Android Q Beta Is Now Available With Exclusive Features

android q

Google finally announced the arrival of Android Q Beta version. Android Q beta is here with all the new features in Google next-gen mobile operating system. There were many rumors and leaks before the final launch of Android Q Beta. It is certainly among the biggest releases of this year.

Users can experience an early version of the new operating system with multiple visual and functional changes. After having hardware and software still, bugs and other issues exist in beta. Google is working hard in order to amaze its Android users. The beta is available for any Google Pixel phone, including the original Pixel and Pixel XL.

Android Q Beta features and functionalities

Android Q offered far better features on comparing to older versions. It is useless to say about it until we experience it via Pixel phone. The mobile technologies have been upgraded where users’ privacy and security are on priority. There are few mobile technology upgrades includes some amazing new features. Here are the new features that Google has introduced its latest Android Q Beta version.

The notification panel

Among the major features in Android Q is a new battery indicator that appears in the notification panel. When the user drags down the notification panel, it will change to a battery-time-remaining indicator.  It will indicate the battery percentage that will give an idea or an estimate about the time phone will switch off. This can limit the usage of the phone for the time being.

Another major change in the notification panel is the functionality of the dismissal of notifications. On swiping from left to right will dismiss a notification, whereas, swiping from right to left it will take the notification halfway across and a pop up will arise of snooze and settings button.

Permissions and privacy

Privacy in the major concern in Android Q where the user can view a new pop-up with an extra new option. The user can block or deny permission in that case. Such user-friendly action is helpful when the apps are in the foreground. Moreover, applications such as Facebook or Google Maps can’t just notify your location from the background it will require permission.

The privacy improvements in Android Q include a real-time notification appearing when apps are using sensitive permissions. Apart from that, a location icon would pop up in the status bar, and the user could tap on it to see which apps were using location.  Though such features are yet to include.

Advanced Settings Panel

Android Q is bringing an upgraded version of setting panel for is it, users. As the setting panel is an integral part of any operating system, hence it should be convenient for users to manage their smartphones. Likewise, this update will help users to make changes efficiently. Users can easily access the connectivity settings without any hurdles. Hence, users while using the specific app don’t have to leave it in order to access the setting such as mobile data settings, Wi-Fi and airplane mode etc.

QR code Wi-Fi

This feature of Android Q users will be able to conveniently pass on a QR code instead of having a cryptic password to log in to Wi-Fi. Hence, in order to generate the quick response (QR) code, the user will need to verify the action with a password, PIN or fingerprint scan before it is converted code.

Background Apps Pop-Ups

Android Q is here to provide users with full control to reduce the interruptions of background Apps pop-ups. It offers users to prioritize urgent notifications. It allows users to set the high-priority notification settings as per their preferences. Hence, the user can set the priority of the app’s notification, such as the incoming calls, texts or alarms.

 Securing Personal Data

It is important to secure personal data and this is what Android Q give users a relief to control over the installed apps to maintain privacy. Users can now secure the personal data with the accessibility to control apps’ permission for their personal data. Data including photos, videos, and other private information more secure.

Apart from that Android Q have more sophisticated security systems. For security purpose application permission is integrated with file-based encryption, enhanced Google Play Protect, and lockdown mode.