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Rideshare & Carpooling App Development: Top Features


Nowadays, the majority of people find it convenient to use the ride-sharing app in urban cities. The concept of the ride-sharing app offers many benefits to the users as well as the respective business. Ridesharing app like Uber is the best possible example for investors and entrepreneurs. Moreover, startups can also look forward to understanding the power of the ride-sharing app. After global mobile usage, there is more competition for Uber in a target region with new custom taxi apps. With the fact that the ride-sharing app is still an opportunistic marketplace, you can also create a unique ridesharing or taxi booking app. Businesses are ready to go on-board with unique ride-sharing mobile apps.

Innovative and advanced Features That Will Make Your Taxi App unique:

Ridesharing app Development

To embark with the right technology and approach capture the attention of the user across all the market avenues. As ride-sharing is quite a common concept in the market it is better to integrate advanced features. Find out the best features, costs, and technologies covered in the ride-sharing app.

Geo-location Routing: This application track the taxi 24/7 and the location is updated in real-time. The GPS tracking system is the most essential part of the ride-sharing app. This helps to map the route with the shortest path and suggests the most optimized routes. Moreover, the fare is calculated as per the distance covered by the taxi.

Real-Time Dashboards: This feature allows the admin to visualize the app usability ratio, the number of rides made and the peak hour when the drivers are occupied. This helps in making the business-oriented and productive decisions from the future prospect.

Favorite driver: Sometimes the app users are comfortable with a particular driver. This is an extraordinary feature that allows the rider to book a particular driver for future rides. Therefore, the rider can book a favorite driver so that the traveling is more comfortable.

Notifications: The car-sharing app sends the alert to the users after once the taxi is selected for the ride-sharing by the other users. This is best for the carpooling concept where the users are notified before the ride.

Price suggestion: This feature allows the users to get details regarding the different prices for different locations. This helps to make better decisions. Before booking the ride the app user can go through the different car models and according to the number of travelers.

Ridesharing options: The users can be assigned to book ride with the car-sharing feature. This helps the rider to share the car traveling to the same destination. This concept allows the admin to utilize the time of the rider in reaching the destinations timely.

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Advance AI/ML-based features for the car-sharing app

Ridesharing app Development

AI-ML-Based Predictive Analysis

Offer your app users with AI/ML-based ride-booking services. Based on AI predictive analysis upgrade new or existing ride-sharing the app to offer an ultimate users experience. Uplift your services to the next level by using the user’s data to offer a personalized experience with predictive analysis. Offer the riders accurate suggestions that can enhance their experience. This can help mobile apps to speed up the process of the on-demand riding booking process.

AI-Powered Custom Chatbots

Integrating Chatbot to the ride-sharing app is the best way to boost your customer experience. Chatbot automates customer service and business operations with instant information about the rider. AI-enabled Custom Chatbot development can help consumers to select taxi with fare estimation and book rides along with payments too.

Voice Assistant to Order Ride

Empower your ride-sharing mobile app with custom voice-based technology. Integrate AI-ML-based voice assistant using NLP which will help you understand rider behavior in more depth. The voice assistant will help your ride-sharing app to attract more new app users.  This technology supports operations based on the past and current data. The user with simple voice commands can easily book a ride. Moreover, the ride-sharing service provider can use the user’s patterns to enhance the regular rides. Based on the predictive analytic solutions, the ride-sharing app can help the app with custom voice skills.

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Final words

To create a unique ridesharing or taxi booking app you must have a unique app idea for better outcomes. Select the right niche that is profitable according to your market research. With Ridesharing app Development Company make your dream come true. Develop the kind of car-sharing service you are going to offer to your customers.