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Flutter vs Swift: Explore an Impeccable Solution for iOS App Development

Flutter vs Swift

Flutter vs Swift 

According to Statista, mobile apps worldwide generated $462 billion in revenue. The two most popular app stores, Google Play and Apple App Store, respectively offer 2.9 and 2.0 million apps. All of that is consumed by 4.5 billion internet users around the world, according to Hootsuite.

It would be a shame not to be a part of this growing business. Are you interested in knowing more in-depth? So let’s see which technology will help you make a better deal.


In this high-tech age, various technologies are constantly gaining popularity among the developer community. And if we talk about the development of native iOS applications, it is worth comparing Flutter and Swift. Both technologies are favorable for building iOS apps; however, choosing the best one among them would be a bit tricky.

Swift has been used for many years as it is an upgrade to Objective-C, while Flutter is supported by Google developers. So, both are holding strong in the competition. But before we start the comparison between Flutter and Swift and decide which one is the best for iOS app development, let’s start with their beautiful presentations first.

A Quick Look at What Exactly These Frameworks Hold

Proceed on to know what exactly Flutter is and also a descriptive explanation of Swift. 

What is Flutter?

According to Google, Flutter is a cross-platform UI toolkit designed specifically to enable code reuse between operating systems like Android and iOS. It is free and open source and is based on the object-oriented programming language called DART.

Google invented Flutter and Dart which was released in 2011 while Flutter was released in 2017. Flutter allows developers to create two similar versions of their apps at the same time. Due to its platform-independent nature, Flutter uses a single codebase to work on both Android and iOS.

While Swift is a programming language, Flutter is basically a platform that combines Dart and the widget concept to create intuitive apps. So, in case you have a requirement to develop using Flutter then, you should hire flutter developer in India to proceed ahead. 

Key Features of flutter
  • What is Swift?

An open-source programming language created by Apple dedicated to the development of native iOS applications. It was delivered in 2014 and turned out to be very famous, dismissing Objective-C as the main innovation for building native iOS apps. Swift stands out for its imaginative methodology, speed of coding, and intensive documentation.

It is intended to provide security and higher rates for each piece of programming that is worked with since it is not dedicated specifically to the development of mobile applications. The Swift programming language can also be used for web, workspace, and worker applications. All devices with an Apple operating system, such as TVs, watches, and iPads, use Swift-encoded programming.

The essential environment used to build native applications with this programming language is XCode. Building programming used by Swift is said to be simple, fast, and relies on designs that are known and appreciated by the natives.

Key features of swift

What’s the Need, We Are Comparing the Both? 

If one of them is a programming language and the other is a set of tools or a platform, why should we even compare them? Both are popular solutions for mobile and web applications. You can use either of them for your iOS app, and both are worth considering.

Years of experience show that it is not always necessary to use the platform’s native solution to create a successful application. Especially if you plan to expand your offering and deliver the same app on other platforms.

So, which of them will be better and more suitable for your business?

Let’s find out!

Compare & Contrast Flutter Vs Swift to Find a Perfect Solution for iOS App

To compare Flutter to Swift, we’ll look at the following factors:

#1- Coding Efficiency

Swift is a great and fast way to start developing an iOS app. In general, it works fine. However, it takes longer to reflect code changes. On the other hand, Swift developers believe that it provides a faster build time, particularly for the initial build of an application.

On the other hand, Flutter comes with a host of widgets, libraries, navigation, and testing tools to help you code faster. Flutter developers don’t have to worry about polishing UI elements because Flutter takes care of that. Additionally, Flutter’s Hot Reload reduces the time it takes to observe recent code changes. As an outcome, changes are done more promptly. Also, the same app built in Flutter typically requires fewer lines of code than its Swift counterpart.

#2- Performance

As the native language of iOS apps, Swift offers a significant benefit. For tasks that require a lot of processing power, you should expect better results. Swift may be the best option to improve the platform.


Flutter, on the other hand, does not lag. Dart first employs a garbage collector. Second, it is compiled ahead of time, which allows for a fast connection to the device. Flutter will work almost as well as native Swift unless you need to take full advantage of the iOS platform.

#3- Stability

Although these technologies are still in their infancy, they do not pose a significant threat to stability. The professionals who use them daily create and manage them. As a native technology, in theory, Swift should be more stable and reliable on iOS than Flutter. However, that’s only if you can discover and hire swift developer who knows how to get the most out of Apple products.

Flutter vs Swift – A Detailed Comparison of Strong Competitors 

Check out the descriptive comparison between two robust competitors: 

Components Flutter Swift 
Released date20172014
Developed byGoogle Apple 
Development time Performs unexpectedly after initial clean, build development time.Performs consistently during and after the initial clean build development time. 
Accessibility Having support for external tools to support accessibility. Having in-build support for adding accessibility to your iOS app. 
IntegrationNevercode Jenkins 
App Size Larger app sizesFlexible app sizes
Learning Curve The overall learning curve with a dart is easy specifically, with IOS, it lags behind swift. Excellent documentation and easy learning curve due to comprehensive documentation provided by Apple. 
Budget ConsiderationMore budget-friendlyExpensive 

Major Instances of iOS Apps Using Flutter & Swift 

If the above comparison couldn’t help you decide, let’s see how the company uses both Flutter and Swift. They are apparently used by both small and large companies:

Applications that Use Swift

  • Asana is a project management web and mobile application delivered as SaaS.
  • Lyft is a global company that offers a mobile application for car rental, a shared bike system, and food delivery services.
  • Firefox for iOS: Mozilla’s web browser uses the native iOS language for security purposes.

 iOS Apps Using Flutter & Swift 

Application Developed With Flutter

  • – Some say it is the largest real estate website in the United States that employs innovative marketing solutions.
  • Philips Hue – This mobile app lets you adjust your smart home lights to your media, according to your current mood or whim.
  • Google Ads – Of course, Google also uses your products. Ads is an online advertising platform with a wide variety of services.


As per a leading mobile app development company it is not difficult to compare Flutter vs Swift, but you need to conclude several factors to get the right results. From development ethics to documentation, this guide will help you compare these technologies and come up with the right winner.

However, if we conclude everything, Flutter still needs some time to reach the level of maturity and popularity of the Swift programming language. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be considered for dynamically vast applications. Make your choice based on your project and final product goals.

If in case, you need any kind of assistance regarding the same, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you to the best of our knowledge.

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