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Augmented Reality Wine Label: Offer Customers More Reason to Choose Your Brand

wine label augmented reality

The involvement of technologies is no more confined to specific sectors.  Businesses these days are trying to implement advanced technologies to stand out in the overfilled market. Businesses have begun to attract the attention of the customers in various ways using immersive technologies. After the Australian wine brand 19 Crimes used augmented reality in packaging, the wine industry is offering a new experience for the user. With the help of Augmented Reality, the appealing and sharp labels of wine bottles have become the main attraction of the users. Augmented reality technology is an immersive technology offering a new experience of drinking wine with the appealing bottle label.

AR helps bring the wine labels to life with the help of a special AR app. Using AR technology the brand in the wine and spirit can narrate the stories of a bottle. This is possible by animating the labels’ photographs and prompting characters of the bottle using the AR app. The labels of the wine bottle tell the unique stories which bring new experiences to the user. AR technology superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view using the mobile AR app.

The Concept of Augmented Reality Wine Label

wine bottle augmented reality

Big thanks to technological advancements, helping businesses reach the targeted audience. The augmented reality label in the wine industry is helping customers to interact with your products on a whole new level. Augmented reality gives companies an exciting and new way to engage with customers.

 For businesses in the wine, AR offer emotionally entangled with the wine bottle. Augmented reality (AR) allows the users to communicate with your consumers through the AR smartphone app.

The AR app scans the label of the wine bottle to load computer-generated images of the label. The label is made with a special visual cue, micro text, or some other detail related to the brand. This allows the users to interact with the augmented reality.

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Use Case of AR Wine Label Apps

The AR Wine Labels app brings life to the wine bottle. This AR concept of superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world is unique and immersive. It has become an important marketing strategy for the marketers to reach the targeted audience, providing a composite view through AR app.

19 Crimes AR App

19 crimes wine ar app

Nineteen Crimes is about vintage mug shots of former criminals turned Australian colonists. The criminals were punished for committing at least one of the 19 crimes and were turned into colonists. 19 Crimes labels, wine is one of the first wine or spirits brands of its kind to merge Augmented Reality in brand promotion. This created a new way to attract the audience around the world via the AR app.  

The Walking Dead -AR Wine

augmented reality wine

The Walking Dead gave life to zombies featured in the long-running television series and graphic novels long back. With the help of the AR Labels app, this wine company is allowing the users to combine multiple bottles of wine at a time. The AR app allows to unlock and view the ultimate showdown between the living and the dead appearing from the wine bottle.


emBRAZEN is one of the newest additions to the AR Label wine collection. The focus of the wine brand is to celebrate trailblazing women of the black and white era. The wine label projects feature of the fierce women like Josephine Baker, Nellie Bly, and Celia Cruz, inspiring a new generation of women. Using the AR app the users can experience how women earned her place in history.

Jack Daniel

wine bottels
TWE Global

Jack Daniel’s world-famous spirits maker is using Augmented reality as an effective marketing tool. AR app turns the classic black-and-white front label of any Whiskey bottle into a matching pop-up book. It is a new way of educating consumers about their company and brand. AR offers unique insight into the history of the spirits and its creation.

Treasury Wine Estates

Treasury Wine Estates wine

Treasury Wine Estates is one of the largest wine companies, allows users to interact with their wine bottles using their phones. The focus is to engage and entertain users while narrating the history of the wine. Treasury Wine Estates has expanded the Living Wine Label range to include few more collections after using the AR technology in its ’19 Crimes’ wine collection. Treasury Wine Estates has passed 3 million Augmented Reality app downloads across all of its wine brands

Reasons to Invest in AR Wine Apps


Brands these days are facing tough competition in markets. With the help of the AR apps, businesses in the wine industry can jump into the competition wave. AR technology is already advanced enough to empower the quality experience of the customer.

 Brand Advertising

With the AR wine label app, you can broadcast your wine to the corners of the globe. This is the best way to enhance the overall experience of your potential user.  Brand advertisement strategies can gain strength in broadcasting through the AR wine label.

Marketing Communication

AR technology can allow customers to experience a glimpse of the brand and its services. This can be considered as an immersive marketing tool to develop a closer relationship with your potential customers.

Give Customers in-depth Insight

In this competitive market, your labels need to be able to attract potential customers. AR can help you to project behind-the-scenes content that gives customers a friendlier look to your business.

Sales and Marketing Tips and Tricks AR Label Offer to Your Business

  • Offer some insight about your brand products.
  • Highlight the services your brand offer to the user.
  • Though the AR label app provides a video tour of your business.
  • Show off your company’s overview with appealing content.
  • Connect to the people with the brand message behind your products.
  • Using AR technology offers animation to your label designs.
  • Give some subtle movements to call out important aspects of your label
  • Grab your customers’ attention so that they’ll remember your product in the future.
  • With AR technology add some extra fun to your packaging label.
  • Add gamification with AR labels to offer an opportunity for creativity with enhancement.

Take away

AR wine labels offer a new level of opportunity for the business to introduce creativity in marketing strategies. Many businesses are looking forward to the AR label as the game-changer. AR technology can offer your packaging project success while targeting the audience. Your AR developer, label designer, and digital printing company should all be on the same page to create AR labels that will wow your customers.

Many global winemakers have combined art and technology to make wine labels an even more impactful influence for consumers. Thus, with the Living Labels app can offer an array of new possibilities to bring labels into life using AR.

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Our Work in AR Wine label

AR Wine label

Loco Porti wines, is a Florida based wine manufacturer. They wish to launch the AR campaign for their wine collection. They want to build poetry telling AR-enabled applications for iOS and Android platforms to present the romantic poetry and story which is associated with every wine bottle label. There are total 31 labels which have AR experience and when user will scan any of the labels they will get the AR experience and will hear the romantic poetries.

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