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How AI is used for Computer Vision and Image Recognition?

Computer Vision

According to Tractica, the global AI software market is expected to experience huge growth and an estimated revenue of 126 billion by 2025. On one side AI is assisting the well-established to lift their business processes and deliver an unmatchable customer experience. On the other side, it is also offering the startups an opportunity to step into the market with a bang.

But, have you ever wondered how artificial intelligence works to think and behave like a human being? Well, ample technologies work together to empower artificial intelligence to serve its desired purpose. Here, in this article, we will talk about how AI is used for computer vision and image recognition.

Artificial Intelligence in Computer Vision


Computer vision is a subset of artificial intelligence that enables a machine to understand the visual world. With the help of computer vision, a computer system can precisely locate and identify images and videos to fetch meaningful information from the real world.

Computer vision is behind Apple’s Face ID recognizing your face to unlock your device. The technology also enables a bar code scanner to see and detect the stripes in a universal product code. Computer vision can be rightly compared to our brain processing information we hear.

Artificial intelligence helps computer vision to serve the following purposes:

  • Human Pose Estimation

With the help of AI, computer vision technology can detect and analyze human posture. It is specifically used in fitness coach apps to capture the user’s movements while exercising, determining the correctness of their body posture, recognizing their mistakes, and improving them. Read more

  • Human Tracking

Human tracking is a significant domain of AI-powered computer vision applications. It enables you to count the number of people present in an event. It helps track every movement and provides accurate data.

  • Video Analysis

Video analysis offers you new use cases for a deeper situational understanding. It is being used in surveillance camera systems to track objects, classify actions, and more. All thanks to computer vision that has made this possible. 

  • Self-driving cars

AI-based computer vision can sense the surroundings to identify various objects, such as pedestrians, traffic signals, and more, on the road. Moreover, it also helps in measuring the distance of the vehicle from other vehicles.

  • Facial recognition

The technology helps a device to recognize the face to verify the identity of the person. After detecting the face, it then looks for the match in the stored database. Apart from just unlocking the device, facial recognition also helps social media applications to offer suggestions to tag users in an image or video.

  • AR and mixed reality

Computer vision also helps in overlaying and embedding virtual objects on real-world imagery in devices like smartphones, tablets, and more.

  • Healthcare

CV together with artificial intelligence assists to automate various jobs like detecting cancerous moles in the images of skin. It also helps in MRI and X-ray scans.

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How does computer vision in AI work?

AI computer vision follows these three processes to deliver the results:

  1. Image acquisition– The process is performed to translate analog data into computer-readable form, i.e. in the combination of zeroes and ones. Digital cameras, webcams, and various other tools are used to prepare datasets.
  2. Image processing- The process includes using modern applied mathematics algorithms to extract geometric elements, such as segmentation, classification, edge detection, and feature detection & matching, from an image.
  3. Image analysis and understanding– The process uses advanced-level algorithms to conduct deep analysis of the data for 3D scene mapping, object tracking, and recognition. This analysis further facilitates decision-making.

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AI in image recognition

Image recognition enables a machine to identify and then categorize the objects in an image or video. The image acts as input to this technique, which in turn offers labels as the output. Based on this output, the model is trained to automatically find patterns by looking into the classes from a predefined list.

An Artificial Intelligence system that processes the visual info depends on computer vision. Image recognition includes processes like object detection, visual search, semantic segmentation, and more. The prime steps of AI image recognition are to collect and organize data. This data is then utilized to prepare predictive models, which further offers precise outputs.

5 Uses Cases Of AI Image Recognition

data label

AI image recognition has a plethora of applications in the real-world. From facial recognition for influencer marketing, AI stamp recognition in supply and logistics, Google vision to deal with the archive photos to many more, the technology is being utilized worldwide.

Some of the other popular uses of AI in image recognition include detecting texts, recognizing objects, recognizing patterns, analyzing images, and more.

Now that you have known how AI image recognition works, let’s dive into its uses.

  • Facial Recognition

With AI capabilities, computers can now recognize people based on their distinctive facial features just like humans. The smartphone industry is widely using this technology, especially to unlock the device. Moreover, social networking sites are also leveraging it, wherein AI recognizes people in group pictures and helps users tag them automatically. This technology is slowly paving its way in different industries.

  • Object Recognition

AI image recognition aids object recognition. Object recognition helps count people in an event or your stock in the inventory. Some of the applications even help you spot dangerous weapons like knives, guns, and more. Many businesses are utilizing this technology in developing games for people of all age groups.

  • Text Detection

Artificial intelligence guides your image recognition system to identify texts from images. It can immensely help in transforming historic books and papers into digital form. From retail to logistics and marketing, every industry is benefitting from text recognition. Moreover, industry giants are heavily investing in this tech to reap benefits in the future.

  • Visual Search
AI visual search

Visual search enables users to sift through multiple images and find the best visually relevant product in a fraction of time. It enables businesses to deliver accurate results to their online customers and enhance their shopping experience. Retailers and eCommerce leaders are making the most of this technology to retain and attract customers.

  • Content Moderation

Social media networks and content sharing communities are producing an enormous volume of content every day. Hence, it becomes challenging to keep a tab on each submission to ensure that it meets the platform guidelines. Image recognition powered with AI comes into play here. It makes sure that the submitted content is safe and adheres to the platform rules, safeguarding any platform’s integrity.

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What is the best image recognition app?

Some of the AI image recognition apps include:

  • Google Lens
  • Amazon Rekognition
  • Aipoly Vision
  • TapTapSee
  • ScreenShop
  • Leafsnap

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Final Thoughts

This article provides detailed information on how artificial intelligence is used for computer vision and image recognition. Moreover, it also includes allied topics such as how does computer vision works to recognize various parts of an image. To know the same in detail, give this article a read. On the other hand, if you want to develop an AI-based mobile application, then reach out to an AI development company today.