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5 Reasons Why Python is the First Choice for Web app Development

Python web development

Python was developed by Guido van Rossum in 1990; at that time, nobody thought that this would be one of the popular languages someday. The language focuses on enhancing developers’ experience by making it simple to write code and make applications. Python’s USP is its design, libraries, and framework.

It’s is a high-level, general-purpose, and dynamic programming language that is the right fit for web development in 2020. Don’t believe us? Okay, then check out the below-given statistics about Python app development:

Market Research

  • PYPL (PopularitY of Programming Language), a renowned programming language ranking website, ranked Python on number one position in the list of popular programming languages in 2019.
  • In a survey conducted by StackOverFlow, this interpreted high-level programming language was on the second position in the list of popular programming languages.
  • According to PYPL, Python is the best backend language in 2020.
  • As per TIOBE, Python acquires third rank in the list of popular programming languages.
  • According to Data Bridge Market Research, Python web framework market is estimated to grow at a significant rate of 21% by the end of 2027.

Looking over to the job market- Python is the most demanding language in the United States of America, with more than 70000 job openings on Indeed and 95000+ openings on Glassdoor in the first month of 2020.

Why Python?


Here are the top six reasons that make Python a preferred choice for developing Web applications:

  • Code Readability

One of the best features of Python language is its syntax, which enables developers to make complex things simple without using additional code. It also allows the developers to use the English keywords instead of writing punctuations. Python’s clear codebase helps in maintaining and updating the software or the app; hence, the language is suitable for the beginners.

  • Allows Test-Driven Development

Python allows developers to create applications using prototypes merely by refactoring the code, which was no less than a rocket science earlier. The language has also made it possible to code and test simultaneously; that’s all because of its test-driven development.

  • Compatibility

Python is compatible with many operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows. Moreover, its interpreters can easily run a single code on different platforms without recompiling it every time. The language also allows you to do real-time modifications; thus, it saves time and effort of the developer. The feature also makes Python perfect for developing cross-platform applications.

  • Supports Big Data

Python has a big library that can efficiently work on big data, which makes this language perfect for developing big data projects. This feature of the language makes it a preferred selection of the developers across the world.

  • Robust Standard Library

Python’s strong library gives a strong competition to other programming languages; it gives developers the freedom to choose modules from the vast collection. These modules can easily be used to add additional functionalities to your app without separate coding

  • Multiple Frameworks

To streamline the development process and reduce the efforts of the developers, Python has many frameworks. Some of them are:

  • Django
  • Flask
  • Pyramid
  • Web2Py
  • CherryPy

Custom Web Development Using Python

At the time of initial release, Python was not considered as the right choice for creating custom apps. But recent developments in the language enhanced its look and made it capable of writing GUI for the apps. When it comes to developing custom web apps, two frameworks that steal the attention of developers are Kivy and the BeeWare Project.

The former is an open-source library that helps in developing GUI for the apps developed for different platforms. Moreover, it has a custom UI toolkit that includes its own entry forms, stickers, and other features. Kivy is an apt choice for developing cross-platform apps.

Talking about the BeeWare Project, it is a second GUI and Python framework that makes it easy to write codes for the app development. With it, you can create native Python applications.

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Use Cases of Python

Python is used in various domains, including data science, data analytics, artificial intelligence, deep learning, web development, and enterprise application. To understand the potential and capabilities of this programming language, let’s take a glance over the web applications that have been developed using Python:

  • Instagram– This renowned photo and video sharing social networking app has been developed using Python.
  • Dropbox– Dropbox, a file hosting service, is also developed in Python.
  • Pinterest– It is a platform to share images; Pinterest uses Django, a popular Python’s framework to efficiently manage all the content.
  • Uber– Known for taxi booking, ridesharing, bicycle-sharing, and various other services, Uber is also developed in Python.

Apart from these, many other applications, such as Spotify, Disqus, Reddit, have been created using this user-friendly programming language. Basically, Python is a suitable language for developing blockchain, machine learning, audio & video, gaming, command-line, system administration, and business applications.


Python renders innumerable benefits to the developers and hence, has become their favorite language for web development. It is already ruling the world of web application development. So, if you want a Python based web application for your startup or enterprise, then find a reliable Python development company or hire Python developers who can complete your project efficiently and timely.