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11 Unique Finance App Ideas to Consider for your Startup in 2021

Are you looking out for an innovative finance app idea for your startup? You are in the right place! Here, in this article, we have provided a list of seven innovative startup fintech mobile application ideas that you can think of developing. All these ideas have been provided after a thorough market research and looking over to users’ demands.

11 innovative finance app development ideas for your startup

  1. eWallets – OnDemand app idea
  2. Loan lending app – Trending fintech idea
  3. Personal finance management (PFM) app – Startup app idea
  4. Blockchain app – Latest startup fintech idea
  5. P2P payment solutions – Business app idea
  6. RegTech App – Unique idea
  7. Insurtech App – OnDemand app idea
  8. Bill reminder app – Startup Fintech app idea
  9. Point of sale app – Business app idea
  10. Financial record-keeping app – Latest startup fintech idea
  11. One-stop banking app – OnDemand app idea


e-Wallets or digital wallets offer users the convenience of making payments within the blink of an eye. With such a wallet, users don’t have to carry physical wallets or credit/debit cards while heading out for purchasing groceries, household items, or any other product.

The popularity of eWallets can be seen from a recent report from Grand View Research, Inc. This report unveils that the global mobile wallet market is projected to reach US $7,581 billion by 2024. Need we say more? So consider building a digital wallet for your Startup and step into the finance industry with a bang. 

Loan lending app

This type of application can build a bridge between those who want loans and the loan lenders. They can connect and fulfill their loan-related requirements. A loan lending app can provide the lenders an option to reach more customers and lend money at a higher interest rate.

Similarly, it can also provide the borrowers with a platform to connect multiple lenders and choose the one who offers the loan at the lowest interest rate. Make sure you add security and privacy features to make your users feel secure.

Finance management app

Developing a personal finance management app is yet another great startup mobile app idea. Such an app would help people to keep track of their spending, investments, savings, and earnings. You can add specialized features to make people categorize their expenses or set reminders when the spending crosses the defined limit.

A personal finance management app can assist people to smartly and efficiently manage their finances and meet their savings goals. If you consider creating this app, make sure the interface is friendly, simple, and appealing.

Blockchain app

Blockchain is flourishing with each passing day; people are using cryptocurrency to make online transactions. Therefore, developing a blockchain app that facilitates users to transact using cryptocurrency can be a lucrative option for your startup.

Veem, Circle, LAToken, PayStand, and are some of the applications that are already there in the market. If you are planning to develop this type of app, you can go through Veem or other applications to understand their business model, monetization strategy, and other things.

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P2P payment solutions

Peer to Peer market has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. The applications that offer P2P services provide consumers the convenience of transferring funds from one account to another instantly. In other words, consumers can transfer money directly to any bank account.

These applications are becoming popular as they are eliminating the need of the mediators or third-party websites that charge a commission fee to facilitate fund transfers. On top of that, these applications are built using top-notch technology such as biometric, face recognition, NFC, and more to ensure smooth and streamlined transactions. You can consider building such an application to earn big.

RegTech App

Such application would help financial companies to automate processes like compiling reports, verifying customer identity, submitting reports, monitoring and reporting various transactions, and more. RegTech applications are the hottest trend in the finance industry; these apps are projected to reach US $53 billion by 2021. This number was $10.6 billion in 2017. Therefore, considering it as your startup mobile app idea is definitely a worthwhile option.  

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Insurtech App

The insurance industry walks hand-in-hand with the banking and finance sector. And since the finance industry has been modernized to fintech, you can also upgrade the insurance sector to insurtech by integrating modern technology into it.

Bill reminder app

A bill reminder app can be a savior to those who often forget to pay their electricity, water, mobile phone, credit card, and other bills on time, and hence, have to pay unnecessary late payment charges. You can consider creating such an app that reminds users about the bill due dates. This idea would definitely be a hit among users.

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Point of sale app

This type of app can be a boon for brick and mortar businesses. You can think of developing an app that would help businesses to accept payments from all types of cards, digital wallets, mobile payments, and more. Since customers these days don’t rely on one mode of payment, such an app would help businesses to increase their sales and deliver an unmatchable customer experience.

Financial record-keeping app

This type of app can help people to maintain records of their file receipts, invoices, taxes, and other financial records. Such an application would also relieve them from the hassle of maintaining and carrying paper receipts when required.

One-stop banking app

By developing and offering this type of app, you can make people manage all their accounts from one app. Yes, they can check balance, make transactions, and do other activities by logging in with their different bank accounts in a single app. This idea has not been developed yet; therefore, it could be a big hit among users. Security of the app and privacy of users’ data would be the two main concerns that you would have to keep in mind during the development.

You must be thinking about the technologies that can revolutionize the insurance industry. The answer to this question is artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and a few more. These technologies help in delivering an unmatched experience by forecasting the upcoming trends, understanding users’ demands, providing customized policy comparison features, with risk assessment, and more. WeFox is one of the examples of the insurtech app.

How to develop a financial app?

No matter if you already have a finance idea or have shortlisted one from the above-mentioned list, we, at Quytech, can help you to turn it into reality. All you have to do is to provide us your specific app requirements or share your business goals, and we will provide you a feature-rich and scalable application within your budget. Here is why you should choose Quytech, a trusted finance app development company:

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Please note Quytech also offers “hire dedicated developers” services for those who want to hire developers for finance mobile app development. All the developers are experienced and adept; moreover, they have expertise in the latest technologies and tools required for the finance app development. You can hire them on an hourly or monthly basis.

What is the finance or fintech app development cost?

Finance + Technology = Fintech! Calculating the cost of developing a fintech mobile app depends on many factors and some of them are:

  • On which platform you want to launch your app
  • Features and complexity of the app
  • Technology stack of the app
  • Geographic location and experience of the mobile app development company

Approximately, you might need to pay between US $30,000 to $1,00,000 for a finance app development. The price may change depending on your particular requirements. 

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Bottom Line

With the advent of technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and more, the finance industry is flourishing at an unprecedented rate. People are now relying on mobile applications for transferring funds, investing, and other finance purposes. That’s one of the biggest reasons why the demand for finance app development is rising.

If you want to be the one fulfilling these demands with a feature-rich, robust, and scalable fintech app, then check out the seven novel ideas given in this article. After shortlisting anyone from them, you can contact one of our professionals to discuss the financial app development process.