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Augmented Reality App For Newspaper and Publishing Sector: Features and Cost

AR In publishing

Augmented Reality (AR) has become the ladder to grow more and create more achievements. These days it is a hot topic that is progressively attracting the attention of Media and Technology Sectors. To be more particular AR is helping to increase the usefulness of any product or service and thereby increasing attention in the market.

This tool is now used for the media and publishing sector. Making object more appealing to the readers, AR is not only surprising the reader, but also creating the interest to know more. With the increase in the level of immersion in the material newspapers are no more as they were earlier.

So the question arises: Is AR the future of publishing sector?

AR is allowing the creativity to come out of the box and use the technology for betterment of the society. How different it is to view the front cover suddenly becomes a video and start illustrating an article. This sound so incredible when we see normal objects to form three-dimensional model and the page in 3D showing an information diagram depicting the world’s leading economic organization.

Tech-move into the future:

Gone those days when both public and private communication was possible done using paper and ink. Widely acknowledged by the print media and print content, publishers are accepting the transition phase. Now the content creators are moving from paper to digital media.
But today we are in the challenging phase where the dominators of the world of information are going beyond the traditional limitation. By means of AR technology they can best reach their targets.
AR with a help of camera will provide additional data for the particular highlight. With the mean of algorithm that recognizes the content written on the page and a platform for the process of digital data a complete package is developed. This new media-technology that accelerated from Internet and lands to Augmented Reality, do have quite different features: –

  • High degree of interactivity
  • Bi-directionality and circularity of communication
  • View a three-dimensional model of object
  • Dynamic Contents
  • Graphic engagement
  • Open information
  • Hear narration of the text
  • Active enjoyment
  • Low degree of opacity of contents
  • Multi-media involvement
  • Contextual information

Key Factors for AR Technology in Newspapers

Augmented Reality plays a vital role in transforming the today into tomorrow. AR is helping evolution to step from paper to digital. To support this we can go through a number of factors for successful innovation in publishing.
The AR solutions in Newspapers Technology are intended to shape the future of the publishing sector. Some of them are mentioned below those are favorable to the adoption of AR solutions in the newspaper publishing sector:

  • Establishment of mobile Commerce
  • Worldwide adoption of latest generation of smartphones.
  • Involvement of various Apps Stores or play store in the market
  • Increasing adoption of Internet on mobile devices
  • Involvement of international brands of the mobile.
  • Growing adoption of Tablet and other mobile devices.

Same content migrates on different technological platforms and distribution channels such Internet, ebook, print, and mobile devices.
These factors point out a situation that is favorable to the acceptance of AR solutions in the newspaper and print sector. This helps us to know that the information that is implicitly associated with a context can be usable and directly accessible by means of the AR interface.
We are aware of the fact that both print and digital media provide people with content. However with the digital versions of content, designed for the digital world is forcing the leading publishers to think carefully and critically about the future of publishing.
For them being in that position to completely discard the traditional printing process and favor the adoption of new media for their content will be possible?

Scenario of Changes

Augmented Reality technology helped in crossing tough process of newspaper sector. It conveyed additional interactive and multimedia content in all areas of knowledge publication, including books, magazines, newspapers, posters, educational and multimedia products, entertainment and advertising.
Through cross-media nature of AR we can examine a number of ideas of how AR can be better employed in the newspaper and publishing sector. Big thanks to Augmented Reality which is adding value to traditional print media. Due to the flexible feature of the AR we can imagine this world completely in a new ways.

When it comes about revenue generation this new Newspaper technology may be able to generate independent revenue for the organization. Scenario is just to provide solution where the information is more appealing to the users.
Through AR it is possible to create special content areas especially targeted to advertise directly through newspapers. The content area focuses suitable AR tag and the visualization of digital content such as video, audio, interactive 3D animations in addition to the text.
With the help of devices such as mobile phones, Tablets, and PCs thing are possible. Augmented Reality adds a new dimension to the reading experience and brings multimedia content where it previously could not be.


The potential for Augmented Reality applications in newspaper sector particular in connection with the press, are enormous. Besides facing the unavoidable challenges AR Applications are chasing whatever is coming in the path.
AR provides significant added value, both on the cultural and on the commercial levels. From analysis what is emerged is that newspaper publishing can work parallel without the need to completely replace them.

These levels of next-generation mobile devices are looking forward with a possibility of adoption for AR solutions, which is a mainstream technology that is now unavoidable.

Our Work in this sector:

AR Marker Based App

ar-news App

We are develop  Augmented Reality Apps for Newspaper which helps to bring publications content to live by adding digital elements to the printed material

The benefits of using AR Technology in publishing Sector:

  • Increase curiosity and engagement
  • Supplement learning through connection-making and lateral thinking
  • Enhance retention by using multiple modalities
  • Reach a wider audience and therefore increase sales

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