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How to Develop a Video Editing App Like Flipagram: Step-by-Step Development Guide

or Video maker apps like Flipagram

The Mobile App industry changed the outlook of the users. Users can easily create memories, easily connect and easily share them via interactive Apps. Likewise, a mobile application named Flipagram has a great concept that lets you share private stories using your photographs. In this guide, we will cover how to develop an app like Flipgram.

This innovative mobile app allows you to create videos from photos and share them with your friends and among your social communities. The concept of this app is somewhat similar to YouTube. Videos created with this Flipagram can have background music to take the experience to the next level. Thereby, users can enjoy their fun moments fully. Without taking much time Flipagram has quickly become the world’s favorite app broadcasting an amazing story.

Moreover, this becomes the best platform to create and share great stories in a couple of minutes. Stats show that Flipagram enrolled tens of millions of monthly users worldwide, creating and sharing visual stories with the preferred music.

Key features of a Photo video editing & making app

  • Edit Video- To make changes to the newly created videos or the ones that are already available on your device.
  • Crop or Trim Video- To shorten the length of the video.
  • Add Music- To add different songs or music in the background.
  • Add Filters- To add various filters to the video.
  • Add Themes- To change the effects and appeal of the video.
  • Edit Video for YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram- To make a video ready to be uploaded for these social sharing platforms.
  • Add Stickers- To add funny and attractive stickers to the video.
  • Add Text- To add text to the video.
  • Download Video- To download the created video on your device.
  • Social Sharing- To share the created video on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.
  • Merge Videos- To merge two different videos into one.

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Flipagram can make you a star. The users of this app are most creative and inspiring. Moreover, the editors of Flipagram are always on the hunt of fun, creative and inspiring Flipagrams.

This helps them to grow the fast-growing community in Flipagram. Like YouTube Flipagram offer similar features. But there is a major difference between the two platform services. Flipagram it allows users to share videos whereas YouTube is a video hosting site. This App provides a photo to video converter tool and allows the users to get featured, go viral and become a Flipastar.

Flipagram allows 30 million monthly active users to add versatile soundtracks to their videos. Moreover, this app has got featured listing by Sony, Universal, Warner, and also got alliances with great celebs like Merlin and The Orchard.

Flipagram is first mobile “storytelling” app to harness the power of music and photos. Without taking much time it achieved two huge goals by raising an additional $70 million in funding .Source

This helped the users to search for trendy videos and audios from the Flipagram catalogs. Therefore, users can attach the latest and great song clips to their Flipagrams videos.

Features list of Flipagram

Flipagram allows creating your own story by easily setting music to your stories. Users can navigate hassle-free to the new ‘music’ tab in order to use it as the soundtrack to Flipagram story. Apart from that. User can also use own music to give a personal touch.  After creating music video, users can share it on Flipagram, or with social networks.

  • Flipagram is an incredible app free of cost from various platforms that lets users add photos and video clips to their stories.
  • This app offers an option to add popular music clips for your stories for free.
  • The app has stunning filters and appealing fonts to style your videos and photos to create interactive video.
  • There is a search option to help discover popular Flipagram content through various channels.
  • User can update interesting activities from time to time and remain in touch with the friend.
  • User can easily control the privacy of Flipagram profile and the Flipagram stories shared. Like any other social platform, there are likes and comments option.
  • There is an easy sharing option that allows sharing your story to favorite apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Email, Text, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, and many more.

Development Team Required for the Video editing & making App Development

You need a full-fledged development team for creating a video maker app like Flipagram. Your team may consist of:

  • UI/UX designers
  • Android or iOS developers
  • Project Managers
  • Application testing engineers
  • Support providers
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Monetization Strategy for a Photo Video Maker App Like Flipagram

It is imperative to decide in advance how you will make money through your video maker app. Here are three strategies you can opt for earning money through your mobile application:

In-app purchases

You can add some exceptional features or options to increase the length of the video, for accessing advanced editing options, or for removing the watermark. Place them under the paid features category to make money.

In-app advertisements

This is probably one of the most used ways to make money through a mobile application.

Subscription plans To provide users ad-free experience or let them access premium features, you can set various subscription plans.

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Cost to Develop Photo & Video Editing Apps like Flipagram

Flipagram app helps users to convert moments into memories. There are so many moments that we want to share with our friends and family. Flipagram falls in the category where users can cherish all moments with the integration of trendy music. It offers a comprehensive catalog of popular, classic and indie song clips to use as the soundtrack to your story. After creating outstanding users can share it on Flipagram, or with social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many other social media platforms.

Calculating the cost of developing a photo video maker app with music depends on several factors, including the ones that have been mentioned below:

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  1. Complexity of the app
  2. Features of the app
  3. Platform (Android or iOS) on which you want to release the app
  4. Size of the development team
  5. Location of the app development company or dedicated developer

Write down your app requirements and then reach out to a reliable custom app development company to have cost estimation. If you want to have a rough idea of the cost, then we would like to say that it may cost you somewhere between USD 30,000100000$. This price may vary depending on your specific app requirements.

if you want same kind of OTT app development for android and ios platform, you can contact at to get full cost estimation.

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