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Health And Fitness App Development- Trends, Statistics, Features, and Cost

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The popularity of the Health And Fitness Apps is on the prime. These days’ people are becoming health-conscious. Thus, to take this advantage smart Fitness apps are getting introduced into the market.

To elevate the standards of fitness of users, these apps have features with the best diet and exercise plans right at their fingertips. Health And Fitness App count on basic facilities that a gym offers.  Being handy these fitness tracking App has become easier than ever to use.

Thus, the users can use these apps to gather the smallest details such as the number of steps walked, the number of calories consumed, distance covered, and a lot many things.

Health And Fitness App Development Trends 2022

  • Virtual trainers
  • Live workouts
  • Smart clothing and wearable tech
  • Use of AI for personalized workout and diet plans
  • Use of machine learning and movement recognition technologies

Health And Fitness App Statistics

U.S. fitness app market size, by type, 2016 - 2028 (USD Million) 

  • According to Reports and Data, the global fitness app market is expected to reach USD 14.64 Billion by 2027.
  • Wearables are one of the biggest fitness segments with an expected market volume of USD 18,984 by the end of 2022.
  • According to Statista, the number of users using fitness apps worldwide is expected to reach 378.7 million by 2023.
  • As per Statista, the total revenue generated by health and fitness apps is expected to reach USD 4101 million by 2023.

Types of Fitness Mobile Applications

These are the most common types of fitness mobile apps:

  • Fitness tracking apps (Example- Fitbit)
  • Yoga and meditation apps (Example- HeadSpace and Yoga Studio)
  • Exercise and workout apps (Example-, Nike+ Running Club, Fitbod, and more)
  • Nutrition or diet plan monitoring app (Example- HealthyOut, Food Intolerances, Nutrients, and more)

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Key Features of Health And Fitness App

Giants like Apple forecasted on this trend in the market to provide something new in the ones so they created a unique wearable with respective App. The idea behind this amazing featured App is to compel the users to download them. An innovative App integrated with features takes a user’s scores higher than it is expected.

With an aim to enrich users with some ordinary fitness App and to make the user more aware of their health. Thus, fitness app development is in strong demand. As a result, there are numerous fitness apps on the App Store today and users have so many choices.

Health And Fitness App is featured for the user that has a winning advantage as it motivates them to aim for the better. Their users with different goals may be diverse.

Accordingly, users such as those who are particular about calorie restriction, weight loss, distance covered, height climbed, etc. can track their targets. Such a tracking feature enables a comparison between the actual performance and goals to estimate the effectiveness of their plan.

To develop fitness featured the app that offers users with flexible engagement here are some features that users probably love to know about.

Regulates Meals

This App has the fundamental and certainly important feature to allow the user to track their meals items. Manually to do this might not be the most convenient thing to do but this App offers such facilities.

This simplified the struggling where the user finds it inconvenient what meal items need to be to added or not on the list. Thus, the app is integrated with the option for users to create them know Meals list and track them on a daily basis.

Therefore, the user can easily add in meals and track all the items with the simplest way ever before.

Track Your Daily Progress

To create the level of enthusiasm among the users this app has a practical approach. Daily progress report with the live status of the user helps to maintain the progress.

Here is this App that allows the user to maintain the record right from the first day of Gym. The progress report tracker helps to keep a record of what the user started with a certain weight.

Understanding the requirement of the user these statistics definitely scale the most accurate measure of progress which always adds the craze to move forward with the desired results. Therefore, if you ever wanted to manage and track your progress this app is here to assist you.

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Daily Summary

Daily analysis and summary is a complete overview of the day. Status of daily summary forecast the results which decide the upcoming daily schedules. Thus, we can say that this is the perfect way to end your day with a proper summary.

The best part of the daily summary is that it comes with graphs and statistics. The user can visualize the daily summary and plan accordingly.

The summary is not only about the user routine but also about the macronutrients and micronutrients intakes.  Thus, the user can get a complete idea of breakfast, lunch, and dinner after one on the click “Daily Summary” button.

The user gets the daily nutrition log and compares it with the last report with the help daily summary.

User Personalization

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Personalization is an integral feature of any health and fitness app. It helps enhance user experience while maximizing your profits. Wondering, how? Well, when a user feels that your app addresses all their personal needs and help them achieve their fitness goals, they will keep coming back to the application.

To make effectively utilize personalization, your health and fitness app must collect some user information like gender, height, weight, and more. Further integrating it with Artificial Intelligence adds more value to offer a customized user experience. For instance, Butterfly Coach stands out from other similar apps in the market by providing a personal virtual trainer instead of a programmed course. These little things can win you customers!

Connectivity Wearable Devices

The market is full of Wearables like Jawbone, Android Wear, Apple Watch, and Fitbit. Their wearables are prominent digital watches that connect with the fitness and gym App.

The best part is that they are very much compatible with the type of app.  It is sure that if a wearable device is available in the market that means  respective App is also launched in the market.

With the aim to keep a track of the wearer’s health this technology has significant benefits for the user. Such Tech-Integration helps the user with relevant inputs such as heartbeat rate, calorie burnt, per day running distance, and various other essential things are easily captured by the smartwatch.

Diet Suggestion with Live Chat/Video

Another best part of these App is the diet suggestion with diet chat or video. Therefore, this is the reason why users download this kind of app. Apart from getting access to the right eating plan that boosts good health users have a keen interest in a live chat with an expert.

Thus at the time of App development, an app developer must suggest users with live chat options. Thus the user can consult as per user-preferred weight & food habits.

To enhance the user experience, Live-chat integration can be linked to a nutrition or diet expert. The developer can take this into consideration at the time of the app development.

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Time & Track Daily Workouts

Youngsters who go through daily workouts perhaps can check the time and long hours of daily workouts. Thus, using this feature users can actually workout within the scheduled time. While going through this feature users concentrate on the time and count reps simultaneously.

With a simple touch, the user can play favorite songs without interrupting the workout. Such a feature is essential for the users as the level of exercise can be managed accordingly with the time.

Therefore, the tracking of daily workout can be accomplished with this app, where the time and tracking feature works parallel. This feature allows the user to complete the exercise on the decided parameter and get the desired result.

Social Sharing with Geo Location

This is another attractive feature that can elevate the user experience. The user can do social sharing. Enabled with the geolocation feature helps the user to share the post on the social platform. We can say that it is another big plus for this application.

Through this, users can exchange tips and share their personal achievements during their training. Thus, this can be inspiring and can be motivating for fellow users.

Apart from that this motivates them to achieve new goals. This app helps them to work even more conscientiously. Moreover, the user can send relevant location-based notifications to the friends.

Health And Fitness App Development- Teams and Technologies

You need a full-fledged development and designing team to develop a Health And fitness application. Depending on the size of your app the number of developers or designers may increase.

  1. UI/UX designer
  2. Developer (Android or iOS)
  3. Project manager
  4. App testing engineer

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Tech Stack Needed to Build a Health And Fitness App

You can consider the following technology stack for health and fitness app development:

  • For Android- Java
  • For iOS- Swift
  • For backend development- Laravel (PHP)

To know the detailed tech stack to develop a fitness and gym app, reach out to a custom mobile app development company.

How to Earn Money Through a Health And Fitness Mobile App?

Deciding on the monetization strategy is one of the important tasks that should be done during the initial phase of  Fitness App Development. There are three ways you can earn money through your fitness application:

  • In-app advertisement
  • Premium subscriptions
  • In-app purchases

Do You Want to Build Up an App Like MyFitnessPal


Are you thinking to develop a powerful fitness app like MyFitnessPal, then Quytech is the right place. Quytech is a reputed heathcare application development company that builds feature-rich apps as per client’s requirement at the best prices. The development team here has proven its capability in developing an exceptional app like MyFitnessPal with highly advanced  , based on their specific height, weight, and gender.

  • Offer Multi-level check on vegetables, fruits, meat, and other foods and tell which food is best for you.
  • Proper insights such as Calorie counts of the food by nutrition specialist is mentioned with every meal.
  • The app also offers outstanding physical fitness services involving yoga, Boxing, Running, S&C, and other Sports depending upon the user’s fitness..

Cost to Develop an App like MyFitnessPal App

The cost of developing a fitness application like the MyFitnessPal App depends on the answer to the following questions:

  • What are the features you want to add to your app?
  • What is the platform on which you want to release your app?
  • What is the size and location of your development team?
  • The complexity of your app?
  • What is the tech stack required for your app?

An estimated cost would be approximately USD 20,000 – 35,000 for both iOS and Android. This may increase depending on your specific app requirements.

Quytech Experience in Fitness Industry:

Here at Quytech, we have over 10 years of experience in app development for the healthcare & fitness industry. One of our latest projects in this industry is  Picfit App.

PicFit is more than a fitness app designed for users to share, upload and exchange their daily exercise routines.

Here is the feature list of the App:

  • Connect with fitness health professionals
  • Get golden coins/ reward on achieving a goal
  • Create groups with Gym buddy friends
  • Get discounts through associate links to the app

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Mobile app for health And fitness business added advantages in terms of promoting services in this field. There are many businesses in the sector of fitness and gym broadcasting their services with the help of the mobile application. Leading health and fitness startup are looking forward to integrating mobile apps to forecast the targeted audience. Mobile app development is increasingly changing the potential scenario of the brands and its services. Users are getting privileged services through the mobile app, helping the brands to stay connected to the users 24/7.

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