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Latest Finance App Ideas for Startups


The introduction of technology into the financial and banking industries has altered the face of finance and banking by 180 degrees. In this guide, we are covering the best fintech app ideas for startups that you also can plan to launch your fintech startup. Fintech or the fusion of technology and finance has not just added more convenience to the system but has also improved its security as well as quick and lucrative. It has created a new range of possibilities that have met the requirements of people with disabilities and has had an impact on other companies.

With all the advantages and possibilities that fintech has to offer, the global market is predicted to expand rapidly and will be valued at $927.29 billion by 2025.

global fintech market size

Not only does this indicate that the financial world economy is shifting towards fintech, but, it has also attracted many investors, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs to join the industry.

According to Pitchbook, fintechs profited from venture capital investors by $1.1 billion in 2009. In 2020, the total investment reached $44.1 billion. This number is expected to be higher in 2024 and onwards.

We have stated in this blog in which we have stated that the world’s financial market is heading towards FinTech and not TechFin and you should visit our blog on FinTech as opposed to TechFin to understand the reasoning for the similar.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to join the fast-growing market but aren’t sure the innovative business models for fintech will be the king of the market, we’ll discuss 11 distinct possibilities. It is also possible to help your business succeed by preventing your fintech startup from the risk of failure.

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10 Fintech App Ideas for Startups That Will Inspire You in 2024-2027

1. Financial Record Management

The keeping of payment receipts, as well as tax invoices along with other documents related to finances, could be a daunting task for many. To ensure that maintaining financial records is simple for busy people, creating apps that can be used with a fantastic idea for a business that is financially profitable.

2. InsurTech

You may know insurance, it’s always been a co-running enterprise alongside banking in the financial sector. They’ve worked in sync between them in various instances. Now, as finance has become a “fintech,” insurance has also come out with an upgraded version of its service known as Insurtech. Insurtech mobile app development is an effective way to expand your client base and grow your business.

This subdomain, through the use of the latest technology like AI, IoT, Blockchain, Open API, and Machine learning, is enabling insurance companies to deliver superior customer service by studying the vast amount of data from users and market trends, comprehending the preferences and feelings, offering an individual and fast policy choices for comparison, reducing risks, and more. This is all without the need for any insurance broker from a third party.

3. Mobile Banking App

The first and most significant fintech app concept you can invest in is digital banking.

In the past couple of years, a radical change has been observed in how people communicate with banks. They also enjoy banking services. Customers are no longer enthused by the need to go to their local ATMs or banks for money transfers or other reasons. They are instead enjoying the benefits of digital banking, such as the convenience of making transactions as well as investing in accounts, opening deposits and opening accounts and blocking cards, registering beneficiaries, and more just by tapping their mobile devices.

Thanks to these services the idea of investing in digital banking apps has gained immense popularity within the market. This sector only served 9 percent of the internet audience in the year 2011. In just six years, it was a component of 69% of internet viewers. What’s even more fascinating is that this is only the beginning! Numerous factors such as Coronavirus can act as a catalyst to the market’s growth.

4. RegTech

RegTech apps are also in the category of top mobile app ideas for the top fintech startups.

These mobile solutions assist financial institutions to comply with international and local standards. 

They allow organizations to automate the majority of their processes, which includes identification verification for customer reporting, report compilation and submissions as well as monitoring and reporting of transactions and reporting, etc.

They also increase the rate of retention of customers.

One of the ripple effects has been that Regtech apps have been ranked as the most popular fintech developments for the year 2024 and are predicted to create a market worth $73 billion by the close of 2025.

5. Peer-to-Peer Money Transfer App

With the growth of the market for peer-to-peer payments looking forward to the best way to create an application that uses P2P is also a good idea.

The P2P payment applications such as Venmo, Google Pay, Zelle, and PayPal offer users an unmatched facility to transfer funds to bank account holders in a matter of minutes – even if they are registered with various payment and banking institutions. They’re cutting down on the requirement to use third-party intermediaries, or paying any commission fees for the execution of any transaction.

Furthermore, these fintech mobile solutions use the most up-to-date technologies such as NFC and facial and voice biometrics to simplify POS processing, improve the risk management process, and offer the most satisfying customer experience.

Here are some of the features that money transfer applications offer:

  • Transaction using OTP/Unique ID
  • transaction history
  • send and receive money
  • Pay/split bills and invoices
  • Balance check and account details
  • Real-time notifications and alerts
  • chat feature
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6. Personal Finance (WealthTech)

Personal finance apps (WealthTech) are another of the top apps for financial management to explore this market with ease.

As consumers become more aware about their money and savings These apps are beginning to gain acceptance in the market, which is causing both startups and investors to plan to develop personal finance apps.

The apps are an instrument by which users can organize their income and expenses and keep track of them in real-time to gain a better understanding of how they can control their finances efficiently.

Personal finance apps which are based on the principles of how to create efficient personal finance apps also offer users the possibility of connecting every credit and bank account, and automatically keep the data up-to-date, as well as reminders for payments. It’s also the best part that the information is presented in a visually appealing manner that adds user-friendliness.

7. Loan Lending app

Making a finance app that allows P2P lending is one of the latest app concepts that are gaining popularity in the fintech space.

A loan lending application (also known as a P2P lending application) serves as an online marketplace where lenders and borrowers connect and meet the needs of each other without the product discovery services from any institution. On one hand, they allow customers to determine the maximum rate of loans they are able to manage. On the other hand, they allow lenders to bargain with one another to provide loans at the most affordable rate. In this way, they will you can attract more customers or borrowers.

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8. App for Trading and Investing

Making efforts in the process of developing apps for trading and investing is yet another choice that could allow you to enjoy fame in the market.

People, today, are embracing platforms that enable them to get complete knowledge of stocks, shares, funds, and forex and then invest them in an efficient way. They are paying greater focus on applications that collect information about investments from various sources, and allow users to estimate the asset’s value and make the best choice.

In this regard, if you’re looking for a chance to get involved in developing an app for trading in stocks It is recommended that you first have an idea of your needs for your budget. This is because a lack of funds can stop the project, and force you to eliminate the essential Fintech App Development Services features delay the launch, and many more.

9. Digital Wallet App

A mobile wallet or digital wallet, in simple terms, is a virtual mobile-based wallet where one can store cash for making mobile, online or offline payments.

Digital wallets offer users a way to avoid carrying around physical wallets or credit or debit cards, their market is also increasing. 

They offer users the possibility of making payments in just a few clicks or with biometrics while receiving attractive coupons and offers as a reward.

It has been predicted that the market for digital wallets will reach $7,581.91 Billion by 2024. 

This is enough to inform you why you should choose this from numerous innovative apps that allow entrepreneurs to get into the world of finance.

10. App to remind you of Bills

A bill reminder app could prove to be an effective bill-saving tool for those who are frequently unable to pay their electric or water bills, as well as phone and credit card, and other bills on time and consequently, must be charged late payment fees without a valid reason. Consider putting together applications that remind customers of the due dates for bills.

And one more…

11. Blockchain-related applications

As we witness the rising influence of blockchain in the field of fintech embracing the technology to begin a new business is a profitable strategy.

Presently, numerous fintech startups in 2021 as well as established companies such as, Circle, LAToken, Veem, and PayStand depend on this technology to provide an array of choices for their users. This includes:

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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Fintech App

A fintech app with basic and advanced functionality and a simple to complex user interface for a single platform will cost between $35,000 and $1,00,000.

Fintech App with Basic Feature$35,000 and $45,000
Fintech App Advance Features$45,000 and $80,000
Complex Fintech App$80,000 and $2,50,000 and more…

These are rough estimates that can vary a lot based on various aspects such as platform specificity, functionality, API integration, complexity, development team, hourly developer rate, interaction patterns, and more.

But, we have covered more regarding cost, please have a look.

Cost Defined by Types of Apps

Let’s compare the prices depending on the different types of Finance Applications.

Type of AppDevelopment cost
Banking App$35,000 to $67,000
Lending App$30,000 to $55,000
Insurance App$45,000 and $72,000
Investment App$65,000 and $120,000
Consumer Finance App$70,000 to $250,000

As we can see, if we compare the cost for the app developers in the US with other European countries, we can notice that Fintech mobile app development in Eastern Europe can be available even for startups.

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Concluding Thoughts

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