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Generative AI in the OTT Industry: How It Will Impact the OTT Revolution


Generative AI is one of the high-end technologies that is transforming the Over-The-Top, or OTT, industry. Numerous OTT service providers are looking up to the technology and its potential to transform the way people consume OTT content. 

Considering the possibilities that Generative AI brings to the table, our experts at Quytech have listed down the use cases and benefits of leveraging Generative AI in OTT and how it will help OTT service providers deliver an enhanced binge-watching experience to the users. 

So, without any further delay, let’s begin. 

Generative AI in the OTT Industry: Current Market Statistics 

Here are some latest statistics related to OTT and the Generative AI industry. 

Source: Bloomberg

  1. The global OTT content market will be valued at $1.94 trillion by 2032. 
  1. The OTT user base is projected to reach 3.71 billion in 2024. 
  1. The Generative AI is projected to become a $1.3 trillion market by 2032. 

The above statistics show that the OTT industry will grow in the coming years. However, the use of Generative AI will increase the pace of this growth and benefit the OTT industry as a whole. 

How Generative AI Transforming the OTT 

Generative AI is the part of artificial intelligence that consists of two words, generative, or generation, and AI. Generative AI is a technology that generates or creates content, either in text form or audio and visual forms, using the prompts or commands given by the user or even autonomously.  

The GenAI models use machine learning algorithms and natural language processing capabilities to create text, images, or videos from the data they are trained on and deliver the original-like results. 

It is seen that leading OTT platforms have started leveraging or integrating custom Generative AI models in the apps and software. Now, you would be wondering what role Generative AI plays in the Over-The-Top apps and software exactly? We have covered the use cases of Generative AI in the next section. 

Use Cases of Generative AI in the OTT Industry and its Benefits

Generative AI is used in the OTT industry in the following ways: 

  1.  Script and Dialogue Generation

One of the crucial roles of Generative AI in the OTT industry falls under the umbrella of content creation. To engage the audience, a strong plot or story is very necessary. 

Numerous story writers and script creators use Generative AI  to create storylines that audiences engage with for a long time. Undoubtedly, AI cannot fully replace human intelligence but it can significantly help in improving scripts and dialogues that audiences remember for decades.

For instance, Check Point, a movie created by director Áron Filkey and Vox’s Joss Fong, used Generative AI to create assets for the film. And guess what, they have created arguably the most successful AI film to date and certainly the most successful script of all time. 

  1. Video Editing and Production

Another way Generative AI can help OTT content creators is by automating the video editing process and production. Video editors can leverage the potential of Generative AI to edit videos, audio, color correction and grading, and more. 

Moreover, VFX experts create high-quality visual effects, animations, titles, or graphics to enhance the storytelling and visual presentation. On the other hand, music producers use Generative AI to produce music and soundtracks for the movies and web series for the OTT platforms.  

One such example of a Generative AI-generated movie is The Frost, a movie created entirely by the Generative AI called DALL-E 2.

  1. Precise Dubbing/ Language Translation

OTT content creators dub their movies and shows to make them relevant for audiences from different parts of the world. They translate the movie dialogue to make it reach to wider audience.  

Hence, it becomes crucial for filmmakers to dub the dialogues precisely in different languages without losing the accent and essence of the language. 

Currently, majority of the movies and shows are dubbed with the help of voice-over artists, but thanks to the technology revolution, Generative AI will do the job precisely in less time, saving time and other resources. 

GenAI can translate the dialogue in any language and produce voice results with precise accent, tone, and frequency. 

For instance, to dub an English movie into Mandarin Chinese, the OTT content creators can use Generative AI to translate the dialogues into Mandarin Chinese with the same accent and use the audio results to dub the movie.  

A snippet of a translation of a famous dialogue from the movie – The Godfather (1972)

Image Source: ChatGPT (Generative AI) 

  1. OTT App Development 

Last but not least, Generative AI is used for custom OTT app development. Developing an OTT app is a daunting task, and mobile app developers spend a lot of time coding the app or platform. 

By using the Generative AI, they can automate the coding part and save time and other resources. Of course, human intelligence will be required to ensure the quality of the code, but it offers a great helping hand in app development. 

Moreover, Generative can also assist app developers in identifying bugs and suggesting ideas to resolve them. 

  1. Personalized Recommendations 

Personalization is an approach that every OTT business is using these days to retain audiences. Based on the user’s past watch, preferences, and other information, they recommend shows and movies to the users. 

Users also reach out to Generative AI-powered chatbots to find the ideal content according to their mood and preferences. 

For instance, users ask the chatbot to recommend the best action movies they can watch on the OTT. The chatbot-powered by GenAI will provide the best action movies, and users can select the one of their choice.    

  1. Marketing Purposes 

Generative AI is a crucial tool used in the OTT industry for a variety of reasons. And marketing is one of them. OTT content creators and marketers use Generative AI to create high-quality and engaging posters, movie stills, banners, etc. to market the movies and web series.

Marketers also use GenAI tools to crop out short clips from the long video content to create teasers and trailers. Also, GenAI optimizes the ads as per the user preferences, eventually resulting in high ROAS (return on ad spend). 

Moreover, they also leverage the technology to make polls, quizzes, and social marketing campaigns to engage audiences on social media platforms and OTT movies and web shows. 

  1. Automated Close Captioning

Closed captioning converts the dialogues and sounds in the movies and web shows into written texts. These captions enhance the viewer’s binge experience by helping them understand the dialogue better. 

Closed captions also help people with hearing problems to enjoy their favorite shows on the Over-The-Top(OTT) platforms. 

Generative AI helps movie makers and editors with creating closed captions. Leveraging the speech-to-text Generative AI models, they can create closed captions and place them at the right time stamp while editing the movie or web show for the OTT.    

An example of Closed Captions from the movie Barbie (2023)

Therefore, these are the top use cases of GenAI in the OTT industry. Generative AI has enormous promise as a boon to the OTT sector, and its applications are expected to grow more in the future.

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Benefits of Developing Generative AI For the OTT Industry 

There are several benefits of building Generative AI for the OTT sector. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Enhanced Content Creation

Generative AI can help OTT content creators create movies and web shows in less time. The technology can help them in writing scripts, dialogues, editing, and more, saving them time and other resources. 

  1. More Personalized Content Recommendation 

Generative AI in OTT analyzes the user’s preferences and recommends similar movies and web series tailored to the user’s taste. This enhances the user experience and increases the watch time. 

  1. Targeted Advertising

Generative AI models are trained on the preprocessed data. These models use this data for targeted advertising, marketing content, and brands that a particular user may like to watch or buy.  

  1. Enhanced User Experience

When users see what they prefer to watch, they spend more time on the OTT platforms. Generative AI shows recommendations and ads by analyzing user behavior. 

As a result, it shows only the content that a particular user wants to watch, enhancing its user experience. 

  1. Data-Driven Insights 

Generative AI also analyzes data related to user interaction and OTT experience to provide valuable insights. The GenAI models provide insights into user’s viewing patterns, content preferences, and trends. 

It helps OTT content creators and platform owners to make data-driven decisions related to creating content and strategies to market it to mass people effectively. 

  1. Gain a Competitive Advantage 

When you leverage Generative AI in the OTT platform, you differentiate your platform or app from the competitors in the market. Moreover, you enhance user acquisition and retention by offering unique and innovative content experiences that align with the audience.  

Therefore, these are the top benefits of leveraging Generative AI in the OTT sector. Now, let’s move on to the development process of GenAI for the OTT industry. 

How to Develop a Generative AI For an Over-The-Top Platform? 

Here is the development cycle to develop a Generative AI for the OTT app or platform: 

  1. Research 

The first and foremost step to developing a Generative AI for OTT is to research the market thoroughly and identify the points where Generative AI can add value. 

It could be in the form of content creation, providing personalized recommendations, or in the chatbot. 

  1. Data Gathering and Preprocessing 

After researching, you need to collect data and refine it to make it high-quality data. High-quality data means high-quality results when it comes to Generative AI. 

Data can be related to user behavior, content metadata, user preferences, and other relevant information.

  1. Choose the Model and Architecture

Once you preprocess the data, choose the model of the Generative AI you want to build. Some of the best models are GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), VAEs (Variational Autoencoders), and Transformers. 

After choosing the model, design the architecture of the model as per your specific requirements and standards of the OTT industry. 

  1. Train the Generative AI Model

Post designing the model,  train it with the preprocessed data. You can hire the best AI developers to train your Generative AI model. After training the Generative AI, test its performance to ensure it is working properly. 

  1. Integrate With the OTT Platform 

Now, integrate the trained Generative AI model into the existing OTT app or platform. You can also develop custom APIs (application programming interfaces) to integrate them into OTT applications or platforms seamlessly.

  1. Testing and Quality

Post integration, test the Generative AI in the OTT platform rigorously to identify and fix bugs, if there are any. Also, check its performance to ensure that the Generative AI delivers the desired results. 

  1. Deploy the Gen AI-Enabled OTT Platform 

Once you tested the Generative AI-enabled OTT platform, deploy it for real-world use. But, remember to keep a tight watch on its performance and user feedback, and make necessary adjustments and upgrades regularly to maintain its relevancy in the market. 

So, this is how you can build a Generative AI for the OTT platform or application. 

How Can Quytech Help in Developing Generative AI For the OTT App? 

When it comes to Generative AI development for the OTT platform, Quytech takes pride in delivering top-notch GenAI models that helped businesses and startups grow in the Over-The-Top (OTT) industry. 

Our custom Generative AI development not only provides OTT binge-watchers with an enhanced viewer experience but also helps businesses yield the best returns on their investment. 

Since our inception, we have delivered numerous Generative AI models for OTT apps and software to clients worldwide and helped them establish their identity in the OTT industry. 

So, if you also looking for the best Generative AI development company, Quytech is the best choice for you. 

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Summing Up 

The world has already witnessed the potential of Generative AI in different industries. Now, it’s time for the OTT (Over-The-Top) sector. Generative AI can play a major role in uplifting the binge experience of the users. We have mentioned several use cases of GenAI in OTT in this blog. 

However, it is crucial to note that it is only the beginning. Who knows we could witness more movies like The Frost and web shows that are entirely created by the Generative AI soon. Let’s sit back and see what more Generative AI can serve to the OTT. 

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