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A decade ago, who would have imagined that machines would act, behave, and think like human beings? And now, when we see artificial intelligence becoming an integral part of every other industry, we cannot imagine our lives without it.

AI is rendering immense benefits to the individuals by modernizing their lifestyle;

Similarly, it is also making businesses to improve their productivity by delivering excellent customer experience. Hire best AI Development Company.

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This growing use of artificial intelligence in manufacturing, IT, e-commerce, retail, automobile, and other industries has increased the demand for AI app development.

Yes, you read that correctly!

AI-based applications and software are quite high in demand because they help businesses to improve their existing process and take futuristic and data-driven designs to ensure their business growth and success.

If you, too, are planning to develop an AI-based solution and have been looking out for a successful AI/ML app ideas, then this article is only for you.

Here, we have provided latest Artificial Intelligence app ideas & Machine Learning app ideas for android and iOS you can consider developing to ensure success and business growth.

25+ Trending Artificial Intelligence App Ideas for Android and iOS

Please take a look at our collection of AI App Ideas and ML App Ideas:

1. AI-based news app

ai based News app

You can consider developing an artificial intelligence-based news application that will display news based on a user’s interest. For example, if a user loves watching sports news, then he/she can set his/her preferences and the app will display sports news on the top.

2. AI-based language learning app

AI based language learning app

In today’s cut-throat competition, it has become no less than a necessity to learn extra skills. By developing an artificial intelligence language learning app, you can help aspiring students or working professionals to enhance their skills. The AI app can suggest (based on the information such as their area of work or the place where they want to go for further studies, and others) them about the languages that they can learn for their career growth.

5. AI-enabled voice assistant app

A voice assistant app powered by artificial intelligence can help people to perform various tasks on the phone without even touching it. For instance, they can just say “set the alarm for tomorrow 6 AM” and the app will do that in seconds. This would be a great ML app idea for your startup.

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6. AI-driven chatbot

Chatbot Ai

Chatbots fueled by artificial intelligence can help people to serve their customers better. They can use AI chatbots to answer queries of multiple customers at the same time without making any of them wait for more than seconds. Such an ai based chatbot is highly demanded among businesses.

7. Health recordkeeping app powered by AI

By developing an Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare record keeping app for Andriod and iOS platforms, you can help people to manage their health records. Based on the health-related information a user enters, the app can suggest them to go for a check-up or potential health hazards they might suffer in the future.

8. AI-driven fitness app

AI Fitness app

An AI-based fitness app is a perfect way to make people stay fit without even stepping out of their homes. You can provide pre-recorded workout videos or offer the option to design personalized workout programs with the help of artificial intelligence. The app will ask current body measurements, fitness routines, and goals to provide specific exercises for a user. The artificial intelligence technology can also be used to determine if the user is following the right posture or not during an exercise.   

9. AI-based photo editing app

An AI-based photo editing app is a great ai app idea for your startup. By developing such an app, you can provide users a platform to try different hairstyles and makeup without actually going for a haircut. The AI app can suggest to them which hairstyle would go perfectly according to their face type and various other factors.

10. AI-enabled storage space cleaner app

To help people clean their phone’s storage space by removing junk files, duplicate files, or blurred photos, you can consider creating an AI-based application for the same. This would surely be a great hit among people, especially youngsters who love to click photos or download videos every now and then.

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11. AI-enabled cost tracking app

With the help of an AI app development cost, you can make businesses to track their expenses, generate reports, and do other tasks. AI can play a great role by allowing users to extract the needed information merely by clicking a photo that will get scanned automatically. You can consider developing such an app.


12. AI-based meal planner app

To help people get a customized meal plan, you can consider building an AI-powered meal planner app. Simply by entering their body nutrition requirements suggested by a nutritionist, the app can create a personalized meal plan for the user. You can give this mobile app idea a try.

13. AI-enabled calories counter app

With the help of an AI-based calorie counter app, people can get information about the calories in their dish merely by uploading its photograph. artificial intelligence will automatically detect the ingredients or the vegetables in the dish and provide them the total calories they have consumed. They don’t even need to manually enter the names of the ingredients of the dish.

14. AI-based diagnosis apps

Such type of app can be a boon for the medical facilities, patients, and doctors. Using the app, patients can enter their symptoms, and the app will recommend them which hospital or the medical facility they should visit for the treatment. In short, it will help them in self-diagnoses. Another type of AI-based diagnosis app can be synched with various medical equipment to help in treatment and diagnosis.

15. AI-powered cybersecurity app

You can think of creating an AI-based cybersecurity app to help people and businesses to avoid cyberattacks. After integrating strict algorithms, then the app will send the users an alert every time it observes any unusual activity on your device.

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16. AI-based content creator app

Such an app would be a boon for businesses that cannot afford to hire content writers for creating product descriptions, writing summaries, or short content for any business-related announcement. An AI-based content creator app can help them create short descriptions or synopsis on the basis of the details entered by the user. To make your app different from the others, you can think of integrating features such as a spell checker and a plagiarism checker. 

17. AI-powered storytelling app

This kind of app can help people who love reading novels or stories online but find it difficult to stare at the phone’s screen for a long time. By pasting a pdf file, document, or handwritten story, the app would read the same for them. They can listen to the story or their favorite novels. Artificial intelligence will help to extract information written on a novel’s page. It’s such an innovative artificial intelligence app idea to think about building.

18. AI-powered online recruiting app

Such an app would be helpful to fetch relevant resumes from different sources over the app. In fact, you can also count on it to conduct the initial rounds of a candidate’s screen process. An AI-based online recruiting app would be a great artificial intelligence app idea for your startup.

19. AI-based market prediction app

An AI-enabled market prediction app can help people to get future predictions of the stock market. Artificial intelligence along with the machine learning will monitor the up and down of the market shares and provide useful insights. The AI app can suggest the companies a user should invest in or purchase stocks to get great profit. Moreover, they can also look at current and upcoming market trends in the domain.

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20. AI-based homework assistance app

This type of app can help students to get assistance with their homework. Students can search for topics and check videos to get the practical examples for understanding a concept or the problem. You can provide an option to the students to upload their homework and the app will show them the concepts which can help them do the homework. This is also a great AI app idea for your startup.

21. AI-based training app

Artificial intelligence can also be used for providing employee training on different topics. Employees can fill in their skills and type of training they want to improve the same. Based on that information, an AI-based training app cans suggest the topic of training and provide the same to the professionals.

22. AI-powered fitness trainer app

You can think of developing an AI-based fitness trainer that will not only provide personalized workout plans but also monitor if the user has met them or not. Based on the performance, the app can automatically change further fitness plans.

23. AI-based performance analysis app

Analyzing the performance of employees or labor in an organization is essential to monitor whether they are completing their assigned tasks or not. You can think of developing such an application for businesses or even for educational institutes where employees or pupils can enter information and the app will provide useful insights. 

24. AI-based language translator app

This type of app can be a real help to users, especially those who travel frequently. They can use such an app to record and detect the language a person is speaking into and then translate it into their understandable language and vice-versa. This will make communicating and interacting with people across the globe without any difficulty. You can think of developing this AI app idea for your startup.

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25. AI-powered dating app

Such dating app can save your precious time and display profiles on the basis of your interest, likes, dislikes, travel goals, and more. It can also tell you about the things you and the shortlisted profile have in common.

26. AI powered video analytics Solution

A video analytics app, when synced with CCTV cameras, powered by artificial intelligence can be used for face mask detection at public places and workplaces. It can also be used to get live feeds of a place to check whether people are following social distancing or not. You can think of building such an artificial intelligence app and ensure huge success.

27. AI real-time traffic video analytics app

A real-time traffic video analytics app, in conjunction with CCTV cameras, can help in monitoring traffic from the control centers. It would help cities and governments to act faster in case of accidents, improve transportation, and control congestions as well as pollution. This innovative AI app idea will certain get popularity.

28. AI-based recommendation engine

AI-based recommendation engine can recommend services, products, and other information depending on one’s interest. It can be boon for the blogging platforms, websites, and other online businesses. This is totally a unique Artificial Intelligence app idea for your startup that will help you get immense success.  

29. AI-powered image Search Solution

This type of app can be a real help to people as they can click photos of a product from a store and then search for the same on different online platforms to grab discounts or deals. You can also search by other images to find out the exact place shown in it. This is also one of the unique AI Solution ideas

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How much does it cost to develop an AI-powered mobile application?

The answer to this question depends on various factors, including the following:

  1. Platform on which you want to release the app
  2. Size and location of the AI development company
  3. Experience of the AI company or the developers
  4. Other tools required for the AI app development
  5. Complexity of the app
  6. Type of the app
  7. Time duration required for developing the AI app
  8. The cost of post-maintenance support and maintenance

Building a minimum viable product for an Artificial Intelligence Solution might cost you somewhere between $30,000- $100,000. To know the estimated price of a full-fledged AI solution, contact Quytech, a leading AI/ML mobile app development company.

AI App Development Process

Here, we will guide you through the AI app development process and help you build robust Artificial Intelligence applications.

AI App Development Process
  1. Analyze the Problem

Any app development begins with an app idea. To be more specific, the real-world problem that it will solve. So, it is crucial to define your goals and analyze the data to define the problems. How will you do it? Simple, embrace the wh-clauses. For instance, you can ask why the problem needs to be solved or does it require a conventional approach to bring the solution, and much more.

  1. Collect Data

Once you have your goal set, it is time for data collection. You can leverage AI in a million ways to gather the information from different sources. You can conduct interviews, host polls, do surveys, take opinion from surrounding people, and do a lot more.

  1. Prepare the Data

Now that you have collected chunks of data, it is essential to make it suitable for your AI app model. This is a time-consuming stage and is often laborious. However, it is absolutely necessary to understand the data and become familiar to it as it will affect the output. Some of the processes involved in this phase are

  • Filtration
  • Validation
  • Formatting
  • Aggregation
  • reconciliation
  1. Visualize the Data

Data visualization is incredibly helpful when it comes to identifying the data patterns and trends. It leads you to better insights and helps in the decision making process. You can seek assistance of different charts, histograms, heat maps, diagrams, and more to illustrate the data and reveal important metrics.

  1. Choose the Right Algorithm

Based on your research done in the previous stages, it’s now time to train your AI algorithm. Be mindful while choosing or training it, as it will be your mainstream to making predictions based on the data collected. This step is extremely important as it will help you determine the quality and accuracy of the forecasts in the future.

  1. Extract, Evaluate & Re-train

Your algorithm will gradually learn recurring patterns from the data provided. So, you must carefully re-engineer it. What you can do is extract the model, evaluate its findings, and re-train it to get the desired outcome. You can repeat it as many times as you want to achieve your business goals.

  1. Model Deployment

Now that you have tried-and-tested every possibility, it is time for your algorithm to be in the production environment. You can constantly optimize the model and test the results to produce a robust application that offers value to your business.

While the AI app development process is quite complex and hard to understand, it is recommended to seek help from experts in the industry. Quytech, a leading mobile app development company, features more than 10 years of experience in the field and have helped several businesses build and deploy the perfect AI models. You, too, can seek their assistance. 

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Final Words

With individuals and businesses using AI-powered devices and chatbots, it is evident that the technology has made a permanent place in almost all the industries. This growing use has ultimately increased the demand for AI solution that can perform various tasks just like humans but with more perfection and in less time.

Keeping in view the high demand for artificial intelligence solution, if you want to consider building an AI solution for your startup, then check out this article completely to know 30 unique startup Artificial Intelligence ideas for the same. These AI app ideas have been provided after thorough market research and analyzing customer expectations.

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