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Augmented Reality Applications for Tourism and Hotel Industries

Ar In Hotel Industry

In marketing and tech circles augmented reality (AR) with its immersive experience is transforming the way we interact with the world around us. This virtual technology is so much impressive that the trendsetting tech giant is investing so heavily in this fast-evolving technology.

Therefore, we can say that AR is a game changer for any industry. Unquestionably there’s an opportunity for the AR technology to make a big impact in present as well future.

“It is predicted that the AR/VR headset market alone will grow as large as $100 billion by 2025. “

Augmented Reality offers Hotels & Travelling Business boundless potential to engage guests and travelers. These days everyone keeps their smartphones while visiting a new destination. Thus, AR provides all-new ways for users to use these smart devices to get engage with a place in a different way.

We can say that hoteliers who leverage these opportunities will more deeply connect with visitors and travelers. Thereby, will stand strong to reap a wide range of benefits, from deeper engagement to wider social media impact.

Why is Augmented Reality Becoming Important in the Hospitality Industry?

Augmented reality in Hotels & Travelling Business

In recent years Augmented reality has emerged as an important concept within the hospitality industry. Reason for such a boom: as it allows hotels and other related businesses to enhance the physical environment while they are broadcasting their hotel and its rooms.

Moreover, AR is an expert in enhancing the user experience for exploring the surrounding area. To create the trust, the owners of different hotels can provide their customers with a view of the hotel rooms. Feature such as sign-in the AR app will provide the best features for the users as well as hotel owners.

Augmented reality is booming the hotel industry where customers can find out the available services for the room through their mobile devices. This is enhancing customer experience and this is adding more profit to the hotel owners.

The rise of AR in the hotel industry is creating transparency of information the guests tend to ask. Thus, this information is readily available for customers 24×7, improving the entire user experience.

This level of enhancement is making a huge impact on users’ mind as well as providing massive benefits to entrepreneurs from various industries.

AR apps allow customers to virtually view the hotel room. Hence, such apps provide flexible ways for customers to make their hotel visit more interesting and happily.

Features of Hotels & Travelling Business AR Application

Augmented reality in Hotels & Travelling Business has a great potential to enhance travelers’ experiences. There are attractive and user-friendly AR mobile apps that provide useful information, navigation, guides and translations to the traveler.

We are aware that this industry stands firmly on few specific areas/features. Here we will discuss them and see how augmented reality can assist and improve the hotel and travel sectors.

As this sector has been implementing AR in a unique to surprise users by the range of options.

Promotion & Marketing Via 360° Interactive Virtual Tour

This feature is to create all-around 360 virtual room tours with accommodation details, prices, etc. Thus, using AR it is a good way to advertise your hotel and to engage guests.

This is the new way to market the full spectrum of hotel services. This probably converts one-time guests into regular guests.


Once guests are in your hotel room they can find out about hotel services, housekeeping, sights using their smartphone or tablet.

The hotel and traveling AR app are interactive and simple that allow the user to view the information of the hotel location. Therefore, the guests using their phone can check out local tourist attractions nearby before visiting them.

New Outlook

The time has changed as these days’ tourists won’t pay attention to simple brochures. But Augmented Reality makes it possible to visualize information on an advanced level.

These AR apps are featured with 3D animations that is a perfect way to deliver the information about the hotel. Apart from that through these hotel Apps users can even scan the advertisement to unlock a presentation video on a magazine or newspaper.

Interactive hotels

Like other industries Augmented Reality has inspired hotel and travel businesses to utilize AR. There hospitality industry using these AR Apps is trying to encourage and interest people to stay in a particular hotel.

Targeting especially the youngest ones, now there are many hotels that offer AR app, that displays every site of their hotel with additional AR features.


Travel app with AR can help the user at the time new visit to country or unfamiliar places. Rather than wondering where to go, in which direction these AR can assist the travelers. This can point out about the transportation object, get direction, route, next stop and places of interest in an unknown place.

For travelers, this could be quite enjoyable during their trips around the globe. With AR Apps you can turn on the metro map or other items such as AR guide to make the trip more interactive.

Wrapping Up…

The importance of technology within the hotel and travel sector has increased with the advance shift in target demographics. Today, to the foremost consumer generation they are using digital technology most likely virtual reality and augmented reality devices.

This firm sees AR having the potential to become more popular across a wide range of industries. Apart from that, it has become a generic computing platform to explore the user experience possibilities.

After Apple announcement about AR and VR solutions in Hotel and travel industries, marketers and businesses need to fully embrace augmented reality.

In this Tech world, it has become easier for everyone to get live and updated information of anything which is going in the world. Therefore, if you are running a hotel and want to boom your business worldwide then you must go to the Hotel and travel AR App for getting effective results.

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