How much will it cost to appear in top 25 apps in iOS app store ?



Fiksu a mobile marketing company from Boston recently published data on how much an app developer will have to spend on advertising to push an app into the top 25 ranks.  It varies from one country to another. If its target market is U.S. then at least $200,000 must be spent on advertising to appear in top 25 iOS mobile apps. Lets check the advertising budget for iOS app store to appear in top 25 apps for some of the main countries :

For U.S. –  $200,000

For Germany –  $65,000

For UK – $45,000

Brazil – $35,000

France – $30,000

Canada – $15000

Thailand – $10000

South Korea  -$7000

Fiksu’s account management director Tom Cummings said:

“Visibility in the iOS App Store is a great way to get more organic downloads — but climbing the ranks can be hard. Paid app promotion to generate downloads can help propel you to the top of the charts – but cracking the top 25 overall free apps in the U.S. is an expensive proposition. We’ve calculated what it takes to get to the most visible ranks in App Stores around the globe and complied the results to give you some alternatives to the pricey U.S. market. While the U.S. App Store remains the most lucrative, marketers with the option of promoting in other countries should at least consider app marketing that takes advantage of much lower costs to get top 25 visibility or better.”