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What is the cost to develop An Augmented Reality Publishing Solution like DEVAR?

The Cost of develop devar augmented reality app

DEVAR is a big name in the fields of education and entertainment. This company has created a benchmark after the integration of Augmented Reality. The purpose is to create AR solutions for kids and publishers. With the belief that their AR solutions should make users lives better, easier and more productive they use digital technologies and their integration into the world around.

AR educational products revolutionize the way we learn about the world around us. AR products available are helpful for the publication sector. The publishers have chance to publish their content with augmented reality in a new functional use.

There are companies in the publishing sector those are introducing AR book for kids in the market that can be visualize via AR apps. Now encyclopedias, numeracy, literacy formats, storybooks, and many more form of AR book are also coming in market for kids.

How It is Helping

AR is helping publishers in giving right directions in the era of AR books, toys and 3D cartoons Complex representations. For kids it is becoming simple and easy-to-understand with visual and interactive 3D models. Without much time taking these models influence the students and provides more practical awareness. Such approach helps in promotion of critical thinking, problem solving and improve creativity.

AR in publication is advance approach to fill the gap between the kids and the teachers.  Apart from that, it is helping students to practice and exercise the major topics with deeper investigation.

AR in books and publications has created new path in the industry that is helping educational organisations to make connections between students and subjects on their own.

Publishers and kid’s books publication house can upload the content, customize it, publish it in the app and track the record of reader’s read ratio.

Reason AR in publishers is getting popular

  • Augmented Reality is forecasting new possibilities for publication sector due to the rise of smartphones, tablets and other digital devices.
  • Augmented Reality is developing a new way to communicate the knowledge to the world in an immersive manner when it comes to the publishing industry.
  • AR in publications is opening up a whole new world of opportunities for publishers.
  • AR have proven to be an effective method of teaching students to connect to the world full of 3D visualization.
  • Traditional teaching methods can be incorporated with interactive 3D AR books and games that make learning more enjoyable experience of kids.

The Cost of develop an Augmented Reality Reading app like DEVAR

Building an AR story telling App like DEVAR have different pricing to choose from starting to end process. The cost actually depends on how you want the process to be. At Quytech we develop AR apps in publication with professionals, who can take care of the client and user need.

We work with brands as bring imagination to life in augmented reality. Estimating cost gives the whole team a clear idea of how much planning and evaluation has to be done. Moreover, creating a AR mobile app for publication from scratch goes through complex process that is handled by our expert team.

We invite you to explore the world of imagination transformed into reality with AR and find how AR cultivate the real world around you.

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