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How to Build a Cloud-Based SaaS Product: Guide for Startups

Cloud-Based SaaS App Development Guide for Startups

SaaS applications are getting increasingly popular as businesses are becoming more convenient to function in the cloud. 

92 percent of businesses expect SaaS to boost their revenue and IT budget in the next two years. 

But why is it so well-liked by users and service providers? SaaS isn’t simply useful for the average user. It’s also turned into a promising business model with a lot of profit possibilities.

Today is an excellent time to begin developing SaaS applications and launching new SaaS solutions. We’ll take a look at the SaaS app development guide and steps to build a SaaS product in this blog. 

So, let’s start with,

What is a SaaS?

Software as a services (SaaS) is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed via internet. you can simple download and login and is billed on a monthly basis.

Software as a Service — IaaS includes servers and storage, networking firewalls and security and datacenter (physical plant/building). PaaS includes IaaS elements plus operating systems, development tools, database management and business analytics. SaaS includes PaaS elements plus hosted apps.
what is saas?
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A SaaS app is one that is hosted by a third-party provider and made available to users online without the need for installation. Picture editing software, email, workplace software, and calendars are just a few examples of SaaS products. 

Moving ahead, We should now go over the benefits of the SaaS application development cycle for businesses and projects.

Benefits of Building SaaS (Software as a Service)? 

The top benefits of building cloud-based SaaS products are:

01. Scalability

Cloud architectures scale on-demand to accommodate a more significant number of consumers. A cloud-based SaaS application may easily scale to meet your business’s requirements. The cost of cloud computing will rise, but you won’t have to invest in costly foundation revamps. 

2. Accessibility

As SaaS apps are hosted in the cloud, you are not restricted to your office workspace. SaaS products can be accessed from anywhere you need them. Unlike typical apps, they can execute on multiple stages rather than just one.

3. Easily Upgradeable

In most cases, updating traditional software necessitates purchasing and installing an update bundle. Predictable events and development are one of the advantages of SaaS application development guide. Customers can also gain immediate access to the bulk of the most current application updates. 

Apart from these, some other benefits of building a SaaS application are:

  • Scalable, with multiple tiers for various businesses.
  • It includes security, compliance, and maintenance as part of the price.
  • It’s simple to personalize, monitor, and update.
  • Architecture with a single or more tenant.
  • There are no issues with compatibility with other platforms (s).
  • There are no issues with performance.

As you’ve seen the benefits of SaaS app development, moving ahead, let’s talk about,

How to Develop Cloud-based SaaS Products?

Key steps that you need to take while SaaS app development process are:

1. Understand your goals

The first and most important stage should be to assess market demand for the SaaS product in question. The next step is to assess how the SaaS product’s software features will affect the customer’s life and business.

What problems will the SaaS software solutions solve, and how important are they to your target audience’s life and business? Is there current market demand for your intended SaaS solution, or will you have to seek out clients to persuade them of its value propositions in solving their problems? You must assess all of these factors. 

2. Do competitive analysis

Let’s say you want to establish a distinct value proposition for your SaaS product in order to increase consumer appreciation and subscriptions. In that situation, you’ll need to know what other SaaS applications are similar to yours.

After identifying your competitors, it’s critical to understand how your software differentiates itself from the competition and how you can provide a better solution. It’s usually best to reach out with a basic MVP product development and gather user feedback to see how your target market resonates. 

3. Choose the suitable pricing model

Your platform’s pricing approach can make or break your software. Several effective pricing methods have used the SaaS paradigm. By giving an enhanced set of capabilities on a one-time or monthly basis, the app owners make money by converting free users into paying customers. It’s a terrific approach to get buyers interested in a new product in a competitive market. If you’re trying to tap a specific demographic, a cheap membership pricing for key functionality would be a preferable option.  

4. Do thorough testing

Every SaaS product goes through a rigorous QA process. Following that, a SaaS solution goes through a series of tests, including performance and stress testing, vulnerability scans, usability testing, and unit testing.

Continuous support and maintenance are critical when it comes to SaaS solutions. SaaS software packages, which are typically designed for enterprise contexts, require a dedicated support team that responds quickly to any issues and provides value updates on a regular basis. 

5. Build MVP

MVP stands for a minimum viable product, such as preliminary adaptation of your SaaS application for some critical components. An MVP’s primary purpose is to provide partners and clients with a “sample” of the final product. An MVP is created on a shoestring budget and aids you with visualizing how the final product will appear and function. Aside from that, if the MVP doesn’t meet your business’s needs, you can change the SaaS app development cycle or innovation stack. 

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6. Hire the best SaaS app developers

It’s a good idea to engage an impressive team of SaaS app developers if your company, including yourself, is not equipped to make long-term product development and maintenance. Outsourcing businesses can provide industry knowledge and guidance specific to your company’s needs. 

Moving forward, let’s talk about,

How to Choose the Right SaaS App Development Company? Top tips! 

Pay close attention to the points mentioned below, in order to hire the best team of SaaS app developers.

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1. Check background

We suggest that you first look into a company’s expertise with SaaS product development process. It implies that you should review their case studies to see what tasks they’ve performed. A well-informed software development company must have an informative website that displays their SaaS product development expertise. 

2. Check their tech stack

You certainly want a high-performing, scalable, secure, and long-lasting SaaS solution that can be readily upgraded and improved. All of these features are possible if you engage with a SaaS app development company that uses the most up-to-date languages, frameworks, and packages. 

3. Check whether they offer post development services

Check to see if your SaaS development company offers concierge services and post-launch assistance. It will assist you in quickly eliminating new problems and errors, resolving client difficulties, and reducing churn. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay someone to handle issue fixes and performance monitoring for your SaaS application. 

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Cloud-based SaaS applications have swiftly gained traction as a cost-effective solution to consumer problems that benefit both businesses and their audiences. Most significantly, it prevents a company from making a long-term investment in IT infrastructure and resource management. Cloud-based applications are an ideal option for any company. Nonetheless, the SaaS model is a relatively new one that has swiftly gained popularity due to the advantages it provides to both SaaS app developers and end-users.

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