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CES 2024: The Event That Unleashed Unimagined Potential of Artificial Intelligence

Every event has unforgettable highlights that last for years, and for CES 2024, it was Artificial Intelligence. Hundreds of exhibitors, including startups and well-established AI businesses, technophiles, collaborators, and investors, gathered at Legas Vegas from January 09 to January 12, 2024, for the CES 2024, the “The Most Powerful Tech Event in the World”.

The world witnessed the unlimited capabilities of AI during the event. From Smart Cars to Generative AI-powered Smart Mirrors, a wide spectrum of AI-enabled digital solutions were unveiled with detailed explanations of how they will transform the way we live. Read the blog till the end to know what else has happened during this biggest tech event.

Major AI-Integrated Digital Products Showcased at CES 2024 

Here is the list of top AI-enabled products showcased at the CES 2024 event in Las Vegas, USA, earlier this year. 

  1. Smart Mattresses and Anti-Snore Smart Pillow

DeRucci showed the world an AI-powered mattress and smart pillow that helps users sleep better. The mattress features 23 AI-powered sensors that monitor small changes in temperature, sleep position, and vital health metrics, such as heart rate and breathing rate, throughout the night. 


Besides, the mattresses have a layer of airbags that respond to position changes to support your spine, neck, and hips better. It also leverages AI capabilities to adjust everything to your body shape and sleep position and will notify you of any potential health issues by analyzing your sleep data. 

Along with smart mattresses, the company also launched an AI-powered Smart Pillow that detects the snoring of the user and adjusts its size to allow for better airflow, thus reducing snoring.  

  1. AI-powered Baby Cry Translator

AI-powered Baby Cry Translator is a mobile application that can “Translate” a baby’s cries and tell whether they are sleepy, uncomfortable, hungry, or having any other problem. 

Cappella, the company that developed the AI-enabled Baby Cry Translator, mentioned that the translator uses AI and machine learning to decipher an infant’s needs with approximately 95% accuracy.  


Additionally, the company is working on adding the “Temperature” factor to tell whether a baby is crying because they are feeling too hot or cold. In the coming years, the advancements in AI will definitely revolutionize the baby care industry with similar innovations.  

  1. Ballie AI Robot

At CES 2024, Samsung launched an updated version of its round-shaped robot, Ballie, power-packed with high-end AI and machine learning capabilities. It has a projection feature that projects pictures and videos on the floor, wall, or ceiling. 


Samsung designed the Ballie personal assistant robot with an updated design, onboard projector, and top-notch AI features. It looks and acts like an AI robot pet in the house. 

  1. Bmind Smart Mirror

We can witness rising cases of mental health-related issues, such as depression, loneliness, Bipolar disorders, and more. Considering these mental health issues, the manufacturer Baracoda launched the world’s first AI-powered smart mirror for mental wellness. 


The mirror is equipped with Generative AI to provide personalized recommendations to the users to help improve mood and manage stress. 

The Bmind Smart Mirror can provide light therapy sessions (improving mood by changing lights), self-affirmation and motivational quotes, guided meditation, tips for breathing exercises to calm down anger, and more. 

  1. Rabbit R1

Rabbit R1 is an AI assistant that can perform various tasks without requiring lengthy prompts. Using the R1, you can simply send emails, set alarms, book cabs or tickets, play your favorite songs, reply to DMs on your social media, attend calls, and more, without needing to find the app on the phone screen. 


Being pocket-sized, the Rabbit R1 becomes more user-friendly in terms of size. 

Overall, the R1 eliminates the need to search for the right app on your phone before proceeding to execute the necessary task.

  1. Timekettle X1 Interpreter Hub

Timekettle X1 Interpreter Hub is the first multi-language simultaneous interpretation system in the world. The X1 Interpreter Hub uses AI to provide real-time translations for up to 40 languages. 


With live transcriptions presented on the screen, this technology has the potential to take global communication to the next level. 

  1. Bird Buddy – AI-powered Bird Feeder 

Bird Buddy is an AI-powered bird feeder that uses artificial intelligence to determine which types of birds are visiting the feeder. It is linked to an app that will provide you with a list of options if it is unsure which bird is feeding on a particular day. 


Bird Buddy can also provide a live video feed from the camera within the feeder, allowing you to watch and capture clips and photographs of visiting birds. 

So, these are our top picks of AI-based products presented at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, USA. 

Summing Up

CES 2024 is the technology event that showcased the world about the possibilities of AI in our daily lives. From Smart Mirrors to pocket-sized AI assistants, the technology advancements are all set to transform our lives in a significant way. 

In this blog, we have mentioned our top highlights from the CES 2024 technology event. We hope you find it useful, and if yes, share it with your friends and family. 

Also, if any of the above-mentioned products strike a new idea for AI development in your mind, reach out to our team for professional consultations. Let’s collaborate and transform novel AI solutions to make lives better.