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eLearning App Development- Empowering the Education Sector to Go Digital


Digital transformation is upgrading almost every domain and the education sector is no exception. With schools and colleges inclining towards digital platforms and mobile applications to impart education, there has been observed a great hike in the demand of e-learning applications.

According to a report by KPMG, around 30% of the higher education students in USA are opting at least one online course. This number will indeed grow in the upcoming years. Keeping in mind this scenario, it would be no wrong to say that e-learning apps are a billion-dollar business nowadays.

Why Go for Elearning Applications Development?

 elearning applications

Technological advancements such as the development of educational apps and e-learning software are redefining the way of traditional education. Parents, teachers, and students are looking for platforms where they can communicate and collaborate virtually. Here are the other reasons why e-learning apps are getting popular:

  1. These apps promote organized and advanced learning
  2. e-learning apps facilitate efficient interaction
  3. Provides variety of options under a single application
  4. Offers convenient learning
  5. Ensures easy performance tracking

Edtech Funding At An All-Time Rise

The year 2020 is said to be a record year for the US Edtech. Reports state that it raises $2.2 billion, which is 14% more as compared to 2019. Interestingly, the Edtech fundings were not only limited to K-12 or school education. It comprised of Edtech companies in the online course, gaming, social learning, and a lot more sectors.

The biggest deal was closed by Roblox, an online gaming platform for kids. But it also has a growing educational component incorporated. The funding it received was USD 150 million. Isn’t that great? Coming to K-12 schools, there were some notable companies who succeeded in receiving the fundings. This includes Outschool that provides live classes for students. It managed to raise USD 45 million.

Following school closures and given the change in the economy, the traditional education system is evolving. And the continuously growing fundings for Edtech makes it quite evident.

Technology Trends in eLearning App Development

The technological revolution in education, especially eLearning, is breaking the traditional classroom barriers to enhance the intellectual growth of an individual. In fact, a report by Global Market Insights shows that the eLearning market is growing at a rate of 8% CAGR and is expected to reach $325 billion in 2025.

So, if you are developing an eLearning mobile app, be aware of the latest technological trends in the market. Here are a few trends to help you get started.

  • Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is expected to cross $78.5 billion worldwide by 2025, states the report by GlobeNewswire. With the increase in the number of smartphone users, the number of people opting for mobile learning is also increasing. However, this trend is going to stay as mobile learning enables the users to learn new things at their convenience – from anywhere. Accessibility and adaptability are also crucial components that uplift the mobile learning trend. 

  • AR/VR

Augmented and virtual reality are expanding the educational horizons, enabling educators to introduce new ways of learning. This approach adds a practical aspect to theoretical learning and helps find a simple solution to complex problems. Organizations can make the most of these immersive technologies by developing apps that increase user engagement.   

  • Gamification

Whether you are a kid or aged, learning is more interesting when it has fun elements. Gamification is what makes eLearning more engaging and fun. It enables users to interact with the education material effectively. Some of the most sought after gamification techniques include points, badges, leaderboards, progress bars, rewards for correct answers, and more. Byju’s kids’ learning app can stand out as an ideal example for the use of gamification techniques.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Implementing AI gives a personalized touch to eLearning. As it helps in identifying the user behavior and learning style, it can offer personalized learning recommendations tailored to a user’s needs. Voice assistants, a counterpart of Artificial Intelligence, allow students to communicate with education materials without the intervention of teachers. Besides, AI makes grading easier for teachers. It produces accurate results while saving a lot of time for teachers. 

  • Microlearning

Haven’t got enough time to spare for education? Microlearning is the solution. Microlearning refers to dividing the complete educational process into multiple parts. With this technology in place, students have a spare just a few minutes per part. Thus, they can study at their own pace and according to their convenience. In fact, experts say that learning in bite-sized pieces is 17% more efficient than traditional long-duration classes. So, it is believed that microlearning would soon surpass conventional learning.

Types of e-Learning Applications

Educational applications or eLearning apps have become a primary source of imparting education for many institutions, universities, colleges, and schools. The demand for such applications has increased to modernize the field of education as well as to impart education during this pandemic situation caused by COVID-19. Below are the types or categories of e-learning apps that are in demand:

E-learning Apps for Pre-schoolers


Teaching pre-schoolers is not a child’s play; teachers need to think creatively and innovatively to make their kids learn and grow. With companies, such as Quytech, focusing on developing customized and scalable education apps for pre-schoolers, schools can initiate the following programs:

  • Character & language learning program
  • Skill enhancement
  • Creative learning
  • Improve thinking capability
  • Boost problem-solving skills

E-learning Apps for Teachers

online classes

Educational applications developed dedicatedly for the teachers allow them to replace the traditional way of teaching with the modern one where there is no physical class. Teachers can assign work or tasks to students and also track the progress in real-time. Apart from this, other benefits of this e-learning application for the teachers include:

  • Flexibility to access information
  • Schedule class at anytime
  • Easy communication with the students and parents
  • Push notifications to alert students about the latest activities
  • e-learning apps for institutions

E-learning Apps for Institutions or Coaching Institutes

Education applications specially developed for the institutions help them in offering online courses where students can enroll in a course from the comfort of their home. With a simple registration, profile creation, and enrollment process, students can learn new courses of their interest. With the app, institutions can do the following:

  • Create leaderboards to make students compete with each other
  • Quizzes and assignments to help students test their skills
  • Discussion forums for better interactions

Let’s look over these examples to know how eLearning apps are making a difference in the education sector-

Kahoot – Game-based Learning Application

Kahoot is a game-based learning application that is being used by many educational institutes and schools to deliver engaging and entertaining learning. The app allows to create different learning games and quizzes on any topic and share it with multiple users who can join and play the game using a specific pin provided by the host. The eLearning app, with more than 70 million active users, has recently raised a funding of $215 million from Softbank. 

Duolingo: eLearning Application

Duolingo is another popular eLearning app where users can learn more than thirty different languages using its freemium model. The app offers courses for English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Swedish, Danish, and other languages. Users can learn a language at any time as per their convenience. Available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 Mobile platforms, Duolingo has 500 million total app downloads. Moreover, it has also raised $35 million funding from the Durable Capital and General Atlantic on a $2.4 billion valuation.

Key Features of eLearning Applications

Apart from providing a comfortable environment for learning, eLearning apps render many other benefits to the students as well as teachers. Let’s dig deeper into the same:

For Students

  • Sign up and Sign in– To let students create their profile through email or social media profiles.
  • Search- To search for a particular course, subject, or tutor on the app.
  • Notification alert- To receive notifications about new courses or to get reminders for the scheduled class.
  • Dashboard- To manage and check their activities on the app.
  • Ratings and reviews– To give ratings and write reviews about a tutor or course.

For Mentors or Teachers

  • Dashboard- To manage classes, share videos, or study material with the students.
  • Time table– To schedule classes for a particular course.
  • Assignment- To give assignments to students.
  • Notifications- To receive an alert regarding queries asked by students or the updates provided by the institution on any course.
  • Sign up and Sign in– To create a new account and then access it at any time.

For Admin Panel

Apart from these two, there could be a third panel as well. This panel could be for the administrator (required in the education app development for a university, school, college, or a coaching institute). Essential features needed to be implemented in this panel include:

  • Sign up- To create a profile on the app.
  • Managing courses- To manage courses offered by the institution.
  • Managing students- To track the performance of students, check how many students are there in a course, and more.
  • Managing teachers- To check the feedback and reviews submitted by teachers, allot them a particular course, and more.
  • Push Notifications- To update teachers and students with the upcoming events, such as exams, the launch of any course, and more.
  • Payment gateway– To check and keep a record of the payments made by students.
  • Content management- To manage the content available on the app.
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Cost of eLearning Mobile App

To estimate the total cost of an eLearning application development, you need to write down the following requirements:

  • Features of your app
  • Platforms (Android, iOS, or any other) on which you want to release your app
  • Size and location of the eLearning app development company
  • The complexity of the app
  • Tools and technologies to be used in the app development
  • Duration of the project
  • Type of eLearning application

After you have the answers to the aforementioned, you can reach out to an eLearning app development company to have an estimated cost. Considering the average cost of eLearning app development, you might need to pay somewhere between $10,000 and $30,000. This cost may increase or decrease depending on your particular app requirements.   

Why Choose Quytech for eLearning App Development?

Quytech is one of the top-notch education app development companies, striving towards implanting the latest technologies into the education system.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Quytech as your mobile app development Company.

  • Customized eLearning app development
  • The expert team of developers ( 3 to 5 years experience)
  • Proven track record of developing hundreds of applications
  • User-friendly experience and easy to manage education mobile app
  • Expertise in AI/ML/AR/VR/Blockchain and other technologies
  • To get a feature-rich, scalable, and robust eLearning application
  • Awarded By Clucth, Goodfirms, Businessofapps as the best Mobile app development company

Our Work in Education Sector:

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