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Clubhouse – The Voice-only Social Media App You Must Know About

voice only social media app

Have you yet heard about Clubhouse?

If not, let us tell you that it is the voice-only social media app that people are talking about so lately!

The Clubhouse has created so much hype that the world’s richest man and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk couldn’t resist checking it out.

Well, let’s not beat around the bush and get you to know about this groundbreaking app.

What is Clubhouse?


The Clubhouse is an invite-only, voice-based social media app that enables you to listen to people’s live conversations, legally. Similar to a free-flowing podcast, it allows you to jump in and out of different chat rooms. Depending on your area of interest, you can simply listen to what’s happening around you or give a voice to your thoughts.

In a nutshell, Clubhouse provides a platform where people can talk, share ideas, tell stories, and meet interesting personalities across the globe.

But, what’s the catch? It’s the audio itself – yes, it doesn’t leave the app. Besides, the conversations are neither recorded nor saved. You can call Clubhouse “the social media app that mimics real-life interactions.

So, How Can I Get Started With the Clubhouse App?

Well, that’s not so easy!

First off, the Clubhouse app is exclusively available on iOS. So, if you are an Android user, you still have to wait until the Clubhouse gets the app on the Play Store.

Being an iOS user, you can download the app, participate in and listen to conversations. But not till you have the invite. Yes, you need an invitation from an existing Clubhouse user to access its functionalities. This is why we mentioned earlier that Clubhouse is an invite-only app! Every new user avails of 2 invites and can earn more with the use of the app.

What Can I Listen to on Clubhouse?

When you get access to this awe-inspiring app, you will see a plethora of conversational topics that you can follow. Right from the tech industry to sports to everyday world affairs, it has got everything covered. Moreover, you can find people with similar interests and follow them.

The makers of Clubhouse has given it a touch of personalization, too. Yes, the more people and topics you follow, the more likely you get recommendations to be a part of rooms that fits your choice. You can join a conversation room and even speak if the moderator allows you to. When you think about speaking, you can raise your hand. The moderator will see and decide whether to let you speak or not.

How Many People Can Take Part in a Conversation?

Currently, the user limit is 5000 per conversation room as set by Clubhouse. And, Elon Musk just popped up in one such conversation room, leaving the participants enthralled. Some of the users chose to live-stream this audio session with Elon Musk on YouTube, and probably, that’s the very reason why Clubhouse gained a bundle of attention in a wink.

So, when was Clubhouse initially launched?

Alpha Exploration Co. launched Clubhouse back in 2020. Due to its invite-only nature, it had a very small community in the earlier days. Two months later, Andreessen Horowitz invested $12 million, and Clubhouse quickly gained a worth of $100 million. Now, the firm has got over 180 investors and is still adding more.

Despite being launched for less than a year, Clubhouse has managed to grab 2 million users. Furthermore, the app creators are even mapping ways to monetize the platform’s users through tipping, tickets, and subscriptions.

Any downsides?

Similar to other social media networks, Clubhouse is no different in terms of facing challenges. A few months back, Clubhouse faced severe negative publicity when some users streamed hate speech and abuse. Hence, Clubhouse needs to work in aspects like content moderation, trust, and safety.

What More Should I Expect From Clubhouse in the Coming Days?

Well, Clubhouse is bringing in innovations nearly every week. It is adding activity-based notification feeds, event calendars, different room types, and more.

As Clubhouse has achieved a great milestone in terms of fundraising, it is now planning to utilize these funds to make the product better. In lieu to this, Clubhouse is now – 

  • Welcoming more amazing people to its community
  • Keeping the servers up so that users no longer encounter error messages
  • Ensuring to provide fast support, scaling up trust and safety
  • Improving ranking and discovery to help users find content tailored to their interest
  • Investing in creators who host conversations and help them get recognized

 The Clubhouse team is working tirelessly to scale the platform and open it for everyone soon.

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Wrapping Up

If you are someone who likes to talk and misses having an audience, Clubhouse is the right place for you. And if you are someone who enjoys listening to others more, Clubhouse has a special space for you you, too.

While the platform has set such hype among people, we look forward to this new medium of social media as it grows eventually.

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