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How Businesses are Using Virtual Reality: Top use Cases

The difference between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) has transformed life as a niche product in every industry and its benefits have now transferred into the wider business sphere. With VR solutions, businesses can and are crafting user experiences into life simulations in a risk-free and cost-effective way.

The applications of Virtual Reality are limited only by our own imaginations, there is a need for more evolution. In the coming time, this technology still has some way to go before it hits the mainstream.

Virtual reality is nothing but an experience that takes you into an immersive world. This experience is something that the user could never have imagined.

It offers various solutions that could never have been thought of either from a practical or expense point of view. Therefore, sitting in your office chair Virtual Reality can take you on a virtual vacation.

VR is doing its best in the retail, medicine, and healthcare sectors. Apart from that, it is also doing wonders in the training and education sector. Such usefulness of VR is one of the major reasons why small and big companies have started adopting it.

These are the following ways Businesses can Benefit From Virtual Reality

Training your employees with VR

VR has evolved mainly for Training which is considered one of the most important applications of VR. Many companies introduced Virtual Reality training to prepare employees for a different purpose.

Immersing training trains employees in a lifelike environment and prepares them for events that are not usual.

The best part of this training is that eliminates the need for setups to train the employees. Apart from that it also removes the involvement of normal business operations for training purposes.

For example, Oculus Virtual Speech helps users or employees practice their public speaking skills in a simulated environment.

The experience of such solutions prevents users from experiencing disturbances and receiving real-time feedback at the time of the training.

Likewise, the medical sector is also utilizing VR. It enables healthcare professionals to practice in a risk-free environment.

This is impossible in the real world. Therefore, with the help, of VR training workers and employees of different sectors can make themselves ready for any circumstance mostly in high-risk conditions.


Reform Data Visualizations with VR

Visualizations with VR

Businesses can utilize the capabilities of VR differently. It is here to solve a problem that can educate employees in a more engaging way than a regular video. This is a new way of exploring building designs through VR that helps clients to better understand an architect with accurate information work.

Using VR solutions in businesses clients may become aware of facts and stats that are usually not noticed in the training. Therefore, VR as a tool provides VR enables featured solutions to educate clients through their designs before they have been implemented.

With accurate and proper data, supplying vital opportunities instant for feedback and alteration at the time of the meeting. These 3D videos used for VR devices can be superimposed in different virtual settings assembled with voiceover animated text or imagery.

When we talk about B2B businesses who need a more robust solution for delivering their data to a client can also use the same or similar solutions.

Through VR business problems or businesses that need to deliver training to customers or partners can create a good impact. Thus the benefit is that the VR experience can be built so that present completion or major issues can be monitored.

Therefore, the importance of Virtual Reality in production has created its importance. Exploring 3D plans through VR also bridges the gap between the real world and a designer’s imagination before the initiation.

Visualizing the full-scale effect of the designs with the help VR setup is another way to engage your client. In simple words, we say that this new technology makes it easy to turn paper plans into 3D computer models integrated with immersive VR simulations.

Immersive and simulation-based learning

Virtual Reality in education

Technology in a real sense played a vital role in the education field. VR as a versatility tool has been gaining success not only in the education sector but in the commercial sector.

Thus it is acting as the medium for a wide range of activities in a variety of solutions in institutions and organizations. Many organizations and institutions started opting for VR solutions with a simple cardboard viewer such as Google Cardboard to enhance understanding.

Using 3D creation VR tools allows students to become the creators of their virtual content. It lets them create, consume, and connect with the curriculum on a completely new height of learning.

Thus VR tool adds a complement to traditional teaching methods with immersing experience in a virtual world

Not only kids but teachers can lead the class through creative activities.   The teacher can engage the kids with different approaches like creating virtual exhibitions and animated dioramas of historic events and interpreting literature in visuals that can be played in VR.

VR also has the potential to stimulate enthusiasm as several surveys have reported that they were impressed by the impact on users’ motivation.

This is a new perspective toward learning matter where students showed higher levels of participation and better retention of the information.

Business Meetings and Collaboration 

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) has great potential to help users who are physically at a long distance. From the business perspective, it is particularly true in the enterprise and business world where information needs to be quickly and accurately shared.

Therefore, VR is optimized accordingly with the need to offer a tool to help the user in every aspect. Using the best and most accurate information along physical scale models gives the best impression of the final product. VR Meetings allow experts to use virtual space to jointly review models.

This is an advantage in today’s world where colleagues can be continents apart, the subtleties of this information can be hard to convey using a flat monitor screen and a voice on a telephone or Skype connection.

We can say the VR tools have tried to make the process easier providing an increasingly cost-effective option. The benefit of using VR is to create a shared meeting space seems to be accomplished.

Areas such as design, engineering, construction, and architecture are taking advantage of VR.

It is a product that is to be believed will greatly improve the quality of meetings. The feature of VR Meetings is that they have integrated collaborative markups, voice-over IP, and synchronized cloud models to allow for easier sharing of information in a joint space.

Apart from that meetings become a free-for-all where one person becomes designated as the Presenter among all. All participants can view the model. To move participants to a specific location in the model, control the model scale and orientation and even mute others the control is given to the presenter. And if the presenter needs to direct the other’s attention to a specific location it can be done easily.

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VR training game changer for Sales and Marketing

VR training is taking a strong grip in the field of sales and marketing. In the current market, a business sales team plays a vital role. Virtual reality training for sales and marketing can benefit the business sales team with unfailing outcomes. This is the new way to help your sales team to pitch potential clients. Moreover, virtual training can encourage them to face any challenge. Virtual training provides a successful retention rate and memorable sales training. For the trainee, VR offers a unique training experience to practice selling and pitching techniques in this diverse market. Businesses in different sectors are reaping benefits from the use of VR training.

  • Virtual Reality training offers trainee or salespeople the chance to practice a realistic marketing session.
  • Virtual reality training for sales and marketing allows you to practice different sales techniques and strategies in a safe, realistic environment.
  • To receive instant performance feedback the salesperson can practice in a virtual environment to improve sales pitch strategies.
  • With VR training salespersons don’t have to struggle to find special time to train their sales team.
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Business reaping benefits with VR training for behavior

VR training can provide a realistic experience to develop or enhance the skills or behavior of the user. VR training helps in creating a strong sense of presence and realism for the user while practicing soft skills. Using VR training for behavior can help in providing realistic, multi-sensory and stimulating experiences to the users. Thus, VR training can be easily applied in the workplace to practice real-world situations. This can offer safety to the user in the virtual world.

  • Virtual training for behavior can help to analyze behavioral data to provide in-depth insights of the user.
  • Using VR training the factors of an individual’s behavior can be highlighted. This can help to improve social or professional behavior of the user.
  • VR experience helps significantly to validate the performance of the individual by practicing in the virtual environment.
  • Virtual training for behavior provides a systematic method for behavioral data capture.  The organization can gather the insight of the participant with soft skills performance analysis.

Give a shopping experience and Showcase your showrooms in VR

Online VR Shopping is a different experience. Just sitting at home user can virtually try and buy the new items. Amazon or eBay are the best motivation right now for others in the industries.

Thus virtual reality introduced a new way of shopping with social features for users in a meaningful way. When we talk about the VR outlets they are truly creative ways to create store layouts.

The best part of this Virtual store is that there is no need to worry about construction costs, the laws of physics, or the location of the store.

Besides stores, showrooms are also looking forward to shopping for tools, gear, and popular items. Thus VR lets the user see how the items are being used instead of just laying still on a shelf like in a physical store.

Users will also be able to look at displayed items and go through all the specs and respectively compare it to other prices.

Therefore, from a business perspective showrooms for larger items like cars, boats, and houses users can try them out in VR before purchasing it.

To entice users and let them view a lot more just sitting in a place is the feature of VR. The best example is real estate which has already offered 360 tours of houses to engage its users.

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Wrapping Up

The real estate, healthcare, and mining industries have already adopted VR.

The major feature of VR tools is their ability to persuasively simulate physical environments. For B2B businesses who are just looking for some more solutions in a business, perspective is considering VR technology as a major solution of technology.

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