Good Things about Apple Watch

Good things about Apple Watch

The trend of wearable devices which mainly includes smartwatches and fitness trackers slowly and steadily catching the pace as 72.1 million wearable devices will be shipped in 2015, up a strong 173.3% from the 26.4 million units shipped in 2014 according to IDC . Many big brands like Motorola , Samung, LG already launched their smartwatches in year 2014-2015 but when apple announced that it will launch a smartwatch, people expectations were high ! So when it launched on 24 April 2015 in nine countries . Journalists from various media houses targeted the apple watch and publishes various negative reports that it is a flop check 1, 2 .., its sales are droping etc to get more impressions and pageviews for their website. But a recent survey conducted by wristly shows great level of satisfaction ( 97% ) among customers who purchased an apple watch which yanked the critics.

Let’s check some cool features of apple watch which people are appreciating :

It is beautiful – No one can deny that it attract’s your attention with its compact design & colors. Just raise your arm to turn it on. Internally you are provided 10 display options (watch faces) to choose which include a chronograph, digital watch, your current level of activity, upcoming appointments and the current weather etc which you can customise according to your need.

Siri on Apple Watch – With Siri you can perform various tasks on your apple watch like you can ask Siri to make a call, set a reminder , play music, find a location etc.

Calls & Messages – You can make & recive call & messages in its tiny screen & it also provide the option “Answer on iPhone”for long duration calls.

Excellent Health tracker – It monitors all the physical activity you have performed during the day like how many steps you have walked, how many minutes of exercise you’ve done more than a regular walk, how many calories you’ve burned . If you sit for long time say 50 minutes or more then it will alert you to stand up & move for at-least 1 minute. Its in-built heart-rate sensor will let you know your current heart rate.

Music & Camera : With the Watch you can play, pause or skip the song, even navigate through your entire music collection to choose what to play. Suppose you do not want listen the music on your iphone, you can transfer a music playlist of up-to 2GB in size from your iphone to smartwatch & listen it with bluetooth handset.Watch’s camera app will provide a live feed from your phone’s camera and lets you snap off a shot without your iPhone.

Maps& Location – You can see map directions to search for a location, it will also provide the estimate time to reach that location on the left side of screen. It will vibrate you when you are close to your destination and also when you reached.

Can Control Apple TV and Mac – With the help of remote app you can easily control your apple tv and mac.

Most of the people are not agreed on its price and find it costly which is one of the main reason for some negative reviews floating on the web for apple watch. But more you will use your apple watch, more you will be addicted to it.

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