2020 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference- Here are the latest updates!

Everything Apple Announced in WWDC 2020

Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) event 2020, held last week, revealed plenty of updates for its users. The event was organized virtually due to the current pandemic situation. Along with releasing new OS versions for all its devices (iPad, iPhone, TVs, Apple Watch, etc.), the American multinational technology company has also unveiled some major updates including, the launch of its completely new chips for its Macs. If, somehow, you missed tuning to WWDC 2020, then check out this post to know everything that had announced there:

Apple Silicon

The company is replacing Intel processes with its own silicon chip. This transition will start by the end of this year with the launch of Apple’s first Mac powered by the ARM processors. The specifications for this upcoming processor were not provided in the event. However, the execs have told that the processor will feature various components including, ML-based applications, integrated graphics, and video editing.

Messages upgrades

With the new iOS 14 update, Mac users will be able to handle multiple chats without any hassle. With this update, users will be able to pin important chats on the top. Moreover, they can also use inline replies to answer to a comment. Other changes this upgrade to messages has brought include:

  • @mentions- to call out specific people in a chat
  • Set important discussions in the center and front
  • Notify Me- to receive notifications when someone in a chat mentions you

Virtual keys

Apple is offering its iPhone (iOS 14) users the digital keys using which they can unlock and start their car. Yes, you heard that right. No need to carry your car keys as you can now unlock it merely by tapping your iPhone. This update will be first available for the BMW 5 Series cars that are scheduled to launch next month. The company is also working on providing this facility for the iOS 13 users. To unlock your car through the digital keys, all you have to do is use NFC (Near-field communication) option on your iPhone.

Customization of app libraries and widgets in iOS 14

app libraries and widgets in iOS 14

With this, Apple is providing its users with more customization options using which they will be able to organize the apps (alphabetically or in custom blocks). On the left side, users will see a suggestion section that will suggest you the applications you may want to access at a given time. On the right side, users will see the recently downloaded applications for quick access.

In the bottom section, you can customize the apps the way you want. The new iOS 14 will also allow its users to drag and drop the widgets near to the applications you want. You can decide how big or small your applications should appear. The new update has also brought a Smart Stack option to see the widgets according to the time of the day. For example- News apps will appear first in the morning and other apps will be displayed after that.

Updates to Apple’s Siri

Instead of taking over the entire screen to display the asked results, Siri will now stay at the bottom of the screen in the form of a glowing overlay. With this, the users will be able to ask questions while continually using different applications on the iPhone. The company has also said that Siri has been fed with 20 times more facts now.

App Clips

With this new feature, users will be able to access a lighter version of the applications (to get some sort of service or to access a store) without signing up with their email address. So, the next time you want to order a meal at Panera (through its app), just use the App clips and do it without creating an account.

Apple Maps with biking and electric vehicle charging options

This is something the company has brought for the environmentally conscious users. Cyclists and electric vehicle users can get information about the charging stops and routing through the Apple maps. The data will be first available for the Ford and BMW vehicles, but the company has assured users to add it for other EVs too.

Cropped incoming call notifications

Earlier, the incoming call notifications used to take over the complete screen, interrupting the users using a particular application. But, with this new update, Apple has cropped the size of these notifications; now, users of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 will see them on the top line. They can be simply dragged down like any other notification.

Sleep Tracking for Apple Watch users

Apple WatchOS 7 users will now be able to use the sleep tracking feature that will automatically dim the Apple watch screen at the time of sleep. Moreover, users can also set the Watch to wake you up with a vibration alarm. Apart from this, the Watch will automatically display show you the battery level, when low.

Facial recognition for the smart home devices users

The all-new iOS 14 has a Home app for the smart home devices. Using this app, users can access additional options to control these devices and receive different suggestions. Moreover, users can also enjoy the facial recognition feature for their compatible cameras as well as doorbells.

Face Sharing in WatchOS 7

If you are an Apple Watch user, you would be able to use this face sharing feature to share personalized and customizable faces through mails or messages.

Update to the Workout App

Apple has added four new types of activities (functional strength, cool-down exercises, dancing, and core training) to its Workout app. It has also rebranded its Activity app to the Fitness app.

Scribbles for the iPads that support Apple Pencil

Now convert your handwriting into typed text with this new feature, especially available for the iPadOS 14. Not just this, the feature is capable of distinguishing between the drawing and the writing.

Apart from the aforementioned ones, Apple has announced various features, such as new privacy labels for the Apple apps, Safari updates, in macOS Big Sur, hand-wash countdown, AirPods Pro Spatial auto, etc., in its WWDC 2020 conference. For more updates, stay tuned.


Apple’s WWDC 2020 event unveiled many big updates that the users of iPad, iPhone, Mac, and other Apple devices have been waiting for. From updating the Workout app, saying goodbye to the Intel chips, adding new app clips, adding sleep tracking, eliminating the need of carrying car keys, upgrading messages, offering face sharing and face recognition feature, and cutting down the size of the incoming call notifications, the company has brought updates for all of its devices.