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Develop AR Measurement App for iPhone and Android

AR tape measurement

The AR technology opens up a wide array of possibilities for business and its services.  AR apps take the industry to the next level for the brand experience. This technology plays a significant hand in increasing customer impressions with AR marketing campaign solution.

Augmented Reality plays a key role in driving customer engagements in business marketing that significantly improves business ROI. Augmented reality solutions play a huge role in personalizing content for promotion. Likewise, AR measurement Application is an indication of the practical use of augmented reality. This app uses augmented reality technology (AR) to measure the distance between a real-world object with your smartphone’s camera.

The AR measurement app for Android and iOS can measure either height or length. You simply need to point the phone’s camera to an object, then pick two points to measure the distance in between.

How AR measurement App work

AR measurement App

This AR app allows developers to create augmented reality experiences for smartphone users using Visual Inertial Odometry and data from the camera sensor and CoreMotion to plot points in space.

When it comes how to use this app simply point your device at an object. It will harness the power of augmented reality to measure the distance between two points in real time.

Moreover, you can capture and share floor plans directly from your camera. Add furniture and other objects in 3D space created by the phone’s built-in camera.

Benefits of AR measurement App

AR Tape measurement app

Augmented Reality apps are doing a great job of showing off the real-world benefits. These apps have offered benefits in terms of improving people’s everyday lives. Likewise, the practical benefits of AR measurement app that really drive the technology forward in various utilities.

AR technology has the ability to develop solutions such as floor plans, measure a person’s height, determine face attributes or figure out the distance parameters.

Most of these apps offer various tools beyond the length measurement. These apps preferred unit of measurement (metric/imperial). The mechanics of doing length measurements with these apps are all pretty much simple. There is the ability to save the results and share them with others.

This is helpful for those times when you get interrupted while measuring the home furnishings section of a store. Hence, the ability to send information along a photo with AR measurements overlaid are convenient.

Final thought

With time augmented reality apps are changing the way consumers interacts online. Augmented Reality solution such as AR tape measurement app can be a major game changer for e-commerce companies.

A Virtual measuring app like AR Ruler app is built to develop more competition and engages the user. Moreover, this app offers the ability to offer more options in terms of customization and personalization.

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