Coming Up Artificial Intelligent (AI) Business Opportunity in 2019

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2019 will be all about better customer experience with personalization, automation, integrated with AI-powered technology. Businesses are trying hard to stay ahead of the curve and increase conversions in the coming year. As the coming year is full of competition, businesses are trying to adapt AI-enabled solutions to focus on a better-targeted audience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) products are slowly infiltrating homes and places of work. This is something fiction movies coming into reality. Applications and solutions based on Machine learning and artificial Intelligence are influencing different verticals such as real estate, manufacturing, automobile, and healthcare.

AI Trends focusing next year

Cutting-edge AI assistants

The most imperial part of AI is benefiting consumers from AI solutions, assisting in their working place and homes. With the introduction of Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and other devices users feel more connected and aware. AI assistant is changing the picture of the future since consumers have been embracing this new AI-powered technology. AI assistants to search out information online, play you a song, tell you the weather report and much more. 2019, is expected to see even more advanced AI assistants helping in an advanced way.

AI-powered recruiting Chatbot

AI-powered Chatbot will soon be able to provide even more individualized experiences. As we are aware that the recruiting process is one of their most time-consuming and stressful tasks. With advancements in artificial intelligence, AI-powered recruiting technology, recruitment will get better at recognizing different users’ requirements. As if now AI-powered Chatbot was assisting users to do basic tasks, but it is expected to see big changes in the tasks AI chatbots can perform in the near future.

 AI-powered smart search

The way consumers search online has changed with time. As a result, the advanced conversational AI-powered search will be a huge trend. With the introduction of voice search, consumers will be able to speak their search queries using a more conversational phrase in a casual way. AI-powered assistants are in trend as there are many solutions in the market that offers new ways instead of typing in search queries.

With Voice recognition, AI-powered search engines will do more than just providing users with a number of suggestions. Users will receive more conversational answers. This will let users narrow down the solutions and get exactly the search results they’re looking for without wasting time.

AI-enabled Image Recognition

AI is the foundation of many upcoming advance technologies. It is due to AI it is possible to teach computers, how to understand speech till now after a long battle. But due to intense research and programming, it is possible for users to search their queries on the base of images. Computers and tech machines are now able to process and analyze data from visual sources.

Expect image recognition to become bigger in next year as it can help businesses to improve their marketing. AI solutions will help the computer vision technology to scan images and videos from millions of pages across the web. This is known as Image recognition, the ability of computers to understand the image and process accordingly.

There are many uses for image recognition in the industry, including the ability to diagnose diseases, detect license plates and allow for photo analysis. Apart from that, there are sources that are integrating AI in order to complete payments or other verification.

Cyber Defense integrated with AI

Talking about AI trends for in 2019 artificial intelligence will make it much easier to fight off cyber threats and hackers. It is very easy for Cybercriminals to target cloud infrastructure, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms and internet of things devices. And this is the biggest threat to business owners. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect online enemies in real-time and identify cyber threats can be more convenient than ever before.  We can say AI can point abnormal activity and defend your business system before the threat becomes uncontrollable.

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Last words

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a strong backbone in every sense. AI via its solution has shown it can make our personal lives much easier. But with time businesses also incorporated new ways to use AI to engage with customers and drive sales. AI is targeting 2019 with a more advanced solution in order to make the user safer and satisfied.