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How Augmented Reality Is Impacting the Advertising Industry

augmented reality for advertising market

Industry dealing with consumer merchants is implementing augmented reality solutions as a part of their advertising strategy. Retail companies and automotive manufacturers with the integration of digitally created media within an existing actual environment are attracting consumers. The trends of augmented reality technology and its potential solutions are used to visualize and examine the effectiveness of Ad strategies.

Therefore, the implementation of augmented reality in advertisements is helping the industry to offer direction to the brands and their services. The three-dimensional images within real surroundings provide unique sensory capabilities and opportunities to the Ad industry. The benefit behind AR in the ad industry is that users retain information and recall the message conveyed through virtual Ads.

Impacts of AR in the Ad Industry  

According to the market research report released by Technavio, the global augmented reality for the advertising market is expected to at a CAGR of almost 31% through 2021. (Graphic: Business Wire) Multimedia Gallery URL

AR ads provide an immersive and enjoyable experience to users by delivering information virtually. AR technology offers the least disruptive ad solutions to the various sectors of the market.

This approach is so handy that allows the users to access their camera/device to view and interact with an ad. Therefore, the experience of the users is countable and makes them feel the ordinary product is more exclusive than ever before.

This grants full control in the consumer’s hands and lets them decide to interact with a brand or organization at any moment.

The best part of the AR advertisement experience is that it offers ultimate digital environments to the users rather than placing them in a new environment.

Big brands with AR are already inspiring by creating positive user experiences that encourage engagement and ongoing interactivity.

When it comes to brands and advertisers, they provide users with a more intimate brand experience with rendering content, products, or services which results in increasing the possibility of conversion.

Hence, augmented reality advertisements when compared to standard paper-based media is more intense with immersive brand statements.

How AR Ads are boosting the sale

Augmented Reality in Print Advertisement

Augmented Reality in Print Advertisement

With the coming AR, ads will be a big part of the industry. The adoption of AR ads is beneficial in every manner which encourages businesses to boost their sales. The reason behind this is the role of technologies that create 3D experiences.

This supports businesses to offer users AR Apps seamlessly on a phone that is significantly stronger than they have been previously.

With this simple fact, AR technology is getting promoted by Tech giants like Apple, Amazon, and Google.

AR mobile apps allow users to view dynamic, physically interactive, and responsive content on their devices. As a result, this helps to create an ideal market condition for pushing brands to explore this innovative technology.

From the user’s perspective, this kind of hassle-less adoption will increase as brands and marketers to develop a deeper understanding among the users about their products.

Therefore, to sustain in the market and to attract the users requires a unique approach, which goes beyond translating ads to a smaller screen.

There are a number of ways you can Integrate AR In the advertisement campaign.

  • Add AR 3D digital object display accompanying a 2D print illustration
  • AR video content to accompany printed advertisements
  • AR Integration with Facebook.
  • AR-enhanced text captions for print images
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Augmented Reality in Advertising is more than Advertising

Create unique, immersive and engaging campaigns

AR in Ads allows brands and businesses to convey their brand’s statement and features directly into the user’s mobile space. Thus, with these new techniques and tools marketers can impress potential customers by associating their experience with brands and its services.

AR in  Magazine Advertisement
AR in Magazine Advertisement

Many analysts and researchers assume that AR technology is similar to other digital technologies. As it uses smartphones as a platform to deliver exceptional customer experience. Though immersive feature of AR technology makes it different from other technology.

Augmented reality technology has created a new for investors to implement their ideas through AR ads in marketing campaigns. For that, the foremost thing is a basic understanding of how this technology will fit into your business advertisement objective.

Explore the world of AR and experience a new level of interactivity. Add digital content in the static ads. It’s the fastest way from print to digital.

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The future of augmented reality in Ads is extremely promising. Through this customers can get engaged with brands before purchasing a product. AR Ads act as a versatile platform with strong use cases of industry verticals to deliver exceptional customer experience.

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