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5 Ways Game development Companies are Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence and gaming are getting entangled in a mutual relationship. Many tech giants are using AI to offer the next level of gaming experience to the user. Without any doubt, AI has proved to be a game-changer in blending the game with real-world experiences. This is the reason the gaming industry is recognizing the monetization opportunities. AI is helping the game development companies transform the prospect of games. It is estimated that mobile gaming continues to grow and will reach $91.2 billion by 2021.

With the implementation of this advanced technology video games are coming into life. Tedious games are now being trained with the help of AI to test and improve their algorithms. These days most of the games are stimulated with real-world experiences such as amusement parks, battlefields, movies, bike rides, and many other popular games.

Use of AI in Games Development:

AI is exploring new opportunities in the gaming business apart from offering a fascinating gaming experience. Thus, AI amplified the attraction of the game players with time. There are many ways Artificial Intelligence is being used to introduce the best in-game industry.

AI in Pathfinding

These days’ game developers are offering the most advanced games that are much faster than ever. Pathfinding is used in most of the latest games where AI is used to plot the shortest route between two points. It is considered a core component of most games today. Characters with different sizes and shapes can be moved in a goal-directed manner. Thus, an AI-enabled program is developed to identify a good path from an origin to a goal of avoiding obstacles.


AI in Characters designing

Creating a human-like character in a 3D role-playing video game is not a piece of cake. Today, most of the games are full of animated characters with facial expressions, voices, and motions. The game developer is using an automated real-time deep learning technique to create 3D facial animations. Together AI with deep learning is offering ultimate games with player characters that are controllable by a player.

AI in Object detection

AI is utilized for object detection, to locate objects in an image/scene and identify each object. High-end games with the capability of computer and software systems are coming with object detection. Game developers are utilizing TensorFlow for amazing uses of object detection in games. This advanced technology is used to understanding and making practical use of real-life experience. Games with object detection are widely using in face detection, vehicle detection, pedestrian counting, images, driverless cars and many more.

 AI in Finite state machines:

Artificial Intelligence is used in a finite-state machine game model to represent and control execution flow.  In many advance games, finite-state machines are useful to implement the AI logic. This allows games developer to see the big picture, tweaking and optimizing the final result. It is perfect for employing AI in games, resulting in great results without complex code.  The AI implementation in FSM (finite state machines) uses functions or methods to represent states is simple, but prevailing.

AI in Game Analytics

AI-powered gaming analytics provide unique insights, allowing developers to quickly review serious fault. AI is helpful in deploying the appropriate fix before any impact on the game. Mobile gaming companies are supporting AI for the impactful experience. AI-powered gaming analytics can quickly discover issues that can lead to costly business incidents in real-time. Thus, with AI-powered gaming analytics, the game developers can match with alerts and remove them with the data.



AI will continue to have a huge impact on the game industry and mobile game development. Using AI information becomes more accessible and simplified to the average game and software developer. The advancing game development with AI in games is having a powerful impact on the gaming industry. Artificial intelligence truly assists game developers in their work. There will be a huge shift to more advanced visuals and characters with AI to create potential scenarios in the future.