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Everything You Want To Know About AI-Enabled Video Analysis

a quick guide to ai-enabled video analysis

With artificial intelligence becoming an integral part of almost all the industry, it would not be right to say that it is an emerging technology in the field of software or app development. Today AI has become a necessity to make any business set apart and meet the expectations of its targeted audience. The technology, together with its subsets such as computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, etc., renders innumerable benefits to help businesses provide exceptional and personalized services to their customers. 

One such advantage of AI is AI video analytics. AI plays an important role in video surveillance, which is being actively done to maintain the security of private and public places. The technology helps in extracting manageable data and useful insights from videos to avoid emergencies, reduce damage, and identify risky situations beforehand. The use of artificial intelligence in video surveillance can improve the complete security system. 

Curious to know more about real-time video analytics using artificial intelligence? You are in the right place. Here, we have highlighted everything you must know before developing an AI analytic video software or application. But before we mention the same, let’s check out what video analysis is.

What is AI Video Analytics?  

AI Video Analytics

Also known as video content analysis or intelligent video analysis, video analysis is done to count the number of people at a place, identify numbers on the license plates, facilitate smart parking, for facial recognition, and perform many other tasks. Artificial intelligence makes the whole process of video analysis to be done automatically by machines, without any human intervention. The process can detect and alert immediately about various situations such as the sudden appearance of smoke or flames, a person breaking traffic signals, a person behaving suspiciously on a public place, and more. 

What is Real-Time Video Analytics?

This type of video analysis deals with monitoring objects, places, identifying movement patterns, recognizing behavior, and more in real-time. Real-time video analysis can help businesses to know the hours when customer presence is at the peak in the store. It can also recognize license numbers written on vehicles’ license plates. 

How Does AI Video Analysis Work?

AI video analytics software or applications are synched with video capturing or video surveillance devices such as CCTV cameras. The software collects the video content from the device and analyzes on the basis of pre-defined algorithms to deliver the desired results. Now, the app can do video analysis in two ways- real-time or after processing. Video analysis is performed using image classification, localization, object detection, object tracking, and object identification, and a few other techniques. 

Use Cases Of AI Video Analysis Solution

Use Cases Of AI Video Analysis
  • Healthcare– to ensure the safety of the doctors, patients, and visitors. To facilitate at-home monitoring of adults or kids. To evaluate patients by analyzing their facial expressions, body postures, and other behaviors. 
  • Transportation– Video analysis can help in managing traffic to avoid jams and accidents. AI video analytic software can detect dangerous situations in real-time to avoid collisions and other unwanted situations. Video analysis can be used for counting vehicles for making different traffic-related predictions. It can also be used for parking spot detection by analyzing the video captured using security cameras. 
  • Retail- AI-enabled video analysis can help in determining behavior and other key characteristics of the customers that can help in improving sales and managing inventory. 
  • Security- AI-based video analysis can help in facial recognition, crowd management, recognize the movement in prohibited or restrictive areas. 

Apart from these areas, AI video analytics can also be used in other industries, such as manufacturing to monitor the production of products, working of various machinery, and for other purposes. It can also be used for face mask detection, smart access control, driver authentication, access smart home devices, and other tasks. 

Our Work : Computer Vision Projects -AI-Based Solution to Track Marketing ROI


TunGo Project where we created the API’s with the AI model to extract the human count, car count, car size, human height from the video which is captured by a van.
This project consists of step by step integration of different modules that consist of AI, ML along with Data Science.
User would be able to see the real time statistics and insights of the advertisement that is being displayed on the van and also show the real time location of the van. Read More

If you want an AI-enabled video analytics app, then contact a reputed and trusted AI solution development company. Make sure you have your particular app requirements ready to make the company’s professionals understand your business goals and vision. This would also help the project to move in the right direction. Choose a company wisely to get the best of your money. 

Final Words

This article is all about how artificial intelligence is used for video analysis, how technology can bring useful data from a video that can improve surveillance and security. We have also provided simple definitions of the terms involved in AI video analytics so that you can understand every process in detail. After reading this article, if you want to develop an AI video analytics app, then contact an AI app development company or hire AI developers

While choosing an AI solution development company, don’t forget to check its portfolio and clients’ feedback. Also, write down your particular app requirements beforehand to avoid any miscommunication between you and the company.

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