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What is the Cost to Develop a Music Streaming App?

What is the Cost to Develop a Music Streaming App

Gone are the days when people used to rely upon tape recorders, mp3 players, iPods, and other limited storage devices to tune to their favorite music. In this digital era, people have access to hundreds of music streaming websites and applications, such as Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, and Shazam, where they can listen to any song of their choice.

Since these websites and apps are easily accessible via a smartphone, the popularity and demand for such applications is growing with each passing day. Check out the below-given chart to understand the growing number of music streaming users:

music streaming users statista
Source: Statista

Now, have a look over the revenue generated by music streaming industry in the past two years. Also look over the revenue to be generated by this industry by the end of 2022.  

music streaming segment revenue
Source: Statista

By now, you must be having an idea of how profitable this industry is. So, if you too want to build a music streaming application, then the first thing you must be thinking about is the cost of its development. To be honest, no mobile app development company or music app developer can calculate the same without having the complete app requirements.

Didn’t get it? In simple terms, the total cost of developing a music streaming application depends on various factors that have been mentioned below:

Types of Music Applications:

There are generally two types of music streaming applications: radio stations and on-demand streaming services. The example of radio station apps is Pandora and iHeartRadio. On the other hand, on-demand music streaming services example include Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

Features of the Music Streaming App Development

To create a music streaming app that stands out in the crowd, you need to make sure that it has these critical features:

  • Sign Up or Registration

To allow users to create their playlist and access other amazing features, your app should have the option to register and create profiles. To make the registration process simple, you can add the option to “sign up via email or social profiles.”

  • Discover or Search Music

Having a search option will allow users to find their favorite music without going through thousands of songs.

  • Music Playlist

This feature will allow users to create a playlist of their favorite songs. Apart from this option, you can also provide the option to directly access “Top 10 international songs” or “Top releases” so that users can stay updated with the latest releases.

Music app features

Advanced Features of Music Streaming App

Here’s a rundown of some of the advanced features that your music streaming app can’t live without –

  1. Recommendation for Music

When your music streaming app offers music recommendations tailored to the users’ choice, they feel connected with the application. This makes them visit the app more often and enables you to provide a great user experience. 

  1. Social Sharing

Social media is the new normal. People love sharing their day-to-day activities with their friends and families. Integrating social sharing in your music streaming app will enable users to share their playlists via social media platforms. It can lead to an increase in audience engagement for your app.

  1. Personalized Notifications

With personalized notifications, you can keep your users updated about the latest song releases, app updates, and more. It serves as a great way to help users stay updated and give a feeling of being valued.

  1. Uploading Media/Short Video

To provide a seamless music experience to your users, you can consider having this feature – uploading media. It allows users to upload files in just a few taps and add them to their playlists or favorites. 

  1. Ad-free Music Experience

Some great game-changers like Spotify encourage users to switch to their premium plans to get rid of unwanted ads while listening to their favorite songs and enjoy a seamless music experience. You, too, can incorporate this feature to gain the attention of premium users.

To provide users with something extra, you can also add a special segment for booking the latest musical events in the city or to book tickets for the upcoming music festivals. The more features you will add, the higher will be the cost of the app.

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App Architecture

The architecture of the app consists of the following:

  • Backend– Choosing the right backend technology to process and manage data, to allow the app sync in both mobile and web platforms, for storage and caching, and to make the app function flawlessly.
  • Deciding on cloud storage– You can buy your own cloud server or avail cloud storage services from the top providers.
  • CDN– To stream media securely, the app should have a highly scalable content delivery network.
  • DRM– Digital Right Management protects your content.
  • MSC– Media Server Configuration is responsible for supporting the media on different browsers and mobile platforms.

Music Streaming App Technologies

You might need to spend extra if you want to add the technologies for adding push notifications, SMS, voice, and phone verification, accepting payments, and other features.

Size and Location of the Music Streaming App Development Team

If your music streaming app doesn’t require a big team, then you can also consider hiring a remote music app developer for your project. On the other hand, if your application is complex and requires a lot of features, then it will need a great deal of time and effort. This will ultimately increase the cost of it. Apart from the size, the location of your music streaming app development company also matters while determining the cost of development.

So, Roughly you might need to pay cost approximately $20,000-$35000 for developing music streaming application. This cost may increase depending on the features you want to add to the app.

How to Make Money Through a Music Streaming Application?

While developing a music streaming app, it is better to decide the monetization strategy in advance. You can earn money from your app through in-app advertisements, number of downloads from the PlayStore, Windows Store, or App Store, or by offering premium membership plans.

Pen down your requirements and reach out to a reliable music streaming app development services provider to get an estimate price.

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How to create a Music Streaming App: Team and Technologies

Developing a successful music streaming applications requires the following:

  • UI/UX Designers
  • Developers (Android or iOS, depending on the platform on which you want to release your app)
  • Backend developers
  • Testers
  • Quality analyst engineers
  • Project managers
  • Support providers

Tech stack for developing a music streaming app:

  • Software for real-time data management and processing
  • Server storage space for cloud-based music streaming
  • Frameworks for developing UI for the desktop app
  • Proxy servers
  • Java or any other programming language for development

The tech stack may vary as per your specific app needs.

How to create a successful music streaming application?

Wondering how to create a music app like Spotify that witness skyrocketing success? Well, there are a few things to keep in mind for this:

  1. Build the right strategy considering your budget and other factors.
  2. List down your requirements before beginning with the music app development.
  3. Also, write down the features you want in your app.
  4. Sketch the prototype and create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to validate your app idea.
  5. Collect feedback from your targeted audience and make changes to the app or develop a full-fledged music app accordingly.
  6. Make sure your app is compatible with multiple platforms.
  7. Choose the right licensing type and get the public performance rights to avoid any copyright issues.
  8. Make sure that the UI/UX design of the app is simple yet attractive.
  9. Pay attention to the security of the app.
  10. Keep your app upgraded to make it compatible with all versions of operating systems and different devices.

Last but not the least, find a reliable mobile app development partner with whom you don’t have to worry about how to create a successful music app.

Why choose Quytech for developing a music streaming application?

Quytech holds more than a decade of experience in live music streaming app development for startups and enterprises. But that’s not the only reason why it is a preferred choice of those looking out to build feature-rich music streaming apps. The other reasons include:

  • Experienced and qualified developers

Quytech is backed by a team of well-qualified music app developers who are proficient in all the latest technologies and tools required for developing successful music streaming app.

  • On-time delivery

The company has a proven record of developing and delivering all its projects within the committed time frame.

  • Round the clock support

A specialized and well-trained team of support professionals at the company offers 24*7 services to answer the queries of its clients.

  • App maintenance

The company understands that an app should be upgraded time-to-time to walk hand-in-hand with the latest technology. Therefore, Quytech offers after-deployment maintenance services to its clients.

  • Flawless development

Quytech follows a systematic approach and conducts regular testing to ensure that the app has no error, and it serves its desired purpose.


After considering the factors mentioned here, you can have a rough estimate of the cost of developing a music streaming application. If you don’t have any idea of which technology, features, or tools to choose for your music streaming app development, then avail of mobile app development services from a renowned and trusted company. One of the support professionals of the firm will help you decide on that.

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