of the companies hire a freelancer for a short or temporary period (till the completion of the project), which means they have to pay for the work done in that period only.

Easy to Track Work or Project Progress

While you hand over your work or project to a remote programmer, you can easily track his work through different tracking software. This will make you updated with the progress of your work and whether it will be completed within the given deadlines or not.

No Resources/Infrastructure Cost

Workforce working from home has its own computers and internet network; additionally, they don’t require coffee/tea and travel expenses, which save the cost of resources. This saved money could be used for other productive tasks such as hiring the support team or professional for your project.

Another benefit of hiring a remote programmer is low absenteeism. Freelancers work with flexibility and comfort; moreover, they don’t have to deal with the daily stress, travelling hassles, and office distractions. This results in fewer sick leaves.

Higher Retention Rate

Remote programmers have the flexibility of working at any time (of course, the responsibility of delivering the project within the specified period is there), which gives them job satisfaction. They experience a better work-life balance than the ones working in an office. This increases the retention rate and boosts the productivity and efficiency.

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Creative Ideas for the Project

Remote programmers do not stick to a single project and their multidimensional exposure makes them think differently and creatively. They can give you fresh and innovative ideas that can be helpful for your project and its development. This is one of the reasons that remote developers are more motivated and inspired about their work.

No Need to Sponsor a Visa

To hire a candidate from some other country, you have to go through many processes that may take a long time. Moreover, you also have to look into the immigration policies and deal with the legal hoops to get that person into your country. Hiring a developer remotely saves you from all these things. Simply by making an agreement and sharing a few emails/calls, you can get your work done.

Clear and Concise Communication

Experienced and professional remote developers are aware of all the required tools and technologies you need for your project. Furthermore, they are also conversant with the communication channels and platforms that can be used to set up meetings and send progress reports.

After going through the benefits, if you have decided to hire dedicated developers remotely, then the below-mentioned tips will help you to find the best one for your next project:

  1. First of all, prepare a job description according to the skills required for your project. Once done, post the same online or send it to the job consulting firms so that they can get you the ideal candidate for your project.
  2. When you hire developers or any other programmer remotely, make sure they have good communication & collaboration skills. Also, they should possess great organization and time management skills. To ensure this, conduct an interview and also check their previous projects.
  3. Before you hire app developers or the one you need for your project, offer them a paid work trial. Doing this will give you a better understanding of the developer’s skills and how well he/she can fit into your remote work.
  4. A last piece of advice for you is to always choose a reputed company, to hire a remote programmer or developer for your project.

Recruiting a remote programmer is not the same as recruiting an on-site programmer. Therefore, follow the above-mentioned tips to find a perfect one for your organization.