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Best Augmented Reality Development Tools to Create Your AR App in 2022


Augmented Reality is offering new possibilities with the versatile capabilities of changing the shape of business. Businesses are getting better with the implementation of AR-enabled solutions. Augmented Reality has developed an integral place in different sectors from the automobile to the advertisement. AR is helping to achieve the new heights to overcome the monotonous situation in different business verticals. Currently, AR implementation in the businesses is extending the tedious boundaries.

The interaction level of the users with the product has changed with AR. Augmented reality (AR) Application helps merge virtual elements to the user’s experience with the real world. The AR applications use real-time information in the form of 3D models and graphics. There are many tools options for developers to master this technology. AR apps are acquiring the various verticals and offering developers a wide choice of AR toolkits. Augmented Reality companies are creating both a marker-based and location-based apps with the help of AR development Tools.

List of Augmented Reality development Tools

Augmented Reality Development Tool – Vuforia

Vuforia is ranked the number one tool in the industry as the best tool for developing Augmented Reality applications. Vuforia offers useful features for designing AR applications with great performance.

  • Vuforia supports the major platforms, Android and iOS.
  • It identifies multiple objects like boxes, cylinders, images and a lot more.
  • It supports text recognition that includes words or a custom vocabulary.
  • With the help of the Smart terrain feature, Vuforia is efficient in creating a 3D geometric map of any environment.
  • Vuforia provides a Unity Plugin and supports both Cloud & local storage.
  • It can convert static images in a full-motion video.

Augmented Reality Development Tool – Apple ARKit

ARkit from Apple was announced in July 2017. It is one of the best AR app development tools among the list. Apple ARKit supports iOS devices only and offer VIO or Visual Inertial Odometry, Face Tracking, Tracking light levels, and a lot more feature.

  • With Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) track environment accurately without any additional calibration.
  • It helps ease in applying face tracking effects or create facial expressions of 3D characters.
  • It helps in tracking the light level of the environment to apply the correct amount of lighting to virtual objects.
  • Efficient in detecting horizontal planes like tables and floors, vertical and irregularly shaped surfaces.
  • It allows developers to detect 2D objects and interact with them.

Augmented Reality Development Tool – ARToolkit

ARToolKit is one of the prevalent open-source tools for developing AR-based applications that are trending in the current market. It is free to use the application, but few of its advanced features are top paid tools.

  •  It supports both single as well as the dual camera.
  • Best for developing location-based AR apps, GPS and compasses support.
  •  Supports real-time AR applications.
  • Integration with smart glasses.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • Automatic camera calibration.

Augmented Reality Development Tool – Google ARCore

ARCore is another prominent tool featured with special features for AR app development. Google AR supports all android devices working on 7.0 or higher version. This AR tool works with unreal, utility and Java. ARCore is featured with Monitor tracking, Environment Understanding, Light estimation, etc.

  • ARCore can govern the position and orientation of the object using the camera.
  • It helps to place virtual objects accurately on the spot with the feature points in the room.
  • Environmental understanding offers the possibility of detecting horizontal surfaces that help the users to place virtual objects correctly.
  • With the help of smart light tracking, developers can now create very realistic objects that look natural within the surrounding space.

Augmented Reality Development Tool – Wikitude

Wikitude SDK7 is a fresh tool in the market of AR apps. Though it is a new tool, it matches the expectation of the developers. It is featured with Location-based services, 3D recognition, Smart glass integration and many more.

  • Offer Location-based services.
  • Smart glasses integration.
  • Offer 3D recognition and tracking.
  • Effective Image recognition and tracking.
  • Featured with Cloud recognition.
  • Easily Integration with external plugins, including Unity

Augmented Reality Development Tool – MAXST

MAXST is the foremost AR app development toolkit in the market. It offers two SDKs one is 2D SDK, which tracks the images, whereas the other one is 3D SDK which recognizes the environment. It supports Windows, iOS, and Android.

  • MAXST offers visual Simultaneous localization and mapping for tracking and mapping environments.
  • Files created with Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping can be saved to render 3D objects wherever.
  • To create more immersive AR experiences, QR and barcode scanning can be done efficiently.
  • Extended Image tracking and Utility Plugin Integrations.

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Final thoughts

There is no doubt that augmented reality technology is trendy in the current market. Developers are coming up with innovative ideas to lead the market. Developing AR applications for businesses can improve the overall experience of the users.

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