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Cost of Developing an AI-Based Application: Top Guide

These days, there is a debate going on regarding the actual cost of Artificial Intelligence app development in the AI app development industry. Leading AI app development companies are quoting amounts that are different from the prices quoted by some freelancers operating in the market. 

These inconsistencies in the cost of development of mobile applications enabled with Artificial Intelligence have developed confusion among the people who want to build a custom AI solution for their business. 

Therefore, to solve this issue, we devised a guide to break down the cost of  Artificial Intelligence app development that will resolve all your confusion regarding AI development costs. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of AI Mobile App Development 

In this section, you will read about the various factors that influence the overall cost of developing a mobile application integrated with Artificial Intelligence. 

  1. Project Type

The foremost factor that affects the development cost of an AI-driven mobile app is the type of project you want to develop. Some mobile apps dedicated to a particular industry cost more than others. 

For instance, the cost of developing an AI-powered Fintech app will cost more than an e-commerce mobile app enabled with AI. Moreover, the costs also depend on the complexities of the project. The more complex your project, the more it will cost. 

  1. Type of Application

The type of mobile application you are looking to develop also influences the cost of AI-driven app development. If you want to develop a native AI app, it will cost more than developing a cross-platform app

Also, the cost will be different for developing an AI-powered progressive web app. Moreover, the cost will also depend on the platform, that is Android, iOS, Windows, and others.  

  1. Level of Artificial Intelligence

Another factor that influences the artificial intelligence app development cost is the grade of Artificial Intelligence you are using for your app. For instance, if you are using simple Artificial Intelligence models, such as Natural Language Processing, it will cost you less. 

Whereas if you go for Deep Learning, Generative AI, and Predictive Analytics models for your application, the overall cost will surge depending on the grade of AI.  

  1. Features and Functionalities

The features and functionalities of your AI-driven mobile app play a key role in influencing the overall cost of development. The fewer and simpler features and functionalities, the less the development cost. 

On the other side, when you add more complex features and functionalities to your app the higher will be the cost. 

  1. AI App Development Team 

The AI development team that develops your mobile application will also determine the cost of AI app development. The number of developers, their skillsets and experience, the development time, etc., all these factors will affect the overall cost of AI application development. 

Moreover, the location of the development teams also affects the cost significantly. For instance, when you hire AI developers in India, it will cost you far less than the countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and others. 

  1. Security and Privacy

The security and privacy approaches you leverage your AI mobile app from unwanted cyber attacks and hacks, will also influence the cost of developing the Artificial Intelligence apps. 

For instance, when you use high-end data encryptions, secure APIs, code security, and more, it adds to the overall cost of development. Additionally, the cost surges when you develop your AI apps compliant with Privacy Regulations and Standards and Data Protection Laws, such as GDPR, CCPA, and others. 

  1. Support and Maintenance 

The AI models need to be trained regularly to produce accurate results. This maintenance adds up to the overall cost of AI mobile app development. Data is a key factor for the smooth functioning of the Artificial Intelligence in your mobile app. Thus, it needs to be refined and maintained regularly to ensure efficient productivity. 

So, these are the major considerations that affect the AI mobile app development cost. 

Some Other Factors Determining the Cost of Artificial Intelligence

While you can determine your Artificial Intelligence requirements before meeting with the development companies, contractors, or data scientists, it is always helpful to consider additional factors that may alter the cost or may make or break your AI solutions.

  • An AI application demands data, quick response, and high performance to process algorithms and build a meaningful foundation by continuously learning from inputs. What you are seeking in an AI solution also influences the overall cost of AI. 
  • Moreover, the cost also depends on the data format, storage, type of structure, the accuracy of predictions, data visualization, dashboard, and more. 
  • Besides this, some other factors that can lead to additional costs are technology, design, security, speed, and the number of customizations.
  • Also, the platform integrations with CI/CD, external services and managed services, development of architecture, testing, security operations, and training machine algorithms take time, therefore time is also an essence that should be considered in your overall AI app development project cost.
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Summing Up 

A decade back, only large enterprises and corporations could afford to build and integrate AI into their applications. Now with the advancement of infrastructure and technologies and the decreasing costs, even start-ups, SMEs, and small businesses can benefit from the potential of AI by scaling and leveraging the power of the Cloud involving Virtual Machines, GPUs, and other AI software and tools.

Looking at the future, modern applications will witness a revolution with AI-based experiences to provide a level of prediction, accuracy, and personalization we have not experienced before. 

Building an AI-powered solution depends on dozens of decisions and factors, however, once it is implemented, the savings it would bring with the integration in business efforts will deliver the worth with immense benefits in reduced costs, automated processes, and increased value to customers.

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