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Augmented Reality in Social Media: Engage Potential Customers and Increase ROI

AR social media

Augmented reality (AR) has become a new way to capitalize growth through interactive content marketing. Augmented reality is helping businesses to broadcast their product globally. This ground-breaking technology is an influencer in many ways while transforming the future of the marketing business. The prospect of shopping online is changing from viewing the products to decision making. Augmented Reality technology is used to introduce the incredible experience of advertising. Facebook has made Augmented Reality ads available to all marketers. AR technology has reduced customer pain of returning the products. This is the reason

AR is offering the business brands to lead the competition by offering hassle less shopping experience. Incorporation of AR into their platforms by companies such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat is the trendsetter in the market. Companies can opt for better ways to advertise their products to potential customers. AR is expected to generate over $13 billion in revenue by 2022. The gaming industry showed a lot of interest in AR, now most of the marketing business has started to take off their business by using this new technology.

Potential augmented reality hold for social media marketing

These days many brands are incorporating AR into their websites or apps. They are trying to offer the customer a platform that allows customers to try out different products ahead of making the purchase.

Brands are trying to map out their AR strategies to secure an early-mover benefit. With augmented reality, the innovative practice can opt to make the online shopping trip amazing. A customer can try different products offered by the brand and know if a particular product suits them or not.

The customer may make the decision better because of this meaningful technology. Here are some new ways to promote a brand’s products or services on social media platforms. 


AR virtual stores on social media:

Brands these day focus to offer unique, exciting and engaging ways to grab the attention of the potential customer. Though already online consumers buy products via social media promotions and advertisements. Comparatively AR social media could increase the retention rate of the customers. Offering a more engaging experience won’t let the customers visit the physical stores. As AR technology is all about the immersive experience, brands can utilize it to engage the customers and increase their ROI. It can be beneficial in increasing the online social media presence of the business.

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Project in live events:

AR event

AR technology is innovative helping the brands to organize live events online. Implementing the AR content in live events is the best to engage the customers. Brands have already used AR for the live events allowing the customer to attend an event from the comfort of their own home. Doing these brands can remain consistent with their services and take the user experience to the next level. AR is driving the Salesforce of the business through live events. Step your products into the virtual environment to let customers buy directly online.

Add Interactive AR videos:

The focus of the business to engage the customer and remain associated with them. These days’ brands involved in variant businesses are emphasizing on created interactive AR videos. AR technology is best to promote brand products. AR content such as 360-degree videos is used to selling the products. Such videos can connect everyone projecting about the product like hoe it works, its features and benefits of using it.

AR Highlight brand awareness:

AR social media example

AR technology is adding value to the business in various verticals. Offering a great AR experience to the customer can be highly scalable for the business. Businesses can take advantage of AR technology to lead the market competition. Project a meaningful awareness about your brand. For brands and marketers, word-of-mouth is important. In this highly competitive market, AR can act as the catalyst to add a valuable element to your brand.

AR Speedy purchasing decisions:

Though the online shopping platforms help engage the users to an extent. But when it comes to taking the final decision to purchase a product AR technology is supportive in any manner. This helps take the best decision. Trying out different products virtually takes informed decisions to another level. Augmented reality allows the customers to remain in comfort and avoid the huge queue in the store. AR help to reduce the time taken in making the final deciding while buying a product.

Final thoughts

AR social media has become such a resounding success in the current industry. The world of social media has embraced the power of immersion. AR social media is associated with the fact that “the more immersive experience is, the more likely it will transform into direct sales”.

A particular brand or company has already implementing AR-enabled solutions to boost audience engagement tremendously.