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What is the use and purpose of Augmented Reality in Printing sector and Publishing ?

Develop Augmented Reality Content for Kids Books, Newspaper,Magazines

Augmented reality has become one of the approaches in the introduction of interactivity to the users through publications and marketing. With time this technology has been the boosting factor for the publishing market. For publishers, the key benefit of AR is communication through multiple channels. AR approach allows integrating old style with the existing material, creating a competitive advantage and bringing in new revenue.

As we live in an era where information is giving the publishing products a level of interactivity which enables readers to enjoy the immersive AR features. Now the time has come where traditional offline media can be transferred into AR digital publications. Many content creators are advancing from paper to digital media.

The results obtained after using AR digital channels and AR printing made leading publishers think carefully and critically about the future of publishing. Augmented Reality in publishing has become a common place where everyone had a screen in a pocket can learn more and more.

Why AR is the next step in publishing and printing sector?

Quytech believes AR’s time for publishers has come and they provide worldwide augmented reality platform for publishers with many of the major publishing companies is warmly accepted by the industry. AR allows enhancing traditional books with interactive AR content and bring a new experience to readers of any age all over the globe.

Earlier print media and content publishers were the unchallenged dominators of the world of publications, but AR gave a new dimension to this sector. In this transition phase Augmented Reality is providing additional value and possibilities.

It is widely acknowledged by both public and private publications houses. AR technology has the potential to combine the best aspects of both digital and print. Talking about augmented reality books, these are printed and then coupled with a 3D augmented reality experience.

Thus, these personalized books created can be accessed through a free mobile app on any smartphone or tablet. Publishers in this space tend to agree that Augmented Reality publishing products have quite different features.

Impact of AR in Publications/ Printing Sector

AR technology is widely accepted in every sector. AR created a way to reach a generation which grew up constantly interacting with screens and digital world. With time the popularity of Augmented Reality is increasing as more publishers use them to engage readers.

This Advance change provides the ability of communication between a reader and a book with dynamic contents. With a high degree of interactivity and built-in activities, the knowledge is integrated with a mobile app.

The frequency of value obtained from AR learning is higher to the traditional approach. Moreover, by means of the augmented reality publisher, businesses can best reach their targets.

AR Books are physical or digital copies of traditional books, helping kids to get linked with content through the use of technology.

With AR technology, both content and illustrations can be displayed using a screen and a camera. This content can be in the form of a picture or video file or an audio clip. With an animated sequence or a game activity associated with the traditional media, the user will get to know more.

 Case studies

 Storytelling for kids

Develop Augmented Reality Content for Kids Book

When it comes about Augmented Reality books especially for children, are one of the swiftest growing trends in publishing. It is the best way to engage children with digital content above and beyond the two-dimensional words. Storytelling and illustrations of the content on the digital page open up a world of possibilities and opportunities for kids. This the blend of imagination, content with the technology.

Augmented Reality Magazines

AR In publishing

Some news and magazine publishers are upcoming with augmented reality print out. This is a new and ultimate way of addressing the readers to online videos, Internet shopping, and online readers. AR magazines allow readers to receive content from the internet by pointing the smartphone with special add at any printed media. With such AR solutions, Harry Potter newspaper with their moving photos won’t be a fantasy anymore.

AR newspaper

Augmented Reality in the printing industry where 3d printing has a huge future is transforming the new paper industry. Thus, the 3D images could be something like a simple set of moving images, or the playing of a predetermined video with sound effects. AR technology is developing pictures to print advance news with a digitally rendered model of content on the new paper page.

Bottom line

The strength of publication is dependent on the way it broadcast the information. Thus Augmented Reality has the ability to meet a broad spectrum of goals in the publishing industry. In today’s world, the leading publishers see the opportunity and seize it. AR drives the creation of completely new editorial products with realistic features. It creates new revenue streams from advertising by improving readers’ interest with current trends and readers’ needs.

This technology addresses the new generation of readers by improving the readers’ learning and retaining information. Moreover, these AR solutions reduce reasoning overload on the reader with increasing the level of engagement experienced by readers.

Quytech is well-known name in Augment Reality app development companies which provides cost effective and reliable AR solution for different industry. Now they are also provided AR Solution for publication and printing sector.  It provides an entertaining and interactive way for all readers to learn, experience, and imagine new things. Add Augmented Reality content to your books, newspaper and magazines. Contact us

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ar-news App

Features of AR News Paper App:

Live AR News mobile app is used with a website, a photo in an article is scanned with the camera of a mobile device. The AR software identifies the photo and then loads related digital content. Content is displayed in the device’s camera view. It’s often positioned over the scanned photo so that digital content appears to have replaced the photo.
Content that is loaded could be a video, photo gallery, the latest news updates, related social media information, educational animations, additional facts etc.
User can involve in reading with new experience using Live AR News application.

Features of the app:

  • Scan target image through camera of your device.
  • View video, web page, educational content, social media pages etc associated with image.
  • Option to switch into full screen to view videos.

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