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9 Inspiring Real World Augmented Reality Examples and Use Cases -2019


Augmented Reality is an emerging technology that is growing at a consistent pace in this emergent market. This engaging technology has become a game-changer in the overloaded market of mobile apps. AR has given the reason for the business to embrace the new possibilities it is offering to the startups and enterprise. Augmented Reality is helping businesses of any size to pitch potential customers globally.

About Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented reality technology offers many different implementation models and applications. The working of AR primary objective is to employee computerized simulation and rich audio-visual techniques. This technology offers a reality-based display environment that takes the capabilities of computer-generated display, sound, text, and effects.

AR technology is efficient to utilize images and speech recognition, animation, head-mounted, and handheld devices to enhance the user’s real-world experience.

Best Augmented Reality Examples and Use Cases

AR in Retails:

Provide more product information

AR in retail makes the user experience easier and more informative in every sense. AR in retail is the best way to compare prices and features of the product just by pointing their phones at the product shelf. AR brings more and more practical benefits for businesses to connect the users in a better way.

AR in retail is completely changing the future of brick and mortar stores. Augmented Reality is expected to generate $120 billion in revenue by 2020. And it is observed that over 40% of people are willing are to pay more for a product if they can experience it first through Augmented Reality.

sweep  -  AR Shopping App

Sweep – AR Shopping App

Sweep is revolutionized app in the retail industry, helping to create an immersive experience for online and brick and mortar stores to reach their customers. With the blend of (AR) and gamifying brand experiences, Sweep is helping retailers to drive traffic to both their online and physical stores. This online AR app in retail provides a valuable platform for businesses to share discounts and exclusive offers to App users. The business in retail can reap benefits while encouraging impulse purchases.

Augmented Reality in Furniture

Augmented Reality in Furniture

Wayfair Furniture App

Wayfair is an online furniture retailer with an augmented reality feature in its mobile app. This AR app in furniture allows customers to visualize furniture in their own homes. There AR App for the furniture industry is bliss. It is offering the furniture companies to sell their products in an effective and technologically advanced way. The customer just needs to install this AR-based furniture application and scan the area on the go. This AR app supports hundreds of furniture shapes and designs with versatile colors that make furniture shopping a whole new avatar.

Augmented Reality in Clothing


GAP collaboration with Google and startup Avametric introduced the AR app that offers the 3D model visualization of the user on the screen after adding information like weight and height to the Dressing Room. The 3D model of the user appears in front of the user that helps to see and try different clothes. The user can try before buy to decide what garments to pick before making purchases through the AR app.

Augmented Reality in Jewels

AR in jewels Gabriel & Co

Gabriel & CoVirtual Try-On ring

Jewelry brand Gabriel & Co also joined several other dealers in using the augmented reality (AR) app. The AR app: Gabriel Magic app offers the services to view the jewelry virtually, sitting at home. The AR app helped the company to bridge the gap between its brick-and-mortar and online stores. With the help of AR technology, users can take a virtual part in the design process through AR.

The Gabriel & Co collection can be viewed in realistic 3D images with full 360-degree views. The user can share the experience with friends and family over social media before finalizing the order.

Augmented Reality in Eyewear

Augmented Reality in Eyewear

Warby Parker appVirtual Try on Glasses

The Warby Parker app will now include a “virtual try-on” feature leveraging the face-mapping tech. This is featured on Apple’s iPhones (iPhone X and up) which lets customers preview what glasses. Using Augmented Reality the users using the app would look like in impressive detail to choose a pair of the frame. While trying the App “virtual try-on” feature opens the front-facing camera and maps the glasses onto your face. Thus the user can swipe down to activate the pair of glasses.

Augmented Reality Wine Labels

19 crime ar app

19 Crimes WineAR wine label

Nineteen Crimes is about vintage mug shots of former criminals turned Australian colonists. The criminals were punished for committing at least one of the 19 crimes and were turned into colonists. 19 Crimes labels, wine is one of the first wine or spirits brands of its kind to merge Augmented Reality in brand promotion. This created a new way to attract the audience around the world via the AR app.

Augmented Reality in Automobiles

Augmented Reality in Automobiles

Hyundai – AR User Mannual

Hyundai is here with the most up-to-date and exciting features to make the user learn more about their vehicle. Through the AR app, the user is provided with an option that scans any devices of the car. Users without actually visiting the automobile store can view the car and its specific models. AR app in an automobile is not only helping the users, but the marketing team to pitch the users.

The Hyundai Virtual Guide can help to go through the user manual rather than going through a dense instruction manual. The virtual content about the car manual is another way to educate the users apart from driving the car.

AR in Publication & media

ar-news App

LIVE Augmented Reality App

LIVE Augmented Reality App is an example of Augmented Reality Apps for Newspaper. This AR app helps to bring the publication’s content to live by adding a virtual /digital element to the printed material. This App helps to scan a target image on the website or print product with the mobile camera.  The users can easily view the digital content associated with the surrounding. It could be video, image gallery or any web or social media page. Apart from that, the user can know more about the specific topic.

Augmented Reality in tours and traveling:

Augmented Reality in tours and traveling

Scadi -AR Travel app

AR in tours and traveling is an innovative way to connect travelers globally. Scadi is one of the unique Augmented Reality App for visitors to Alpine ski resorts. With the help of the AR and Artificial intelligence, Scadi offers the easiest, safe and exciting routes for skiers. It offers offline map mode with a personal guide.

With the use of advanced algorithms, the App is helpful for the skiers and snowboarders to enjoy the fullest. Scadi analysis of the movements and behavior of the user during the ride with the combination of several technologies. Scadi with AR offers an exciting game with the collection of gems for the visitors to turn the ride into a real adventure.

Final thought

You can observe many examples of using augmented reality in various verticals. Augmented reality perfectly accomplishes a vital place in the industry. Brands are using Augmented Reality solutions to streamline their services and engage their potential customers. If you think that using augmented reality can help you improvise your business, then we are willing to provide you with our best in AR development services.

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