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How a Food Delivery App can help you Boost your Business?

food ordering app for restaurants

The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus has led people to socially distance themselves to avoid human contact and minimize the chance of getting infected. This pandemic situation has also caused people to face many challenges with getting food as the biggest one. Since most of the convenience stores and restaurants have been limited to accept either takeout or home-delivery orders only, it is the right time to develop a food delivery application.

Apptopia, an independent app analysis company, has also unveiled that there has been observed a great rise in the number of downloads of food delivery apps in the past week only. Keeping in view this demand of online food delivery and current crisis, it is a great idea to have your own food delivery application where patrons can contact you to buy groceries, lattes, and other items. 

Here are the other points that prove that food delivery applications can become a lifeline to food and beverages providers during Coronavirus crisis:

Ensuring continuous supply of the essentials

Apps with “leave at my door delivery” feature can help restaurants, grocery, and other departmental stores to continue delivering food without violating the social distancing. Primarily designed for dropping the packages when the customer is not at home, “leave at my door delivery” option can be a good practice to deliver food without leaving the delivery persons at risk of the virus. In short, it can turn the idea of contactless delivery into reality.

Helping people stay indoor

The increased demand for food can be fulfilled only if restaurants and grocery stores keep working like before (of course, with a little more hygiene and safety practice). Doing this will not only help consumers to get essentials without moving out from their places but also make the food chains to grab a bigger share of the pie.

Looking over the report provided by Apptopia, it can be seen that the food delivery apps such as Instacart, Target, Shipt, and Walmart Grocery have seen a hike of 218%, 98%, 124%, and 160%, respectively, in the downloads on March 15, 2020. The rising demand for online food orders will increase their revenue, which will be way more than the one-time food delivery app development cost.

Curbing in-store visits

With Coronavirus spreading at the speed of light, it is strictly recommended to everyone to avoid contacting people. Food ordering app for restaurants and grocery stores is keeping people away from crowded stores without affecting their sales. The ease of placing an order and receiving food items at the doorsteps is making them skip store visits and shift to food delivery apps.

Minimizing overheads

Since people have started ordering the required food items through applications, cutting down extra expenses has become easier. It means no extra staff is needed to assist people with different queries, to serve food on the tables in a restaurant, and for other purposes. This is helping businesses to keep going in the market.

To help people get one of the biggest essential services i.e., food amid Coronavirus lockdown, even restaurants are coming up with various initiatives. Uber Eats waiving off delivery charge on ordering from independent restaurants is a sheer example of it.

So, if you have shuttered your store or restaurant due to COVID-19 outbreak and want to resume the services, then contact Quytech (the best food delivery app development company) and get an easy to use and simple to install food delivery application now.