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Best 5 Industries Where You can implement Facial Recognition Technology

face reorganization technologies

With the development of technology, mobile has become the solution for every task. People look over the mobile for every work to be done easily either to place an order or to pay bills. With such involvement of technology in our life, there is a concern of security plus the authorization of our identity. So developers and researchers with the blend of technology solved this issue by developing the Facial Recognition Systems.

How strange does it sounds “When you unlock your door with your face scanner. But this is the fact that now our physical appearances can be used to verify payments and grant access to improve existing security systems.

This technology is all about Face recognition that is growing popular by getting integrated. This system has its advantages and disadvantages. Technology companies have merged the traditional, 3D recognition and Skin Textual Analysis to create recognition systems.

And this is the reason behind its higher rates of success. This system measure and match unique facial characteristics. And accordingly, identify and authenticate the person’s identity stored in the database.

The face recognition technology integrates the camera with facial recognition software. It is mostly used by law enforcement agencies in order to detect the images and match them with the database. But now it is constantly becoming the need for people to get security and to create an identity.

But after all this, there is a question that “Why Is Facial Recognition on such great demand?” 

Need of Facial Recognition

There are factor to apply facial recognition in a range of business areas.

  • System Security
  • User Safety
  • User Engagement

These are three shields that facial recognition provides and therefore can be widely applied as a security authentication. Performing a certain action such as a smile or wink in front of the camera enables users to make a transaction thereby confirming their respective identity. It projected one way to increase loyalty towards customers by using facial recognition technology to assist them in person.

Facial recognition in various Sectors

Protecting physical and digital possessions is an evergreen concern.  This technology benefits every sector. These facial biometrics or scanners are gradually being applied to many industries such as designing, manufacturing, law enforcement and healthcare. This is how facial recognition software affecting different sectors.

Healthcare Sector


Health is the sector where this technology can work by just a scan it could identify illnesses by looking at a patient’s features.

Medical professionals recognise an individual number of appointments being visited. This would alleviate the ongoing strain on medical centers by slashing waiting lists. The appointment process can be streamlined according.

The Patient can find serious illness from a screen just on a single scan. Virtual consultation is another greater way to tackle the patients and ease the hectic process.

There is another application of facial recognition within the healthcare sector to secure patient data. The process of authentication and identification can be done by using a unique patient photo instead of passwords and usernames.

Criminal Verification

To assure the security facial technology is used to help the crime rate in control by putting criminals behind bars. This is exactly what the prime investigating agencies are attempting to control the crimes by using a scanners machine to identify suspects in a specific location.

Likewise, FaceTech is using unauthorized people to keep out of facilities and premises. It is seen in the past that many crimes and illegal activities are recorded and therefore providing the authentic proof. This is the way technology is to take care of 24×7.

Every organisation has a database that includes half of the national population’s faces which is as useful in many ways. It is advance level of applying law enforcers by tracking criminals across the country. AI equipped cameras have also been trialed in many countries to identify criminals.

Payments services

face look

Businesses want payments to be done easy when it comes to online shopping. There contactless cards that demonstrate the seamlessness of postmodern purchases in the current era.

Technology is beyond our thought as its solutions are used by many firms where customers wouldn’t even need their cards.

Recently MasterCard launched “MasterCard Identity Check” a new selfie pay app. Now customers just need to open their app to confirm a payment using their camera, and that’s it how easy.

Many companies came forward to use facial recognition in the store and at ATMs. And now the next step is to apply the solution for online payments. Ecommerce firm are using facial payment software to apply it to purchases made over the Internet.

Access and Security

face recolonization in security

To enhance the level of security at the time of verifying a payment, facial biometrics can be integrated with physical devices and objects.

Gone days of using passcodes or any variety of passwords. With mobile development phones and other electronic devices will be accessed via owners’ facial features. Tech tycoons such as Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi Corp. have all integrated FaceTech in their phones.

In future, by simply looking at cars, houses, and other secure physical locations consumers will be able to get into them.

Many companies are already working on facial recognition technology engaging likely to take advantage of this innovation. Organisation that handles sensitive data and needs to keep tight controls on who enters their facility facial security is useful for a company like this.

Advertising and Marketing

face recognition in advertisement

Marketers and advertisers are using this technology to get a chance to get closer to their target markets than ever.

Here FaceTech could play an impotent role by allowing companies to analyze certain demographics – for instance, if the customer is a male or female and is it between the ages of 12 and 21.

There are giant plants who installed OptimEyes screens at public places in order to deliver targeted ads to customers. Such strategy can change the face of retail and boom the economy of any company. The Advertisements are the part of every small and big firms and this technology can take them to another level of the market.

Perhaps the cameras can correctly identify customers and likewise use the brand marketing strategies. Being classified the age or gender scanned by the camera your name can be registered my in the store after one visit in a particular time period.

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