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4 Ways Artificial Intelligence empowered Dating Apps

AI based dating apps

The process of finding love online is becoming more in trend these days. Artificial Intelligence enabled solutions is becoming an integral part of our daily life. This advanced technology has introduced stimulating possibilities from online shopping to taxi booking services. AI is way more ahead in offering more accurate and refined features. Likewise, Artificial intelligence (AI) with time is redefining the future of matchmaking more conveniently. It is determined that approximately 70% of the couples will meet online in 2040. There is no doubt that AI technology is playing a major role in the matchmaking process.

Dating Apps are using AI technology and data to find a match for potential users. It is reported that the concept of online dating App is offering the comfort level with online dating services for the potential dates. Thus, AI helps to include the sentiment in the user’s communication, response times, and customized profiles. With AI empowered dating App people can save hours of hunting through their impressive online profile.

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Features of AI-based Online dating App

 Big thanks to AI-enabled dating app helping thousands of people all over the world find their perfect partner. The app offers the handiness of machine algorithms to discover a life mate online.

Data-Driven matchmaking

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AI with machine learning is helping to develop an online dating app that detects past behavior and past preferences. AI technology considers the data provided to the app and offers the most relevant matches. It is seen 70 percent of couples are expected to meet online through data-driven matchmaking.

Fake profile detection

Artificial Intelligence empowered dating App supports to detect fraud or fake profiles. This advance technology scam profiles in the dating app by analysis the data of the specific profile. The user’s data is verified before the profile is created in the App. Therefore, to restrict the Fake profile AI helps to comprehend the user identity in detailed. Apart from that, AI immediately spots the doubtful profiles and take appropriate actions.

Smart match

The trend of matchmaking app is in high demand due to the smart suggestion. AI understands the user profile and provides the best match without taking much time. The user can be customized or update the profile for the desired match. The smart service of the online dating app allows the user to experience the best part of the AI-enabled services

Personalized experience

The dating app helps to improve the user experience with value-added personalized services. Artificial Intelligence outline the user profile with the use of the facial recognition technique. This could help to improve the selecting matches successfully.

Filtering matches easily

Implementing AI helps the user to find the perfect match easily. The online dating App can easily filter perfect matches based on their hobbies, interests, passions, personalities, etc. With such a feature of the dating app, the user doesn’t have to spend valuable time messaging each person personally. Filtered matches help the users to judge which match is more attention-grabbing in the meeting.

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Facilitate offline meeting

Arranging dates is sometimes awkward in deciding the place and time. The AI-enabled dating app is able to help the users to plan the date. The users can check the availability for scheduling the time and place for a date. Thus, AI helps users by recommending the best first date activity based on interests and personalities. This increases the possibilities of positive outcomes.

Example of an AI-enabled online dating app


This is one of the famous apps with a new feature of finding a partner online with fun. The users actively use it due to recently introduced feature of finding a celebrity “lookalike”. Badoo offers a unique feature that allows users to upload the photo of the desired celebrity to present as one of the most resembling celebrities.

Badoo has a standard set of features, needed to find love online:

  • the swiping option
  • filtering
  • private messages
  • premium features for more advanced search

How Much does it Cost to develop an AI dating app like IrisDating?

Irisdating is one of the fastest growing and successful AI-powered dating apps that connect compatible people. And if you too want to create such an application and wondering about the cost of its development, then the first thing you will have to do is to write down your app requirements. These requirements will include features to be added, platform for which the app will be developed, technologies to be used, and other details.

So the total cost of the app will depend on what your requirements are. A normal dating application, with minimalistic features and complexity, for Android and iOS costs around $20000 and $25000. And to know the estimate cost of an AI-powered dating app, you can contact a reliable dating app development company.

Bottom line

Today AI-enabled approach is prevalent in most of the dating sites. This technology is revolutionizing the way we choose the right choice among others. Based on our habits and experience everything can be controlled. AI helps to monitor and predict the probability of the outcomes with astonishing accuracy. AI improves the overall experience of the user while using an online dating app with more personalized data.

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