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Hiring Offshore Development Team: A Guide for Startups


In this competitive market, startup founders and mid-sized business owners constantly desire a strong and flawless app development team to achieve potential milestones and establish a strong market position in a short period.

Startups and enterprises often find it difficult to hire in-house mobile app development teams as associated costs, like office rent, payroll, insurance benefits, and recruitment fees, add to the total cost. 

Startups can save this cost by hiring an offshore development team and instead investing in building a scalable MVP product.

Hiring an offshore development team saves costs and time and gives access to a wide pool of talent at the same time. You can also comprehend through the report that the global IT services outsourcing market size is expected to hit around $1,149.24 billion by 2032. 

This way, hiring an offshore development team is a preferred choice for startups and enterprises. So, stay with the blog till the end to know how hiring an offshore development team proves crucial for startups and enterprises.

What is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore software development refers to outsourcing the project to a company based out of another country like India or China. While outsourcing your software development project to another country, you get multiple benefits, including cost savings, faster turnaround time, and access to talented mobile app and software developers.

Moreover, an offshore development team is a group of IT professionals who work remotely to finish development projects. Application developers, QA engineers, UI/UX designers, and a business systems analyst who handles project requirements are all common members of an offshore development team.

The offshore development team requires less oversight and can be tailored to the company’s work style and goals. To put it another way, they’re simple to put together as a high-performing startup team to stay competitive.

For instance, a company in the USA is outsourcing its application development to an offshore mobile app company in India that excels in application development. 

Why Enterprises and Startups Should Hire An Offshore Development Team? 

Hiring an offshore development team can be a wonderful choice because they provide access to a wider range of software development experts from around the world.

By outsourcing to an outside country, you will be able to contact talented developers in the industry. According to recent reports, the United States alone accounts for 84.2% of all outsourcing deals. 

Now, let’s have a look deeply at some of the most important advantages of hiring offshore development teams.

  1. No Need for An In-House Team

If you’re considering creating your own in-house development team, keep in mind that it will almost certainly increase your overall costs in the future. However, if you choose to outsource, you’ll have exposure to some highly skilled teams who can help you with the tasks that your company requires.

Furthermore, you may always contact the offshore development company that you hired and request a team of employees to work according to your preferred timings, ensuring that they can meet all of your needs and hold discussions related to development at your convenience. This will help you build a company that is constantly growing and prospering. 

  1. Quick Development Cycle

The offshore development team ensures that all your projects are completed efficiently at the quickest possible to meet your needs. The offshore app development works dedicatedly to a particular project, hence finishing it off on the assigned time, allowing you to reach the market and raise your investments as quickly as feasible.

  1. Availability

In most cases, remote staffing entails a large time zone difference. While it may appear to be a disadvantage to some, it can actually help with speedier mobile software development and delivery. Continuous work and a steady supply of services are ensured by having some overlap between local and distant work hours.

Round-the-clock, you’ll always have someone working on the project if you have enough resources. This aids in the quick identification and management of any difficulties that arise during the app development process. 

If you only have a local team, large service updates may necessitate late-night shifts or extra hours from your employees. You can introduce updates without disrupting your typical workflow by collaborating with the best dedicated offshore developers.

  1. Quality Service

If you’re working on a project with a professional offshore development team, you can be confident in the quality. Because, rather than focusing on many projects, your staff will be focused on attaining a single goal.

In addition, an outside team will come out to you with new ideas or suggestions, as they have worked on various kinds of similar projects previously. These suggestions will aid in the overall growth of your mobile application or software by allowing you to harness innovation and originality at each level of the app development process. 

  1. Offers Customized Services

The offshore development team matches the client’s guidelines, norms, and criteria while concentrating on domain skills, expertise, and products to plainly stated comprehended requirements. This entails proactively merging technological talents and business expertise to deliver top-notch business solutions. 

The digital age is extremely competitive, thus, you must stay ahead of the curve by becoming digital and constantly improving. The best option is to hire a top-notch offshore development team who assist you professionally in achieving your business objectives. 

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How to Hire a Team of Offshore Developers

The following is the process for hiring your team of offshore developers.

Determine your Requirements 

Before hiring your offshore mobile software developers, it is crucial to determine your project requirements. Evaluate the type of mobile app you want to develop – native or cross-platform, the features and functionalities you require in your mobile app, and more. 

Get in Touch with Offshore App Developers/ Development Companies

After determining your requirements, look for the best offshore app developers, or offshore mobile app development companies. We recommend you go for the company and hire developers from them, and not the freelance developers from various online platforms. 

The major reason for this recommendation is that the company will be accountable for your complete development and it will be their responsibility to manage the developers, their paperwork, their efficiency during the development, etc.   

Choose your Offshore App Developers

After getting in touch offshore app development company in India, ask for profiles of top offshore Android app developers and iOS app developers, and evaluate them carefully. Pick the profile that suits your requirements well and interview them. Ask them technical questions and assign them tasks to check their practical knowledge. 

Moreover, below are some top factors that you must consider while evaluating the profiles of your offshore app developers. 

Check Their Experience

When you are hiring offshore mobile app developers, make sure to check each one of them’s experience in their respective fields. For instance, if you are hiring an iOS app developer, you must check his/her experience in developing iPhone mobile apps. 

Moreover, the cost of hiring offshore app developers depends on the experience of the developer. The more experienced the developer, the higher will be his/her hourly rate. 

Thus, it becomes crucial to check the experience of offshore app developers when hiring them for your app development project.  

Evaluate Their Technical Expertise 

With experience, always evaluate the technical expertise of your offshore mobile software developers. Your selected mobile app developers must have vast technical expertise in developing robust mobile apps and software. 

Also, they must be aware of the latest trends and have deep and hands-on practice in leveraging cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, Blockchain, IoT, Augmented and Virtual reality, and others.

Deeply Understand Their Portfolio 

Another factor that you must consider while hiring the offshore mobile app development team is their Portfolio, consisting of projects they have done in the past. Deep understanding of what kinds of projects they have undertaken in the past and delivered to clients successfully. 

Moreover, if they have done a mobile app development project in the past that is similar to yours, it will be beneficial for you. For instance, if you want to develop a money transfer app, and they have done it in the past, it will benefit your project because the team already has relevant expertise and experience in developing mobile apps.  

Ratings and Client Reviews

Ratings and Client Reviews can play a major role in helping you hire your offshore team for mobility software development needs. Ratings are the reflection of the professionalism of any developer/ company. The higher the ratings, the better the company/ developer. 

Thus, always check the ratings before making any decision regarding hiring your offshore team of developers. Moreover, don’t forget to check the client reviews to learn more about the developers in detail. 

Finalize your Team with Pricing 

After finalizing the team of offshore app developers, discuss the pricing to hire them. Pricing is the most important factor that every business and startup understands while hiring offshore mobile app developers. 

Thus, it is highly recommended to ask for a detailed breakdown of the pricing of the project development. Also, ask for any kind of taxes, hidden costs, service charges, and more, beforehand, and ask your offshore app development firm to mention it in the contract to avoid future conflicts.

After agreeing on all the above-mentioned factors, you can sign the agreement between your business and your team of offshore app developers and begin with your mobile app development. 

Top 5 Locations for Hiring Offshore Development Team

Startups and Enterprises can save money and reduce the costs associated with their software development projects by hiring an offshore development team. So, let’s have a look at the top five locations where you can easily hire dedicated offshore developers for mobile software development. 

  1. India  

India is the preferred choice for hiring an offshore mobile app development team in recent times. In fact, India is home to numerous expert mobile app developers and software engineers who are highly educated and experts in developing sophisticated mobile applications and software.

Moreover, they also speak English well, making communication with clients easier than ever. If you want quick turnaround times without compromising the quality of your final product, India is where you should be looking.

The cost to hire programmers in India ranges between $18-$60/hour, or more, depending on their technical expertise and experience. 

  1. Africa

The cost of living in Africa is relatively low. The salary range is also more affordable than in other parts of the world, which can make it a good option for those on tighter budgets.

However, African countries are often unstable politically and economically, so there’s always a chance that your company could be hit with unexpected expenses or delays due to policy changes. 

  1. China

Another good option that you can consider for hiring offshore app developers, is China. The country has good software engineers and mobile app developers, capable of developing compelling and reliable mobile apps. 

  1. Poland 

Poland has become one of the top offshore mobile app developers hiring destinations in the last few years. Poland has a large pool of talented developers who have expertise in developing native and cross-platform mobile apps and software.  

  1. Philippines

The Philippines is final on the list of best destinations to hire offshore developers. 

Hiring top developers from the Phillippines will allow you to focus on your core business while they take care of the technical development task. 

So, these are the top five locations from where you can hire your offshore app development team for your project. 

Why Hire An Offshore Development Team from Quytech?

When it comes to hiring an offshore development team, Quytech is your ultimate destination. At Quytech, we have a team of dedicated software developers who have relevant expertise and years of experience in developing a variety of mobile app development projects for various industry verticals. 

We are trusted by more than 500+ international clients and counting on developing their digital products. Our team of developers, software engineers, project coordinators, and designers work in your preferred time zone. We have a track record of delivering 1000+ projects at a 100% success rate. 

We have three major hiring models for hiring top offshore mobile app developers:  

  1. Dedicated Developers Hiring Model: Hire dedicated offshore app developers who work exclusively on your project. 
  1. Part-Time Developers Hiring Model: Hire offshore developers who work on your project for a specific time in a week or month. 
  1. Hourly-Based Hiring Model: Hire the best offshore app developers on an hourly basis.  
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It is a good idea to outsource your projects to agile offshore development teams. It has numerous advantages, such as shortened time-to-market, enhanced communication, and so on. We’ve covered the top advantages of working with agile offshore development teams, how to hire offshore development teams, and a lot more in this article.

Offshore software development services will assist businesses in developing creative and exceptional goods. In a competitive market, businesses can scale up their operations and stay ahead of their competition. 

And, if you’re looking for a top offshore software development company in India, feel free to contact us. We believe that IT outsourcing is about working together to achieve common goals. 

With the support of cutting-edge technology and a skilled team, we can help your company grow. Reach out to us if you have any queries regarding your mobile software development.