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Generative AI in Journalism: Use Cases, Benefits, Future, and More


Once, the famous Irish poet Oscar Wilde said the following lines about journalism.  

“In America, the president reigns for four years, and journalism governs forever and ever.”

Journalism is a field of responsibility, truth, empowerment,  and ethics and is often called the voice of the people. It has given people the information they need to make the best choices regarding their lives, communities, societies, and governments. 

Today, many giant news corporations leverage cutting-edge technologies like Generative AI to improve their process of news-delivering and journalism. BuzzFeed and The New York Times have opted for Generative AI to benefit journalism. 

But the question is, Can Generative AI really disrupt Journalism? 

In this blog, we will tell you everything about Generative AI in journalism and find the answer to this question. So, let’s get started. 

Generative AI in Journalism: The Current Statistics and Recent News 

Let’s start the conversation by exploring current statistics and news about Generative AI in journalism.

Generative AI in Journalism: The Current Statistics and Recent News 

source: WAN-IFRA

  1. A recent survey conducted by WAN-IFRA found that newsrooms of almost 49% of survey respondents use Generative AI tools to ease the processes. 
  1. The respondents mentioned that personalization of news, translation, and a higher level of workflow/efficiency improvements are specific use cases where they expect GenAI to be more helpful in the future.
  1. According to descriptive statistics, 91% of respondents agree that AI is less biased than humans in journalism. 
  1. Narrative Science, a company that trains AI to generate news, predicts that AI will produce 90% of news by 2030.
  1. According to a global poll, half of responding newsroom executives see Generative AI tools as a more supportive tool in the newsroom, with only 8% seeing AI as a way to increase quality.

Now, let’s move forward and explore the innovative use cases of Generative AI in journalism.  

Innovative Use Cases of Generative AI in Journalism

In this section, we will explore the various use cases of Generative AI in journalism. 

  1. News Content Writing 

The need for fresh news content in journalism never ends. Every second, there is a need for new scripts for anchors, new headlines for breaking news, pictures, videos, and many more. Currently, the writers are working very hard to meet these requirements. 

With Generative AI, this content creation will get somewhere effortless. Journalists can use Generative AI news writing tools to write scripts, bulletins, headlines, teasers, and more in just a few minutes. They can produce fresh content in less time with Generative AI tools in journalism, decreasing the efforts they put into the work. 

  1. Data Analysis and Visualizations

Journalists go through a massive stack of data and report every minute. They have to analyze these reports correctly and present the outcomes in a summarized form quickly. 

With Generative AI, their jobs get convenient as the AI tool can analyze massive amounts of data and deliver short summaries and report visualizations such as graphs, charts, heat maps, and more.  

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  1. Language Translation

There is always a need for multilingual news in journalism. Moreover, when a news channel broadcasts international news, the news can belong from any part of the world. 

Therefore, to make it personalized for the local audience, it is necessary to translate it into the local language. For example, if Fox News broadcasts the news from the recent riots in Paris, it will be necessary to translate it into US English to make it personalized for the US audience. 

Generative AI can play a significant role in translating news into the local language in no time. News channels can hire AI developers to train the AI model in various languages worldwide, and when prompts are given to AI, it will translate the news in no time. It will save a lot of time and resources for journalism corporates. 

  1. Personalization of Content and Recommendations 

These days, providing personalized content to cater to the audience has become necessary. If news channels and printed newspapers present an irrelevant category of news to the audience, then no one will watch or read the news. 

Thus, it becomes necessary to present what the audience wants. News channels can use Generative AI tools to gain insights into the audience preferences of various demographics, age-group, interests, and more. 

  1. Sentiment Analysis 

Considering the audience’s sentiments while presenting the news is crucial in journalism. Editors of news channels and newspapers take care that no single piece of news may hurt the sentiments of the people. 

Generative AI in journalism helps editors and other professionals to analyze the audience sentiments belonging to different regions, age groups, interests, communities, etc. 

Generative AI analyzes various data based on the response a piece of news gets and presents the outcomes based on what worked and what did not. It helps to understand how the audience responds to particular news and what they want to consume more. 

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  1. Facts Verification 

No one wants to spread fake news in journalism. Not only does fake news hurt people’s sentiments, but it also destroys the reputation and trustworthiness of the news channel and newspapers. 

Therefore, it is vital to check the facts before presenting the news. Non-factual news is very harmful to the society we live in. 

But, the process for fact verification is a lengthy and time-consuming process. One has to visit various sources to cross-check the authenticity of the facts.  But, with Generative AI, journalists can verify the facts quickly and accurately and save time. 

They do not need to visit different websites; instead, they can just enter the prompt into the AI, and the results from different sites will show in a single place.  

  1. Virtual Anchors 

Virtual Anchors are the new buzz in the journalism industry. At first, nobody thought of a robot anchoring the live news to the audience. 

But, when China’s news agency presented its AI-based news anchor, which can read news in dual languages and works 24/7/365, the true potential of Generative AI gets revealed. 

Virtual News Anchors are on the rise in several countries. China, India, and Kuwait have already started using Generative AI-based news anchors to present news to audiences. 

Soon, we will witness more virtual anchors taking up the newsrooms and reading the news all day without any break. 

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Benefits of Employing Generative AI in Journalism

Generative AI provides news channels and newspapers with several benefits. So, this section will discuss the benefits of Generative AI in journalism.  

01- Saves Costs and Time 

Generative AI utilizes machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to generate content like news headlines, storylines, summaries, and more, in no time. It eliminates the need for a human to do all these tasks, thus saving cost and time.  

02- Enhances Productivity

The need for new content is dynamic as news changes every second. It increases the workload on journalists and writers in the journalism business, affecting their productivity. 

But, thanks to technology advancements, Generative AI in journalism can help writers and journalists with in-depth research, provide ideas for the content, enhance storytelling and news writing, and more, thus enhancing their productivity. 

03- Helps in New Experiments 

These days, hundreds of news channels and newspapers present the same news to the audiences. News businesses need to present the news in a customized to grab the attention of viewership. 

Thus, they use Generative AI to experiment with new things for creating storylines, interactions, and experiences to enhance how people consume news. 

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Future of Journalism with Generative AI 

Generative AI will transform the way news channels create and deliver news to us. From AI-generated content to virtual news anchors which can work without any breaks will revolutionize the news industry. 

We can already witness the different use cases of generative AI in journalism. Many notable news channels and newspapers like Fox News and New York Times have already harnessed the technology and started using Generative AI in creating news and delivering it to the audiences. 

In the future, there are expectations that these numbers will increase exponentially. 

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The world has already accepted Generative AI. We can easily see different use cases of Generative AI in various industries. Finance, Art, Entertainment, and Game Development are among the industries that have started using Generative AI for different purposes. 

Another industry that has started recognizing the capabilities of Generative AI is the Journalism Industry. 

Major News channels like Fox News and notable newspapers like New York Times use Generative AI in different ways to present the news engagingly. Soon other news channels and newspapers will also start appreciating the technology to compete and stay relevant in the business. So, the answer to the question in the introduction of this blog is, Yes! Generative AI is disrupting the journalism industry. 

Therefore, if you are also interested in developing Generative AI tools and software customized to your journalism business, contact the top Artificial Intelligence development company and discuss your requirements. 

Generative AI will soon become a necessity in the journalism industry. What are your thoughts on this? Do tell us in the comment section below.  

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