Enterprise Mobility

Enterprises will spend 20-50 % of their IT budgets on mobility solutions in 2016

From small to large enterprises now understand the importance of mobility and trying to integrating their existing IT infrastructure with latest mobile technologies but security, data loss, lack of knowledge are some of the major factors which has stumbling block their path towards mobility.

Despite these concerns enterprises not hesitating in adopting with new technologies and a recent survey by Soti reveals that  70 percent of those polled will spend nearly one-fifth of their IT budgets on mobility. Another 25 percent of the 118 IT decision makers surveyed said they’re going further, spending 20 to 50 of their IT budgets on mobile technology.

enterprise mobility 2016

Most CIOs and IT managers, 68 percent, consider mobility critical for success. In larger organizations with more than 1,000 employees, that figure climbs to 74. The average company size for all respondents was 19,065 employees.

The report also reveals that not only enterprises are taking advantage but large no of businesses have adapted well because of the huge popularity of tablets and smartphones among business users. 39 % of businesses are “aggressively” using mobile platforms to engage with their partners and customers.

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