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Auto Insurance App Development: Must Have Features & Cost Estimation

car insurance app

Advance technology is here to make life hassle-free. Mobile application technology has completely transformed the user experience in every sense. Likewise, it has empowered the Auto insurance sector by offering highly promising mobile app solutions. With a mobile app, auto insurance can be simpler and quicker.

Users with the help Auto Insurance App can easily apply for insurance or ask for the claim processing. The way insurance providers operate with the help of the mobile insurance app is playing a vital role in uplifting customer service. Because of human faults driving a car has become a tough task which has increased the accident rate. Many road accidents occur across the world. With a few taps, this app allows customers to claim damages instantly.

Features make a great Car Insurance App

User registration

In this division of the app helps the user to register and create an account. The registration helps the user to assign the specific slab of service with the aid of authorizations. User can synchronize itself using a social network or the email account.

User profile

After registration, the users should be able to create a profile hassle-free. The onboarding process should be easy as this the what user notice after installing an app. Offering a separate user profile is a wise step taken from user prospect in an auto insurance app.

GPS Facility

This is the essential feature added in the auto insurance app. This facility GPS in an auto insurance app offers real-time tracking of vehicles. The best part is that it lets the insurance company to track the site of incident occurred. Moreover, the GPS feature provides assistance and tech support at the time of the accident.

Easy Documentations

An auto insurance app should allow users to store or capture the images of documents. This helps the user to submit the important credentials to the respective insurance company. As documentation is mandatory in the process of any insurance, the app having the documents scanning feature is the add on to the app. 

Easy Claiming

Claiming via an auto insurance app skips the process of visiting an office. Claiming is the major segment of the whole insurance process. Therefore, offer easy claiming options to its users. Allow your users to upload images to claim insurance without any lengthy process.

Customer support

Customer support is a vital feature when it comes to assisting users 24×7. Offering customer support enhances user experience. Users registered in the respective insurance company can get assistance via app’s customer support feature.  

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are the most important feature that notifies users. The push notification can be about app updates, upcoming payment cycles, invoices, receipts, or any other important details about the insurance.

Reviewing and Rating

Rating and reviewing feature to allow the user to express the experience felt during the services delivered. Users can assign the rate as per the session between the user and the respective agent. This feature helps the company to improve its services and customer dealing.

Easy Payments option

There are many options such as PayPal, Net Banking, and Credit/Debit Cards auto insurance apps can offer the users. This feature takes the user experience to the next level where the users can make payments via the integrated payment system.

Case study: “Root Insurance” an Auto Insurance Startup Raises $100 Million 


The Auto Insurance company as a startup based in Columbus has raised $100 million and is now valued at $1 billion by its investors. This company has already raised a $51 million series C in March.  Moreover, the company is looking for extra capital that could help accelerate their expansion. The company aims to provide cheaper car insurance policies by incorporating individual driver behavior.source:

Bottom line

Insurance of vehicles is essential right from the first day. It helps the customer to recover the cost associated with damage repair. The auto insurance app is convenient and offers different features. Such an app is helpful in raising the bar on customer satisfaction.

Moreover, users get to know more regarding their insurance plans and its related service. In the case of the miss happening Auto insurance app is helpful, it offers instant help related to the damage repair.

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