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Augmented Reality For Brands Marketing in Different Sectors: Tips With Benefits To Choose The Right Niche

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Tell Your Brand Story with AR – AR Marketing and Advertising

Augmented reality is acting as a bridge between the user and the brands. Brands Marketing through AR is gaining trend. By augmenting we can create an environment that brings life to imaginary objects. By augmenting our real world with virtual objects we can help our self to learn more in a better way.
In market the picture of the brands revolves around brand marketing throughout the process. It is all about the brand marketing that attracts, that converts, that closes, and that delights. And this makes brand marketing an integral part of marketing communication.
Focusing this way we help to evolve audience imagination and bring clarity to the story. Hence the story based marketing improves efficiency when fused with augmented reality. This is the primary reason why game developers are extensively using augmented reality.
Smartphones are used by many people and this makes Augmented Reality perfect choice for telling any story. And moreover AR is that it is extremely easy to us.

Augmented Reality Marketing in Retail


Augmented reality is the solution that gives you the best experience in possible ways. Talking about shopping and things we love about shopping online AR is helping us. At home it can feel like the products are there around you. The best part of that is the experience of actual shop. Ratings and reviews complete the whole shopping event.

Augmented Reality Brand Marketing for CPG/FMCG

Consumers today expect product information at their fingertips and AR can enhance how product information is delivered for CPG companies. Augmented reality offers an enormous untapped potential for brands to revolutionize their packaging. AR provides different ways connections and engagements with consumers in today’s digital world.
The power of augmented reality is to deliver next generation of personalized customer experiences. AR is a source through what you can communicate with your audience at key moments with Consumers. The retail and consumer goods industry with the help of AR solution is deeply rooted into their daily routines.

Smart Packaging & Sustainability

AR Food Packaging
Augmented reality provided truly intelligent packaging solution. This seems to be different era for the packaging industry. Augmented Reality packaging helps to create a bond with a customer and tries to sell a product on one side. With smart packaging that can modify temperatures, atmospheres or serve the customer in a non-marketing manner AR is beneficial.

In Packaging World augmented reality is used to strengthen their connection with their customers. Companies can use augmented reality with smart devices to display a product display and even the actual product is sealed in a box.
The possible uses for augmented reality are seemingly endless right now, and new uses are likely to emerge as technology continues to advance.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

Augmented reality can improve your restaurant marketing and benefit consumers and brands across the boundaries. It all matter from the moment you’re hungry, to ordering and finally enjoying your meal in couple of minutes.
Augmented reality assists restaurants to manage with healthier step towards customer’s health. Using AR solution we can educate people about their healthier, low sugar, meat-free or vegan menu options and many others.
Augmented reality changes the eating culture or experience by just adding some advance feature and entertainment to it. Providing different promotional prizes each time customers visits to encouraging frequency.

AR Advertising for Automotive Sector

augmented reality for advertising market

Augmented Reality is providing incredible customer experience driving the automotive industry to higher level. The engineer using these solutions can visualize concepts in a different and more effective way and likewise train employees for better performance.
Augmented Reality helps automobile companies to allow their customers to experience the vehicle ride without actually driving it. AR based test drive use three-dimensional effects without being physically present in the vehicle at all. Using Augmented Reality the company can actually approach to the user for contentment and satisfaction about the product.
AR plays a vital role in a vehicle’s design phase. It actually gives the manufacturers the advantage of making their automobile products perfect. This technology, allow to modify the parts during early stages. These small steps helps in reducing the time and cost during the launch phase. Talking about manufacturers, they will have the exact picture of how the car will perform once it gets on the road.

Augmented Reality For Beauty Sector

Beauty brands have brought augmented reality with an interesting idea. To develop an effective marketing tool on mobile by just simply tapping. Exploring the ability to drive trial, a strategy which other marketers could benefit from different sources
It provides better and far easier steps for consumers to try products. Let them virtually test all products and take view for better analysis. Providing AR tutorials to guide user to the perfect results without wasting the time and cost. There are varieties of brand that are growing with technology to really connect with their audience. The possibility of beauty looks opens up a cohesive opportunity to incorporate augmented reality into marketing strategies.

Wine and Spirits

AR allows companies to develop unique campaigns to promote their beverages. Unlike traditional marketing AR campaigns work for both the business and the consumers. While creating a buzz around a product, which hopefully leads to sales, a campaign can also provides customers with interesting and useful information.
User can also be taken to a webpage providing more information on a bottle of wine or spirit. Scanning a label could reveal a list of ingredients needed to make a classical cocktail, along with the date of manufacture. Sellers of alcoholic beverages can also benefit from this modern technology. Pubs or bars could augment their beer taps and coasters to show discounts and promotions when scanned with a smartphone. Want to know the cost of developing Ar for Wines and Spirits?

Augmented reality marketing is a powerful tool to achieve all the parameter as it allows you to communicate to consumers by offering value. It helps in pushing the traditional boundaries out and adopts the upcoming tech world. On the other side how to get engaged with audience using your product, augmented reality advertising is there for you.

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