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How to Get Started with Cannabis App Development

How to Build a Marijuana App

The cannabis sector is undergoing several major transformations in terms of public perception. Legal restrictions may give way to weaker regulations, affecting how marijuana products are used by customers. In view of current events, several states throughout the United States have legalized marijuana/cannabis for different reasons. Moreover, As per recent statistics, 62 percent of Americans are in favor of marijuana legalization, because of which several states in the US have legalized the use of medical and recreational marijuana. 

If you’re on this page, it could be because you’re thinking about starting your own cannabis app. With the regulatory restraints set to be abolished in the coming years, enterprises in the marijuana market will make it a more prosperous and competitive market.

According to MarketsandMarkets, the cannabis industry is expected to be worth USD 20.5 billion in 2020 and USD 90.4 billion by 2026, representing a 28.0 percent CAGR in terms of value. It is booming due to the growing legalization of cannabis in different parts of the country and world.

On-demand startups/apps are currently in high demand in the industry. If you invest in Marijuana distribution app growth, your business concept could also be the perfect option for cannabis.

Cannabis on-demand distribution service would be a pleasant option for consumers when medical marijuana dispensaries expand at a quicker pace.

Being able to order weed from the comforts of their houses is a pleasant thing for consumers, given that the number of dispensaries will grow exponentially. Hence, it’s high time you invest in a marijuana delivery application. 

Key Points To Remember While Developing A Cannabis App

Here are a few things to keep in mind when starting a weed delivery app:

  • Meeting Legal Requirements 

Any weed app’s reputation hinges on its ability to meet regulatory standards. Be aware that regulatory standards differ by the state in the United States and Europe, so be cautious! To stay on the correct side of the rules, it is highly recommended that you seek legal advice. This is also so for other nations. Useful tools can be found on the National Cannabis Industry Association webpage.

  • Marijuana Inventory

It is often beneficial to provide consumers with a range of marijuana choices as well as their medicinal benefits. It is preferable to have a search filter if you’d like to render navigation easier for your customer. By using this method, the consumer can find their desired weed without losing precious time. 

  • Ordering

Your customers can actually order legal marijuana and monitor existing and past orders with the aid of an in-app purchasing feature. Users can monitor the status of the order they placed with a single click using in-app functionality.

  • Tracking In Real-time

Either party benefits from the real-time monitoring capability (Users and Business). It aids in the tracking of convoys as well as the distribution mechanism. When you’re providing real-time monitoring, Geolocation map incorporation is a must.

This feature establishes a strong bond with users, allowing them to purchase and monitor their orders through push alerts.

  • Integration Of Payment Methods

Another functionality you can have in your application is payment incorporation. Integrate only reliable payment gateways like Stripe, Braintree, and PayPal for keeping track of purchases and for smooth online transactions.

  • Chatbots

Chatbots are the newest technology trend in the industry. This software allows users to connect via in-app chat, allowing users to discuss complaints that they are unable to share with others.

  • Information-driven

Uber’s medical marijuana software might also be a useful resource. Web customers could use the ‘Uber weed near me’ tool to find the best marijuana varieties to add to their suggested strain lists.

In the same way, you should also make your app information-driven. With the help of that, you can suggest different strains, share awareness about the optimal amount of pot consumption, cannabis cleansing, and dangerous marijuana.

  • Consider Other Cannabis Product Distribution

As per ZapBuild, the cannabis market with every product will be worth around 100 billion USD with more than 50 million customers. 

Apart from marijuana, consider other products as well, products like:

  • Cannabis flowers/buds
  • Cannabis Capsules Dried cannabis
  • Cannabis-based vaporizers and oil
  • Cannabis topical applications
  • Cannabis-based oil and vaporizers
  • CBD products 
  • Hemp products

Cannabis Mobile App Ideas

Here are some innovative app ideas that you can draw inspiration from:

  • Apps for On-Demand Cannabis Supply/Delivery

Consider a cannabis-delivery version of Uber Eats. It’d be a resounding success! Numerous online weed distribution applications that provide on-demand delivery of cannabis or hemp have been licensed at this point in time. This clearly ensures that those who use on-demand purchases do so in a lawful manner.

  • Cannabis Dispensary Web Design Service Providers

Any dispensary would need its own website to promote its goods and services. Indulge in the realm of digital designing and make the very best of it by using the resources available on the internet to give your marijuana business wings.

  • A Social Network App For The Weed Community

Despite the fact that a few social media apps have already been launched, it is still a small market with plenty of space for growth. Imagine if you could recreate Twitter or Facebook, but only for the Cannabis family.


These are some of the startup app ideas you can try your hand at.

Final Word

The above-mentioned pointers will help you start a cannabis app, but only if you follow it correctly. Apart from this, you should also make sure you have a team of skilled individuals with app-building knowledge with you to actually help you build and develop the app. You can also seek the help of leading mobile app development companies like Quytech that holds 10+ years of experience and expertise. 

Make sure you keep a sharp eye on changes in the law and also for any other developments in the cannabis sector that can help you make your app better. By keeping these tips in mind, you can create a successful cannabis app.