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How to Develop a Based E-Learning App Like Kahoot

Apps like Kahoot

The power of digital technology has been evident for almost a decade now. Every big player in the world has chosen to go digital. It is necessary to stay relevant, after all. Obstacles that are found in traditional learning have now begun to disappear. Education had already been evolving at a rapid pace before 2020, but recent times have brought out the hidden potential of e-learning.

One such distinguished e-learning app is Kahoot.

The Oslo-based startup has raised $28M for its user-generated e-learning game platform, which is now valued at $1.4B.

Today, any edTech, small or big, aims to be as seamless as Kahoot. The best part about Kahoot is that people of all professions can use this interactive educational app. It’s true; there’s a quiz for everyone!

1. What is Kahoot?

2. Why Should You Develop A Gamification Education App Like Kahoot?

3. Must-have Features In Your E-learning Gamification App Like Kahoot

4. How To Develop A Gamification Education App Like Kahoot?

What is Kahoot?

Long story short, Kahoot is a cloud-based quiz platform. It aims to make game-based learning easier and more fun for students and teachers alike.

This free social application allows students to interact with it digitally. It works on nearly every device with a browser. It is accessible even on older devices such as older generation tablets, computers, and smartphones.

Why Should You Develop A Gamification Education App Like Kahoot?

Kahoot app

E-learning app development has, without a doubt, created the learning process much easier for students. The varied app features boost engagement with knowledge-oriented activities.

  • The Decreased Communication Gap Between Institution And Students

Institutes cannot pay attention to all students through traditional learning. E-learning apps bridge the gaps between students and the institution. It is possible to reach out to every student. It becomes easier to share schedules, notices, and other school activities through an e-learning app.

  • New Learning Materials

New learning methods have been introduced like fun games, quizzes, and so on. This builds a healthy thought process and improves knowledge retention. In turn, your app becomes a favoured method of learning within a short time.

  • Online Study Is More Accessible

These days, students are fond of online studying. This is because of its flexibility to be used anytime, anywhere. They can quickly sift through other materials and land on the topics they’re searching for. This keeps them closer to the web framework and helps them section their materials.

  • Miscellaneous features

It helps education institutions to bypass various other school-related functions like fees payment, exam scheduling, and more. One-click payments save parents’ efforts of standing in long queues. Also, attendance monitoring helps to retain students’ attendance within the app. Teachers, as well as parents, can have a keen eye on the students.

How To Develop A Gamification Education App Like Kahoot?

We can certainly help you with all your basic queries that come to mind regarding your e-learning app development.

  1. Hiring A Project Manager

You need to hire an efficient project manager to handle all your process and the team. A project manager will also get you aligned with proper project delivery.

  1. Hiring Developers & Designers

So you have a full-blown education app development company or are planning to start one? Well, hiring the UI/UX developers and the cost of your frameworks are the more significant piece of the cake.

  1. Testing

The medium of testing your app development process impacts your overall cost of developing a knowledge application such as Kahoot.

  1. The Project Complexity

The size of your company, the features you’ve chosen, and the complexity of each facet of the project directly add to the overall cost of the eLearning app development.

  1. Updates & Overall Maintenance

Your job doesn’t end after your app has been launched on the global platform. All the point-of-sale services fall under this section. You need to keep polishing the older features, updating newer features, and ensuring a smooth experience throughout.

Must-have Features In Your E-learning Gamification App Like Kahoot

For Students:

  1. Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to keep the students engaged with what they learn. Certain activities triggered by the student should set off push notification. For instance, push notifications can be for completing a course, passing a quiz, not logging in for consecutive days, etc.

  1. Individual Or Group Games

The more, the merrier! Group games are a fun class activity.

For Teachers:

  1. Instant Quiz-making

It renders the ability to create quizzes within minutes through available templates.

  1. A Blend Of Formats

Teachers should be able to blend multiple question formats such as quiz, true or false, polls, puzzles, etc.

  1. Video Embedding

The ability to embed YouTube videos into questions makes online studies more engaging for students.

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Summing Up

The e-learning field is buzzing with uncharted opportunities. There is potential for small startups and huge businesses alike. So if you have a good idea, don’t hesitate to deploy it! If you have an idea but are unaware of how to act on it, you can always reach out to an education app development company.